I Know Everything chapter 144

Chapter 144: Flaw.

Saturday November 11th.

8 pm at the building of Zhejiang TV and the studio of ‘I Sing My Song’, there were more than 100 seats prepared.

As ‘I Sing My Song’ became more and more popular, there was more audience that asked to participate in the live broadcast of the show.

From top 64 to 32, a group of students from the nearby university were invited to sit at the front rows while the seats at the back were given to people that had some contact in the program team.

It was different now. Ordinary member of the team couldn’t get any ticket now. Hua Zhongpu, Wu Ping and Ninth Brother each only had 3 tickers.

The rest, the first of rows of beautiful girls and handsome boys were already selected from their school while the rest of the seats were used by the higher ups as favors.

Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise that 60 years old grandma sat next to Chen Huan.

Old people were more curious and willing to talk so she asked Chen Huan.

“Boy, are you feeling unwell?”

“You are unwell but you still came to watch. Who is your favorite candidate?”

“My son knows that I like Zhao Changshou in particular so he specially got a ticket for me, hehe!”

“When I saw Zhao Changshou, I think back to my times, he is a singer that represent people like us!”


Chen Huan replied to her halfheartedly until she finally stopped talking when Ninth Brother was done with his opening speech and the 8 participants were on stage.

Her eyes were fixed on Zhao Changshou. She was nervous and excited just like young girls chasing after idols.

Zhao Changshou was the biggest star of the show at that moment so he obviously couldn’t go first.

He would be usually amongst the last few to go. They wouldn’t irritate the public and make him last but they wouldn’t kill the suspense by making him go too early neither.

There were a lot of talented people in Zhejiang.

There were many good participants amongst those who came to ‘I Sing My Song’.

For example, Li Bi, Yu Chenghan, Jin Guwei and Zhuo Xiaofen were all extremely popular since they made their apparition at top 64 and smoothly advanced until the top 8.

Ling Ruiyun, the 33 years old wandering singer, was also there. This year of ‘I Sing My Song’ because of grandpa Zhao Changshou, the older participants would get more popularity than normal.

Therefore, Ling Ruiyun was still the second most popular participant.

It was rumored that a record company contacted him.

But all talent shows participants had something peculiar, they had exclusivity.

Once entering in the top 32, the participants would have to sign a contract with a talent agency and they would have to go through this talent agency first for however they chose to develop their career in the future.

Usually that talent agency would be closely related to the TV station or simple a subsidiary of the TV station.

If a record company wanted one of them, they would have to buy off the contract from the talent agency. The TV station and talent agency would obviously want to earn that money.

Lin Ruiyun contract buyoff fee was quite high and since he had reached the top 8, it would be at least 3 million.

It would be at least 5 million if he went to the semifinals.

As for Zhao Changshou, the contract with the talent agency wasn’t that harsh.

He was 65 years old already and was a peasant. He had no desire or demand, he didn’t have the energy even if they wanted him to go perform and sing everywhere.

Therefore, he only had some simple condition such as ‘help Zhejiang TV advertisement when necessary, ‘help advertising for I Sing My Song’, ‘participation at the Spring Festival show’ and etc… they were also all not mandatory.

Elderly could get hurt at any moment so who would dare to bear the responsibility if something happened while they tried to force him?

There were less people in the top 8 but the competition as getting fiercer.

None of the first six participants that performed passed.

The three judges all have their own opinions and their requirements were much stricter than before. There were no ways for them to reach a consensus amongst the three.

But the viewers in front of the TV didn’t sweat about it as Zhao Changshou was about to perform.

Zhao Changshou, who came out with opera clothes this time, was much more radiant and energetic than usual.

He was still as crude as before as he said with a smile, “Good evening, everyone! ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’, I hope everyone likes it!”

A few lines presenting the song appeared behind him as usual.

There were an uproar in the audience as well as the viewers in front of their TV as their started to swear at some people’s mother when they saw what was written.

Song: Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River.

Singer: Zhao Changshou.

Lyricist: Ming Yang Shen. (A poet in the Ming Dynasty.)

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.


You people from the program team are really too hateful!

This was clearly a song that Sister Xiaofeng composed with some ancient poem!

