I Know Everything chapter 140

Chapter 140: Wish.

Chen Huan received two texts when he arrived at home. One was from the bank that told him he received 2 million while the other was from Zhu Mei.

“Shanhai Streaming transferred 2 million for the song.”


That Princess is really destined to do big thing.

Look at how smooth she acted!

The contract wasn’t signed yet and was only a promise but the 2 million was already paid when he didn’t say when he was going to deliver the song.

Although Chen Huan wasn’t worried his songs couldn’t sell, Shanhai Streaming attitude was still worthy of praise!

If Shanhai Streaming kept developing like that, they would become the next Netflix and it wouldn’t take much longer for that to happen.

When Netflix wanted get into the industry, didn’t they hire Oscar nominated directors and actors to come make TV series?

Could the TV series made by people at their levels not good?

How could they not be known if they were willing to spend money?

That was why Netflix soared into the sky and had a market value exceeding the giant Disney.

Of course, Chen Huan also knew that the reason Shanhai Streaming valued him so much wasn’t because he was Lu Xiaofeng but because of his face.

From his original world to this world, appearance had always been a very important thing in the entertainment industry.

A lot of actors and singers that didn’t have much talents could become starts, wasn’t it all thank to their appearance?

Although many of them disappeared after a moment of fame, it was undeniable they got very good results in a short amount of time.

For example, they could sell tens of thousands tickets across dozen of cities for their concert or get tens of thousands for each movie. It was unimaginable unless one lived in that era.

When Chen Huan transmigrated here, he never saw someone as handsome as the High Schooler in his previous life.

He saw the appearance of Su Mo and he was incredibly handsome but he was still a little bit worse than High Schooler.

It was no wonder that people who had watched ‘Love Letter’ would say that a treasure live Chen Huan would come every thousand year and was akin to a gift from heaven.

Chen Huan was only 16 years old and if Shanhai Streaming signed him, they wouldn’t have to worry about their actors for the next ten years.

Even if Chen Huan couldn’t turn into a great actor until his forties, he could still play the handsome characters as Su Mo looked like he was his thirties when he was actually in his forties.

The thirties years old handsome adult could still attract many girls in their blooming age.

But Chen Huan really didn’t want to spend all his time filming movies and being busy day and night while also having to hide whenever he wanted to go out.

Chen Huan much preferred marrying a few wives and have seven or eight children and play with them every day as well as take them to school when they grow up. He would also take them to vacation all around to globe. Those were the days Chen Huan yearn for.

Moreover, Chen Huan wasn’t short on money.

Even if that evil system cheat him again, he would still not be short on money.

The dividend from ‘Love Letter’ in Japan and South Korea would arrive around the spring festival next years at the latest.

Then there was also the 200 million yuan that Shanhai Streaming got from selling the copyright to 12 countries and because they were still processing the orders, the money didn’t arrive yet but they promised Zhu Mei it would arrive around December.

Did Chen Huan still have to worry with that money in his pocket?

With that said, Chen Huan was very eager and insistent on buying properties.

It was nothing weird as Chen Huan didn’t know how to do business in his past life and just know that real estate was a source of stable income.

Those who think they were smart and tried to invest in all kind of field usually lose all of their money.

Some celebrities, athlete, writers and etc… many of their investment turned in to a tragedy.

It was still Chen Huan who was smarter and simply become a landlord and live a leisurely life, how good was that?

On another topic.

Chen Huan estimated that his Chu Liuxiang persona wouldn’t stay hidden for long.

Chen Huan already guessed how it would leak out. It would be one of the editors in Qiantang Evening News and it would be leaked around when ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was finished.

Those people who had little or no relation with Chen Huan only kept the secret until now because the benefit given by those people in the entertainment industry weren’t enough.

1 million in bribe was useless.

Most people in their job could earn that much money seven or eight years. Moreover, they could keep their familiar work and reputation.

But could a secret be kept if they an offer of 3 or 5 million?

Chen Huan found it hard to believe that they could resist it.

The reason why no one was giving that much money was because nobody was in a hurry and they didn’t think that Chu Liuxiang’s true identity was worth that much money.

Everyone was waiting for the end of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and the movie version of it.

As long these two were successful, people would start to chase after Chu Liuxiang like crazy and would want to have his other work.

The benefit was always what determined the people’s action.

Since the benefit right now wasn’t that great, there was obviously no one trying that hard to get that secret.

It’s hard!

It’s so hard to be a songwriter!

It’s was even harder to be a songwriter and novel writer!

It would only be Chen Huan’s wish to have this kind of status if it wasn’t for the system.

But he couldn’t back down anymore now that he reached this step.

He could only involve himself less with the entertainment industry and put more focus on his study.

Many people thought that studying was useless and was incomparable to becoming a celebrity and make a fortune.

But they were just narrow minded.

The real experts and professor didn’t lack money and could easily ensure the comfort of their family.

More importantly, the social standing between the two was completely different.

When Chen Huan took his wives out, one side would said, “Oh, those are the wives of the superstars Chen Huan!” while the side would say, “Oh, those are the wives of the Nobel Prize winner Chen Huan!”

Which one would be more respected? His wives and children would be prouder of which one?

To put it more bluntly, when an apocalyptic disaster happen, would the country put the Nobel prize winner Chen Huan or the superstar Chen Huan to safety first?

Chen Huan obviously didn’t expect such an extreme situation to happen.

He didn’t think about it anymore. He just wanted to get into a good university and get a good job.

With him selling a song for 2 million and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, his life was set and didn’t to worry about it at all.

However, the wish of him becoming a top student and be respected had never changed.

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