I Know Everything chapter 141

Chapter 141: Uncle Shui’s buddies.

It was only when Chen Huan came back from his thought that he felt a burning pain on his face.

He wondered if he should have applied some ice onto earlier.

His home definitely didn’t have it so he went to the Shui family home.

He just opened the door and saw the elated Shui Qianyu so he was unable to hide it from her.

“Chen Huan, let me tell you something, we… huh?!”

Shui Qianyu’s expression changed and turned very cold, “Who hit you? I’ll tell my dad to go beat him to death!”

“Today, I met some bastards who were robbing one of our students…”

Chen Huan had no choice but to tell her the whole story.

Shui Qianyu gave him a look of ‘I read a lot of books and I’m a top student so don’t try to lie to me’. Chen Huan could only take out his phone.

Fortunately, he was clever enough to take some pictures with the others student and those bastards as an memento so he had proof.

Shui Qianyu looked closely and asked in confusion, “When did you learn how to fight?”

“Grandpa may have known he didn’t have much longer to live so he taught me some moves these last two years.” Chen Huan said, “He made me promise to not tell anyone about it and only use it as the last resort, that I should try to seek to fight.”

“Right, Grandpa was right!” Shui Qianyu nodded before she started to shook her head, “But you should have viciously beaten them! Why didn’t you neuter the bastard that hit you?”


That was Chen Huan’s expression.

The little girls now were one crueler than another.

Previously it was Tang Manman and Gu Xue who didn’t want to call an ambulance but call the police first and when the police came, they still delayed it for ten minutes and those guys screamed so much that they couldn’t scream anymore.

The bastard who had all his limbs twisted by Chen Huan had long since passed out but Tang Manman still stomped at him a few times.

This vicious beating was enough for them to tremble in fear whenever they saw Chen Huan as long it didn’t become a death grudge.

Shui Qianyu wanted to kill off the next generation of that bastard which was plenty cruel too.

“Just sit here, I’ll go get a bag of ice to put on it.” Shui Qianyu gently touched his face before she complained, “You’re grown up and still don’t know how to take care of yourself? Why didn’t go to the hospital for a checkup?”

She didn’t even wait for Chen Huan to respond before she ran away and came back a few minutes later with a bag filled with ice.


It didn’t hurt anymore but Shui Qianyu roughly applying the ice made Chen Huan felt pain again.

Shui Qianyu didn’t say sorry but got gentler with her hands.

At this moment, the back door was open and a hearty laugh from Shui Qinshan was heard.

“Come in, come in… nothing changed, it’s still like the last time you visited… haha, small noodle shop? It was made by my nephew and my little girl, you’ll know when you go eat it later!”

The two teenagers looked up and saw Shui Qingshan walk in with three men.

The first one was very thin and tall, he was at least 180 cm and had a solemn face.

The second man looked quite robust and was around 165 cm but his face was full of smiles. He seemed to be the fat version of Shui Qingshan at first glance.

The third was the most handsome of them all. He was around 170 cm and was the youngest of the three, he looked to be in his thirties.

When the four came in, they also saw the two teenagers sitting there under the tree.

It must be said that in this autumn evening, when the sunlight pass through the gap of the tree leaves and lend on Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu, it gave out a beautiful picture and it was so beautiful that people would be reluctant to look away.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Shui Qingshan was the first one to react, “Oh look, my darling grew up… this is my nephew and you surely know of him, Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.”

Hahaha… huh?!

He also saw the bruises on Chen Huan’s face at that moment.

“What happened?” Shui Qingshan asked with a frown, “Xiao Huan, who bullied you at school? Tell Uncle Shui, I’ll settle the bill with him!”


The little fat guy also had a quick temper as he grabbed a nearby shovel and said, “Nephew, lead the way!”

The other two didn’t say anything but they were looking for suitable weapons by how their eyes moved around.

They were sure enough from the same band and quick tempered.

“Aiyo, this isn’t what you think! Uncle Kun, drop that!” Shui Qianyu was angry and amused, “It was Chen Huan who did some hero save the beauty by beating 5 bastards and took a hit during it!”

“Oh?” The little fat man looked at Chen Huan with a disbelieving gaze, “Lil Shui, don’t lie to uncle, with this nephew’s body, how could he beat five people and only have this little injuries?”

“Right, don’t try to hold it back Xiao Huan.” Shui Qingshan said, “I’ll definitely take revenge for you.”

“Why would I lie!?” Shui Qianyu took Chen Huan’s phone and showed them the pictures, “Come look! Tragic or not?”

