I Know Everything chapter 143

Chapter 143: The thought of a Young Flower Dan.

(Young Flower Dan is a title given to young and bankable Actress.)

After the qualifying round for the top 8 of ‘I Sing My Song’ was done, the fans of the show noticed that the top 8 this time was different than previously.

The beautiful girl and handsome boy who relied on their face were all gone. Those who used their overtop and sad story to get their qualification were also gone.

Because Han Dong’er was there.

She would never give face to anybody as good is good and bad is bad.

The other reason was because grandpa Zhao Changshou that was eliminated at the top 64 before coming back due to Han Dong’er resurrection and started to charge toward the top. ‘I Sing My Song’ became a trending program due to it.

The top brass in Zhejiang TV already made their decision. Since the whole country was paying attention to the show, the program should be done as sincerely as possible and it would be vest if there were less shady thing.

With their instruction, the program team obviously tracked down anybody who tried to do shady thing.

One of the 16 participants was forced to leave due to it so the remaining people that had plans to do so could only tuck their tails between their legs and behave.

It was rumored that for the episode of top 8 to top 4, Xiangnan TV’s ‘Happy Everyday’ specially invited two foreign super idols to kept their title as the number one show on Saturday.

They were getting nervous and serious. This was the first time for them in the past years.

‘I Sing My Song’ program team was equally nervous and pressed, except that they were the one chasing.

They saw the difference was only about 4 million viewers so they naturally wanted to become to sit on the throne and get a taste of being the number one in the country.

A lot of news appeared online after the rehearsal on Wednesday.

“Shocking! According to some insiders, Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s song for the top 4 won’t be Lu Xiaofeng!”

“Did Sister Xiaofeng run out of inspiration?”

“Without Sister Xiaofeng’s help, can Grandpa Zhao Changshou still beat everyone?”

“Without Sister Xiaofeng’s super classic songs, ‘I Sing My Song’ is about to collapse! The upstart can only momentary shine for a moment!”

“The program director of ‘I Sing My Song’ Hua Zhongpu said what everyone see isn’t true and that everybody will know the answers when the show begins. He assured that Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s song is a super classic!”


All kind of fake and true news were flying around on the internet and ‘I Sing My Song’ started to trend due to it.

The audience were accustomed between the cooperation of Lu Xiaofeng and Zhao Changshou. They were also prepared to see him take the old man to the throne.

But there was a problem before they reached the finals, what was going on?

In the internet era, all kinds of news were flying everywhere and one couldn’t decipher what was true or fake.

A group of beautiful actresses also discussed about this topic.

“I don’t believe Sister Xiaofeng will abandon the grandpa like that, he isn’t that kind of person!” A round faced girl said with conviction.

“But there’s no smoke without fire. Since there’s such news coming, it proves that there is some problem.” Another girl with oval face said, “I’m not looking down on Chen Huan but it’s very difficult to make so many classic songs in such a fast pace!”

“Exactly!” A girl with a pony tail added, “We all know that the inspiration is the most important thing for arts. He’s only 16 years old and already created so many classic songs which was as many as the other songwriter who worked for their entire life! Let another write the lyrics while he compose and take a rest so he can charge his energy and come gain, isn’t this better?”

“Haha, that’s because you don’t understand what genius is!” The girl with blue grid skirt said firmly, “He believe he will surely be able to do it! Those news are fake!”

“Unfortunately, Sister Xiaofeng doesn’t have anywhere to rely information about her.” A girl with big eyes said boringly while playing with her phone, “Even his hardcore fans ‘Happy Fans Group’ didn’t receive any news from him.”

“Oh, right! Yiyi!” The girl with the oval face turned toward Bu Yiyi who was resting next to her and asked, “You’re the only one amongst us who had interacted with Sister Xiaofeng. With the knowledge you have about him, what do you think of the current situation?”

Bu Yiyi said lazily, “That little brat is shameless and  courageous, he’s also two faced so it’s hard to guess his mind.”

“Hihi, aren’t you biased against him?” The girl with big eyes said with a smile, “After all, in the audition he was against you and wanted his darling Han Dong’er.”

“Tsk, did I get eliminated because of him? It was because of Teacher Chu!” Bu Yiyi said with a bit of embarrassment, “But this brat definitely didn’t help it!”

“Anyway, his talent in music is really admirable and amazing.” The girl with a round face said with longing, “I think I will go to Lin’an during the Spring Festival and look at table 2. Maybe I’ll meet the Shui family of three and even meet Teacher Lu Xiaofeng!”

“I also want to go!” The girl with an oval face took her hand and said, “We can go together!”

