I Know Everything chapter 145

Chapter 145: Scolding.

After Zhao Changshou was done, the netizens that were free immediately went to the internet and blew off.

Many people rushed over to ‘I Sing Me Song’ Weibo and started to scold them.

“Trash program team! I’ll spurn you for eternity!”

“Just wait! After grandpa wins the championship, I’ll be your grandson if I ever watch your show again!”

“Can you be more truthful with your post? Sister Xiaofeng clearly used Yang Shen’s masterpiece to compose a song and you said he was out of inspiration?”

“You could have just said, “Shocking! Teacher Lu and another genius crossed time and space to collaborate!” isn’t that better?”

“Eh, the poster above really has some talent! It was ‘I Sing My Song’ biggest sin to not have hired you!”

“I don’t care, I’ll will scold them for three days and three nights! Holy hell, I was sad for multiple days as I thought Sister Xiaofeng couldn’t write any more good song!”


By the end of ‘I Sing My Song’ tonight, the comment insulting them had exceeded 170k comments.

One could also see how popular ‘I Sing My Song’ was from that.

All who watched the show may not come to comment but those who came to scold definitely watched from the beginning to the end.

The more they scolded, the more they were invested in the show and liked Zhao Changshou and Lu Xiaofeng.

The program director Hua Zhongpu and the other laughed when they the indignation. They wished they could go back and exaggerate the lie even more so.

It was a great way to excite the people before the finals in 13 days.

The excited netizens would aggressively scold them but the majority weren’t that irritable and care more about something else.

The King of Karaoke, who was very popular in the music community, posted a long Weibo post.

“I have listened to so many songs from Sister Xiaofeng, I’m his loyal fans since ‘Mama Do You Remember’. None of his songs had ever disappointed me. Only today’s ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’ was criticized by Teacher Lan Kai and Han Dong’er who said that the song didn’t suit Zhao Changshou.”

“At first I thought it was funny as the lyrics were a famous poem from the genius Yang Shen. The lyrics should definitely have no problem since it was a poem passed down from the Ming dynasty and it was definitely good.”

“Then there’s the song. Teacher Lu is a natural genius as he had natural talent for composing songs. I haven’t heard of the ancient song ‘Linjiang Fairy’ but I’m sure none of them could compared to Sister Xiaofeng! I felt goosebumps as I listened to it as if I was on the river and watched the past and present flow as countless heroes was washed over by it.”

“But I carefully replayed the program and listened to it twice more, especially after hearing Teacher Lan Kai’s review, I realized the difference between an amateur like me and a professional like Teacher Lan Kai.”

“Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s heroic and powerful voice was developed by singing folk song for decades as well as talent. But precisely because of this, grandpa is inferior to professional such as Tang Yuan in terms of breathing and balance.”

Especially this kind of song that is very slow and need to pronounce each word with continued smoothness, it had strict requirement for the breathing to set the mood for the song. I believe if grandpa went to study singing, he would be able to achieve much more but then he wouldn’t be the peasant grandpa we love.”

Many people have speculated that The King of Karaoke was a music teacher otherwise he wouldn’t delve into the singer’s voice, technique and etc… so thoroughly.

He humbly said he was an amateur from his post but his explanation was easier to understand than that of Lan Kai.

So this post was reposted many time and let people know that there was a little flaw in Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s song last night.

But in the mind of numerous hardcore fans, it wasn’t Lu Xiaofeng’s fault at all.

“I don’t know how you people think. If a song was sung by numerous people, there will always be someone better than another. Today you can say that Tang Yuan sing better than grandpa and then tomorrow you’ll say another singer will sing it better than Tang Yuan. Don’t forget the song is written by our Sister Xiaofeng, whoever sing it is up to him! Don’t flaws add to the charm?” — said by Lu Xiaofeng and Chen Huan’s fanatic fan I Love Mantis Shrimp.

“Exactly! They say that grandpa sing it with some flaws but I heard it many times and I feel it was great!”

“My dad had never watched a variety show but was shocked out of the study room yesterday by ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’, he was completely absorbed into the show as he stood and watched it!”

“You guys don’t have to worry, Lan Kai still gave the pass in the end and it was the same for Han Dong’er. It’s just that they have higher expectations for Grandpa Zhao Changshou so they’re stricter.”

“Haha, it doesn’t matter what you say, he would be the champion as long as Sister Xiaofeng continue to write songs for him! No one can snatch it away!”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to the finals next week! They will sing two songs in the final! It’s so great, I can listen two songs from Sister Xiaofeng and Grandpa again!”


Zhejiang TV was filled with joy and worry as the fans were getting lively again.

They were joyous because the fans were buzzing about the flaws in ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’ so the rating shot up to 0.88% in the rebroadcast.

The highest rating reached by ‘I Sing My Song’ last night was 1.65%!

It they got this number last week or last year, they would be the king of Saturday!

It was a pity because last night Xiangnan TV’s ‘Happy Everyday’ made a big move as they invited two foreign celebrities and many young people added to their rating.

So they overwhelmed ‘I Sing My Song’ last night with their rating of 1.7%.

Hua Zhongpu and the other were so frustrated they might just hit their head on the wall.

It was so close but they still couldn’t exceed them!

Their next episode didn’t have grandpa so their rating would definitely fall!

Who knew what tricks Xiangnan TV would do when it was the grand finale?

“We can only rely on Teacher Lu! We still have hopes if he can make two more masterpiece song!”

Everyone agreed to Director Wu Ping’s declaration.

Teacher Lu, we can only rely on you!

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