I Know Everything chapter 146

Chapter 146: Mysterious.

The biggest reason the show ‘I Sing My Song’ had become as popular as it was this year was because of Chen Huan.

Even if it wasn’t Grandpa Zhao Changshou who was singing but some random no name, they would be just as popular if they kept singing classic song after classic song.

The most important thing for a singing show was the content and the other things were only secondary.

So what was Chen Huan, who had everyone hope pinned on him, doing?

He was trying to coax Shui Qianyu as he begged for her help.

“Xiao Shuishui, just help me this time.” Chen Huan looked at Shui Qianyu who was reading a book with a perfect posture, “Just think about it, I’ll play the flute and you’ll play the guzheng, then we’ll send grandpa to the top, how great it that?”

Chen Huan happened to have a reward for an instrument skill so he chose ‘Flute (Beginner)’.

“Haha, then at the same time help your little lover Han Dong’er become more famous and become the best mentor, right?” Shui Qianyu didn’t look at him and her reply was quiet and cold.

“She is just my friend.” Chen Huan said in a righteous manner, “In terms of relationship, who can compare with our relationship? We are the best.”

Shui Qianyu still had her head down but a smile formed at the corner of her mouth.

This was what she cared about the most.

But her cute little still was still solemn as she said, “But you have to promise me something.”


Chen Huan replied without hesitation.

“Aren’t you going to ask what I want?” Shui Qianyu asked in curiosity.

“I’ll do my best as long my Xiao Shuishui ask something. I’ll overcome everything to do it!”

Chen Huan free fire his flattery and made Shui Qianyu’s mouth curl up into a perfect angle.

“Hmm, okay then! We’ll talk about the promise later.” Shui Qianyu put down the book, “Give me the score! When I make a move, you don’t have to worry anymore!”

“Here’s the score.” Chen Huan handed it to her.

“Yu, Zheng, Jiao, Shang, Gong…”

Shui Qianyu hummed softly and even started to sing it.

“Hmm, so good!” Shui Qianyu smiled after singing the song, “Chen Huan, you really awakened your music talent! This song is very good! The guzheng and flute is a great combination!”

She was learning about guzheng since she was a child. Now she was 14 years old so it meant that she learned guzheng for 8 years so she could see at a glance if a song was good or not.

She also came from a family that made music so she could tell the quality of the song by just singing it aloud.

“How about you make me some guzheng songs after you’re done with this show?” Shui Qianyu suddenly suggested, “I heard of the Golden Hall of Vienna and that only the best musician could perform there. I also wish to go take a look there.”

“Ding Dong!”

“How can the trash host refuse the request of such a cute Xiao Shuishui?”

“The understanding system will deliberately release a mission to fulfill your wish.”

“Prepare more than five guzheng songs for Shui Qianyu within a year so she can be known thorough the world and open a path toward the Golden Hall of Vienna!”

“If you can successfully complete the mission, the system will give you a big reward! Go for it young man!”

Chen Huan was dumbfounded after hearing the sudden task given by the Good Lord.

Good Lord and let’s talk about it!

Do an old thing like you know what the Golden Hall of Vienna is?

Do you know how many Chinese people performed in there in this world?

You want a 14-5 years old girl to perform there by just relying on her Guzheng, do you know hard it is?

“What wrong?” Shui Qianyu saw Chen Huan gritting his teeth and couldn’t help but get unhappy, “Is my request that difficult? It’s alright if you don’t agree but what is this expression?”


Chen Huan returned to his senses and declared awe-inspiringly, “I was inwardly vowing that I must do my best even if I don’t sleep and stay up all night, I will create the songs for my Xiao Shuishui!”

“How can you not sleep? Stop saying nonsense!” Shui Qianyu somber mood immediately turned sunny as she was all smile with her eyes turning to crescent moon, “I’m not in a hurry, you can take a few years. You don’t have to make it hard on youself! I know making a guzheng song is more difficult than a regular song!”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me!” Chen Huan said with determination.

He understood deeply that he must not appear soft at this moment otherwise it would destroy his image in Shui Qianyu’s mind.

But it was five guzheng songs!

Good Lord, you have to issue more missions!

I love missions!

I also have 4 million in my hand now, how about you give me something if I donate it?

Don’t be disgusted, donation is about intention and the amount doesn’t matter…

Chen Huan had the 2 million advance payment from Shanhai Streaming and 2 million came from Lan Kai last night because he wanted to buy ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’.

This cunning old guy!

I think he was being picky because he was paving the way for Tang Yuan!

Otherwise, why would he follow Han Dong’er like a dog with an embarrassed expression right after the recording was done before pretending to randomly encountering me and finally insisting on buying the song?

He even said how depressed Tang Yuan was last time when he missed out on ‘Good Man Song’ and drowning in sorrow. Then he was on how he will certainly not let me down if he got the song this time and will definitely be grateful.

Now that I think about it, he definitely planned for it!

That drowning in sorrow was definitely bullshit! Would the successful Tang Yuan that was the big brother of the music industry would be disoriented just because he failed to get a song?

“Chen Huan, why do we have to find a secret place to practice the song?” Shui Qianyu asked again.

“There’s leak during the rehearsal recently. I want this song to be a surprise so I want the three of us to rehearse it by ourselves.” Chen Huan replied.

“Hehe, this would give them a big surprise.” Shui Qianyu couldn’t help but feel happy when she thought on how fascinated they would be they listened to this.

But she suddenly got a bit worried, “Chen Huan, my parents said I can’t become known for the moment and can’t perform any type of art and I should keep studying.  Wouldn’t a lot of people able to recognize me if we on TV and they would start to pester me like they did with you?”

That was a problem!

Chen Huan thought of his previous experience and didn’t want Shui Qianyu to go through them too.

Then he had an idea, “How about this? We will put a thin layer of veil during the performance. They would be able to see our shadows but not see our appearance clearly, it can also create a sense of mystery!”

Shui Qianyu’s eyes lit up, “Chen Huan, you really got more clever! Let’s do it!”

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