You are a bunch of people without conscience and actually dared to mislead us to make us think that Sister Xiaofeng was out of inspiration!

The people could barely react before the music started to come.

It was only then that the people realized that the band was very big as there were 30 people in it with various type of instruments.

This showed the greatness of the song.

“Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River, spindrift washed away all heroes in the water. Victory or defeat, all battles were superfluous indeed. The green hills are still here, time after time the sunset glows in red.”

“Some hoary-headed fishermen and woodcutters gathered on the islet, they are used to the autumn moon and the spring breeze. With a bottle of wine, they greet each other with great delight. So many events, past and present, have become the topic for them to converse as they laugh and chat.”

The lyrics were simple and were just these two paragraph, 88 words.

Zhao Changshou didn’t sing it with some fancy vocal technique but used his stable and powerful voice to sing it a lower tone.

He pronounced each word clearly but didn’t sing it one by one but sung it according to the small paragraph of the song.

The result was he sung the whole song in perfect harmony with the powerful soundtrack and made people feel like they went back in ancient time to witness the change of time.

The old man sung the two paragraphs two times and sung the last sentence three times at the end.

As Zhao Changshou sung the last word and let go of his hand, the audience were still immersed in the wild and powerful song and didn’t come back to their senses yet.

But they recovered before the singer changed and gave a warm applause.

They didn’t understand the song but they liked it anyway as it gave them a shocking feeling.

It was Lan Kai review that shed some light to the song, “Teacher Lu Xiaofeng put Ming in front of the name because he didn’t want to let anyone sing the song. This song is very demanding, it needs a good control of the voice and breathing but also an innate heroic and easygoing attitude. So that was why he wrote the song and let the grandpa sing it while everyone can just enjoy it.”

“You guys just have to listen. Close your eyes and listen to the song, a vast ancient world will certainly appear in your mind and you can’t help but be immersed in it as you feel the greatness of the lyrics and the artistic conception of the song.”

“I suggest everyone to get to know Yang Shen before listening this song next time and understand the sad and disheartening experience he went through. Then understand the mind of the author before listening to the unyielding and free spirited lyrics and the wonderful song composed by Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, it will bring a true revelation to your mind.”

With that said Lan Kai raised the pass sign and said, “Grandpa was heroic enough and his breathing was very stable as he sung greatly. But that free spirited attitude was a bit lacking, it’s was related to personal experience so there’s no way to force it not to mention that to be able to hear such a godly soundtrack made by Teacher Lu is a wish come true, so it’s obviously a pass for me!”

Chen Huan sat at the back and couldn’t help but nod when he heard Lan Kai’s review.

The fact that Lan Kai could become a top producer and be trusted by Tang Yuan was certainly not because of his personal contacts.

He often had more insight and deeper understanding compared to other people when he evaluate songs.

It was only with such insight that he could choose the right song to produce and satisfy Tang Yuan while producing new singer that could satisfy the fans.

Just from the fact that he knew Yang Shen and his life story meant that he was a cultured person and was incomparable to those people who talked without knowing anything.

Fu Bufan slammed on the table in admiration when he heard that, “Brother Kai had already said what I felt but couldn’t express it. It seems that people should read more books or it’ll be really bad if they looked like a fool like me! It’s also a pass for me!”

Han Dong’er raised the pass sign for the third time today and gave a comment for the first time, “He didn’t chose something suitable this time but Grandpa still sang very well.”

The audience applauded and celebrated the old man qualification but also laughed.

Everyone knew who ‘He’ was.

It was also the first time Han Dong’er said that Lu Xiaofeng didn’t chose the song well.

But in the mind of vast majority of the people, especially the audience in the studio, ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’ was already a classic song.

They couldn’t hear the slight flaw in Zhao Changshou’s singing. They just thought it was really nice and artistic, unlike popular songs where they would grow tired after listening too many times.

Now, they just wanted to hear Zhao Changshou sing again so they could feel what Lan Kai described.

This was also the care for the viewers in front of their TV.

After listening to this song by the Grandpa, they felt it was justified for the previous participants to fail to qualify directly.

Who could argue they deserve to be qualified directly if their song didn’t reach the level of ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’?

Where would you put classic song meticulously created by Teacher Lu Xiaofeng if anybody could qualify so easily?

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