“Now that I think about it, Lin’an is really a nice place! There’s the water town and the misty rain, they also produced Chen Huan the unparalleled handsome teenager!” The girl in the blue skirt started to get horny, “When I saw the scene at the library, I wanted to go kidnap him so he could only see me for his entire life.”

“Wahahaha, I thought I was the only one that has dark thought like that!” The ponytail girl smiled particularly evilly.

“You can add me to it!” The girl with big eyes raised her hand, “Compared to Chen Huan, those School Grass from school and those popular guys are as vulgar as shit!”

The group of girls chatted and laughed lively.

Bu Yiyi didn’t participate in their boring discussion and thought back on the day of the audition instead.

I knew he wasn’t some good guy!

Bu Yiyi muttered in her mind.

When she failed her audition for ‘Love Letter’, everybody felt it was a good thing because Zhu Mei wasn’t famous and it was the first time Chu Liuxiang wrote a script.

Later, no one was invested into ‘Love Letter’ and nobody was willing to distribute the movie when it was done.

At that time, most people thought that ‘the plot was too weak’, ‘not enough star power’, ‘the filming was too simplistic’ and etc…

The result was they went to Busan International Film Festival and became a sensation in South Korea before winning five awards in fell swoop!

With this momentum, ‘Love Letter’ was released in the China market and grossed over 320 million in the box office and became the highest grossing literary and artistic film in history which also gave a big slap at the swollen face of all the doubters!

Look at Liao Shi from Xuanwu Film!

This vain guy claimed he would back every student from Shanhai Opera but everyone could see the results. Zhu Mei begged him but he refused to invest and publish it.

So his status was greatly reduced in the mind of many people from Shanhai Opera.

During the face slap, the news of Young Flower Dan Bu Yiyi surfaced again.

Because amongst the many actors, Bu Yiyi was the one who wanted to be a part of the movie the most and still strived to do so even after being rejected.

She only failed because the image of female Fang Shu in Chu Liuxiang’s mind was different.

This also proved that Bu Yiyi’s foresight was quite good.

Of course, there were people feeling sorry for her.

Her status in the entertainment industry would be completely different if the role of female Fang Shu was actually taken by her.

She would certainly surpass the silly and sweet number one Young Flower Dan Xu Rui!

Bu Yiyi felt that her acting was definitely not bad.

She was at the low end of Young Flowers Dan. There were many reasons for that but the most important one was because she didn’t have a heavyweight movie that could change her status.

Bu Yiyi also went to the cinema to watch ‘Love Letter’.

To be honest, Chen Qian and Guo Hang were the only people who needed good acting skills.

Chen Huan and Han Dong’er were there to look good and to attract those young girls and boys. Their roles weren’t very hard and didn’t need much acting skills.

So Bu Yiyi didn’t feel any regret and only felt it was a bit of a shame for missing it.

It was also the case for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that everybody in the entertainment industry was expecting. Bu Yiyi found out after reading the translated version of it that there was no adult main female character. Even if there was the adult version of Yi Yuan, her role was far lesser than the child Yi Yuan.

The essence of the movie was the plot happening in the prison cell no.7.

Bu Yiyi was a very clever girl.

She could see from the two stories of ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that Chu Liuxiang’s writing could touch the most sensitive part of the human mind.

If a writer like that wrote a script with a female protagonist, she would try anything in order to get that role.

Bu Yiyi didn’t want to be a child star or Young Flower Dan for her entire life, she wanted to be a movie queen and wanted to be the youngest movie queen!

Only the best and memorable role could get her the status of a movie queen.

And her hope was placed on Chu Liuxiang.

Bu Yiyi had a theory she never told to anybody and it was just a vague conjecture.

Everyone saw Chen Huan when they had their audition.

At that time nobody knew but now everyone knew that Lu Xiaofeng was Chen Huan. They now thought that he was there because he participated as the composer and candidate for the male lead.

But Bu Yiyi always felt that Chen Huan didn’t come to the audition as Lu Xiaofeng or male lead.

Because he was very serious and paid carefully attention when he watched her audition, it showed that he was deeply involved with the movie.

It included the pity and regret that passed over his eyes when she left the audition.


Maybe there was some sort of connection between him and Chu Liuxiang?

They couldn’t find Chu Liuxiang but they should find something if they followed the trail left by Chen Huan, right?

This thought had been circling around Bu Yiyi’s head for a long time.

But she never dared to act in fear that Chen Huan had nothing to do with Chu Liuxiang and this would break the hopes she had.

Teacher Chu Liuxiang…

How can I find you so I can show you that I have the potential for you to write a script specifically for me?

The Young Flower Dan lay on school table with a thoughtful expression.

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