Chen Huan: “…”

The bunch of uncles: “…”

They all turned their gaze toward Chen Huan.

Everybody there went through fights during their youth and knew how it would end.

But they never saw a fight where all their limbs and joints were twisted unnaturally.

They didn’t expect the handsome Chen Huan to be so vicious as he dislocated their limbs.

The little fat man Uncle Kai thought about it before he finally decided to not compete with Chen Huan.

Then he heard Shui Qingshan said, “Xiao Huan, aren’t you afraid of doing something wrong when fight like that?”

“Grandpa taught me that I shouldn’t hold back if I fight but I also shouldn’t try to go fight.” Chen Huan said helplessly, “But today they were chasing after us so I could only defend myself.”

Uncle Kai suddenly rejoiced he didn’t try to fight Chen Huan.

“Brother Shui, the other party was determined to bully him, did you want him to not fight back? Scum like them deserves a beating!” The handsome man said.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I just thought it was a bit scary.” Shui Qingshan laughed, “Okay, let’s not talk about that! Xiao Huan, let uncle introduce you my band partners!”

He pointed at someone and started the introduction, “The person with the solemn face is Lin Xinyi and is our bassist. He has a cold face but he was the one who took care of everything when we were going on. Now he’s music teacher in his hometown.”

“This little fatty is name Zhang Kun and is our drummer. He just likes to make trouble. He has now has a school where he teaches little children who like drums and is very busy.”

“The last one our guitarist Lei Daxuan. He opened a convenience store in his hometown and got married last year. His wife can be described as beautiful and virtuous so they got blessed by a big fat son this year!”

“Uncle Yi, Uncle Kun, Uncle Xuan.” Chen Huan greeted them along with Shui Qianyu.

“Don’t’, don’t, don’t.” Zhang Kun’s eyes thinned as he smiled, “You’re the famous Teacher Lu of the music industry! We should be the one calling you teacher!”

“Stop.” Shui Qingshan gave him a kick, “Go sit down first, I’ll have the chef cook us a few dish so we can have a good meal!”


The three acted familiarly to Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu as they waved their hands at them before entered the house.

Zhang Kun also deliberately gave Shui Qianyu a wink that made her laugh out loud.

“The relation of these uncles with my dad are very good.” Shui Qianyu continued to apply the ice pack on Chen Huan now that nobody was there, “They will have a get together every year no matter how busy they are.”

“Uncle Yi and my dad met when they sang at the bar. Uncle Xuan was an orphan and followed my dad since he was 16 years old. Uncle Kun saw my dad rehearsal at the park and insisted of being part of it.” Shui Qianyu said, “Unexpectedly, they would have such a good relation for so long and would probably be this good even if they weren’t in a band before.”

“If they relationship are that good, why didn’t they keep going as a band?” Chen Huan asked, “Uncle Shui’s isn’t that old.”

“It’s all because of that management company at that time was doing some shady thing and my dad wasn’t willing to compromise so they announced their retirement.” Shui Qianyu said, “They weren’t that famous so wasn’t much constrained by the status of a star, they even felt quite comfortable doing so.”


Chen Huan nodded.

In the music scene, nine out of ten bands would eventually break up, all because of the difference in fame, money and etc…

It was very hard for them to keep a great relationship like Shui Qingshan and co.

It was really hard to imagine that Shui Qingshan was in a rock band since they didn’t have the look.

They also retired early so he couldn’t find anything about their music otherwise it would be really interesting to see their live performance.

“My dad actually still likes music and would usually go practice his singing every few days.” Shui Qianyu said, “But the days have changed and he was past his prime.”

“One will never be has-been if they still liked music.” Chen Huan shook his head and said with a smile.

“Exactly! My mother said the same and feel the same, especially after seeing him sing ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and seeing write songs for Zhao Changshou.” Shui Qianyu grinned, “She also advised my dad that if he’s really interested, he could come for you so you write a few songs for him and him and the uncles could sings a couple more years.”

“What did Uncle Shui said?”

“He didn’t want to and was too lazy to do it. he said that everyone had a calm and stable life so he doesn’t want to change everything again.” Shui Qianyu then cutely added, “Middle aged man will have a lot of random thoughts.”

“We’ll quietly prepare a few songs for him and wait for him when he really makes up his mind about it.”


Shui Qianyu smiled sweetly.

She suddenly thought of it would really perfect if Chen Huan wrote the song with him at the guitar and her singing the song!

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