I Know Everything chapter 142

Chapter 142: Increasing difficulties.

Unsurprisingly on the next morning, Chen Huan just left Mingde Alley and already saw a dozen of School Flowers with their Virtuous Middle School uniform.

They had sent messages of support last night but they were still worried even after Chen Huan replied all of them.

They all gathered around him when they saw Chen Huan and those who were more sensitive had reddened eyes as they saw Chen Huan’s face that was still slightly swollen.

“It’s okay, I’m not made of glasses, aren’t I alright?” Chen Huan greeted with a smile, “You should worry the group of bastards I’ve beaten.”

“You don’t have to worry about them anymore.” Di Xiaoling said through gritted teeth, “When they get out of the hospital, they will be charged with 7 different counts and they would need at least 30 years before they could get out.”

Chen Huan laughed inside as he didn’t expect these girls to act so fast.

The long punishment of 30 years was basically the maximum limit for their crime.

They would be in their fifties or sixties when they come out. They shouldn’t do any harm when they come as their personality would have changed by then.

“Thank you!” Chen Hauan said with a nod.

“It was a joint effort from all of us.” Di Xiaoling didn’t try to hog all the limelight, “We also did it for ourselves because if it wasn’t for you, what would the other do if they encountered this? That group of bastards deserve to die!”

“It’s such a shame that I wasn’t able to see your Kung Fu yesterday, I only saw the pictures.” Xu Qiao sighed in disappointment.

“It’s better if you don’t see something as fighting.” Chen Huan changed the topic, “Let’s go or we’ll be late for school.”


The group of School Flowers would generally would never argue or go against Chen Huan. They obediently followed Chen Huan as they made their way to school.

The gaze of the other students were a bit different now when they started at Chen Huan.

There used to be a lot of jealousy and even a bit of admiration but now there was a bit of awe.

“Did you hear? Chen Huan beat ten guys by himself and sent them all to the hospital!”

“It wasn’t only that! I heard that two of them were nearly beaten to death on the spot! It was so vicious!”

“I used to secretly insult him because he was a playboy but thankfully I didn’t do anything or I’ll be toast!”

“I didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so strong while being so good looking and smart… I really envy those School Flowers.”

“Humph, why are you envious of them? They are only a little bit better than us. Wouldn’t they be like us and only watch when Chen Huan meets better School Flowers?”

“Right, let’s just say Han Dong’er, can they compare to her?”


Chen Huan just looked at their expression to know what they were thinking and discussing about.

Even Su Xiaofeng who was angry with him previously was so scared that he lowered his head and pretended to look at his book as he didn’t dare to give him a disdainful smile anymore.

Chen Huan didn’t care about the change in attitude.

He had the mental age of a 30 years old adult. Why would he bother thinking about this small school world all day long?

His mind had long since passed over high school and was thinking about long term plans.

After the lunch at noon, He Qiang called Chen Huan to his office for math Olympiad practice.

In the afternoon, there were two classes of self-study so He Qiang obviously took over Chen Huan’s time.

After Chen Huan showed his talent for mathematics, the school was also very supportive of He Qiang taking special care for Chen Huan.

Chen Huan also needed such an enthusiastic teacher to explain him the foundation of mathematics with his decades of teaching experience and solid foundation.

However, the questions given by He Qiang were more and more difficult.

For example last week, Chen Huan felt like the questions given were beyond the scope or normal university and were probably question for graduation exams.

The paper he took only had three questions but it was about calculus and matrix analysis.

It would be very difficult for Chen Huan to understand it if it wasn’t for him training on 30 different graduate-level tests in the past few weeks.

But Chen Huan had completely assimilated ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ so the three questions weren’t that difficult if he avoid the trap on them.

Chen Huan completed the test in less than half an hour and handed the paper to He Qiang.

He Qiang carefully read the paper before smiling in satisfaction, “Xiao Huan, you progressed again compared to last week. Did you study a lot at home recently?”

“Yes, I’ve recently been working hard to master this part and I’ve also done similar question before.” Chen Huan said with a nod.

Chen Huan deliberately failed three out of the twelve questions on the paper last week while making a small mistake in his process to solve a problem so he didn’t get the full mark.

Out of three questions today, Chen Huan only did two correctly while he deliberately faked to not being able to spot the trap on the third one so missed out on the full mark.

It was harder for him to fail than actually get it right.

Chen Huan knew it would be too eye-catching if he could straight up smoothly complete the graduate- level of questions.

It would also be too different from was he was half a year ago.

Then it would be called enlightened anymore but cheating.

So Chen Huan could only progress slowly.

But in He Qiang’s eyes, Chen Huan progressed extremely fast, so fast he could barely believe it.

According to some rumors, Einstein was dim-witted for his first few years of life but changed and became one of the greatest physicists in the world.

Chen Huan was also a bit like him.

He Qiang obviously didn’t expect Chen Huan to become the second Einstein but it would already greatly benefit the nation mathematical field if he could another math genius.

Getting out of his thought, He Qiang slowly explained Chen Huan the fault on the paper.

“You did a good job today but you there’s something you didn’t realize yet…”

“Teacher, this is how he did the test today…”

“To be able to achieve this level, your student’s progress is really unexpected! Is he a real genius?”

“Well, I think he is one. How has it been since someone comprehension was that amazing?”

“True… how about this? Isn’t’ that group of kids coming back from Huajin this week? I’ll come to supervise them for a high level Olympiad test, you should come with your student so he can participate along with them.”


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