I Know Everything chapter 139

Chapter 139: School Grass was disfigured!!!

The two School Flowers that ran over was the first year Tang Manman and Gu Xue.

Gu Xue might be cute and simple but she ran even faster than Tang Manman as she rushed at the front.

Chen Huan was wondering for a moment, she rushed at the front but wouldn’t she have to fall back since she couldn’t fight?

Anyway, Chen Huan was grateful for their speedy arrival.

Including Zhu Bo was panting at the back. He could be counted as a friend for calling the security guards.

It was normal for people to be afraid against unexpected situation and it was also normal for people to be unable to summon the courage to call for help.

One couldn’t expect every single of their friend to be Zhao Yun and be rescued from an army of 80k strong, right?

The two School Flower ran up to Chen Huan and saw his swollen face, Gu Xue almost cried at the sight.

Tang Manman also felt very hurt as she took out a handkerchief to wipe Chen Huan a bit, “How are you? How can they be so vicious? Fortunately, they didn’t do much more or I’ll waste them all!”

The group of security guards passed Chen Huan and went to apprehend those bastards.

They heard them screaming and thought they were pretending but didn’t expect them to be real as their limbs and joints were bended weirdly.

In this case, their screams were quite reasonable.

One of them had all his limbs bent in an unnatural manner and looked like a weird monster as tears and snot ran down his face.

The security guards were clever and know that they couldn’t handle the current situation.

A security guard came over hurriedly and asked, “Student Chen Huan, should we call the ambulance?”

“Call what ambulance?” Tang Manman exclaimed, “Call the police first! Let the police decide whether to call the ambulance or not.”

Gu Xue was originally pitied them but after seeing Chen Huan’s swollen face, she yelled in anger, “Call the police!”

The security guard was still hesitant as he quietly asked Chen Huan, “Student Chen Huan… will they die?”

“No, they would suffer a bit more pain at most.” Chen Huan replied smoothly.

It was easy to handle since no life was actually threatened.

The security captain took out his phone and called the nearby police station.

Zhu Bo finally got his breath back as he came up to Chen Huan and said, “Huh, Brother Huan, how did you get disfigured?”

This sentence made the two School Flowers stare right at him.

Chen Huan didn’t mind as he said, “It’s just a punch, I’ll be fine after a day of rest. Zhu Bo, thank you.”

“Haha, why are you thanking me for?” Zhu Bo enjoyed the sight of those few bastards screaming, “If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have run and just stay to watch the show. I didn’t expect Brother Huan could do that!”

“I just learned some Kung Fu with my grandfather when I was small but I never had the chance to use it.” Chen Huan pretended to be humble.

“Tsk, this isn’t only a bit of Kung Fu.” The captain came after he was done on the phone, “Student Chen Huan, you will probably still beat them even if there were a few more people, right? I know you got real skills!”

“What nonsense are you talking?”

Tang Manman got more irritated the more she looked saw the security captain. She thought, do you only know how to run around in school? Don’t you know you guys have to patrol around the school!?

The safety of the student weren’t only that area!

Then she asked with a straight face, “Did you call the ambulance?”

“Ah? Didn’t you say to call the police first?” The security captain asked in confusion.

“They certainly don’t need an ambulance but I was talking about Chen Huan!” Tang Manman said in distress, “Look, it’s swollen…”

The security captain started to get angry but he didn’t dare to express it.

He thought that Chen Huan was martial art expert so what was this little injured going to do to him?

Chen Huan knew he was okay so he said, “Alright, don’t exaggerate. We will wait for the police and then we’ll all go home and get some rest!”


Tang Manman’s expression instantly changed.

It became very gentle and caring.

This bunch of bastard weren’t from around here but they were the usual thieves and molester that had cases before.

The police came and saw the horrible sight as well as the group of security guard along with the teachers. They didn’t ask much and only asked Chen Huan what happened before letting him go.

Before he left, a younger police said, “I didn’t expect Teacher Lu to be a martial art expert, no wonder you could write ‘Chinese Kung Fu’!”

Chen Huan was still in good mood all in all after the fight.

He was humming as he went to the celebrity café and saw Cui Zhong constantly looking at his watch.

“Oh, Teacher Lu… huh, what happened to you?” Cui Zhong got up to greet Chen Huan but was startled by his face.

“I was giving some lesson to a few bastards and accidentally took a punch.” Chen Huan waved his hand in dismissal, “Come, let’s sit director Cui, what do you want to talk about?”

“Oh.” Cui Zhong sat down again and said with a smile, “It’s nothing important. It’s about what I told you last time about signing with Shanhai Streaming…”

“Forget about it.” Chen Huan interrupted him, “I want to concentrate on my studies and acting or whatever is a waste of time for me.”

Cui Zhong’s eyes widened.

The newcomers from his company would be furious if they heard that.

They would already made money from advertisement and acting if they had a face like Chen Huan.

But Cui Zhong couldn’t say that Chen Huan’s words were insincere.

Because he spent of lot of money this morning to get some information on Chen Huan.

Several students said that Chen Huan won two mathematics competition in a row and seemed to be a great mathematician!

So he wasn’t pretending but was really impressive.

“Then giving 50 million contract fee wouldn’t be enough, right?” Cui Zhong asked.

He had the same problem as last time and wanted to save the company money so he didn’t quote the 100 million.

Chen Huan was tempted by it but he remembered the condition that came with it so he immediately lost interest.

They wanted to sign him for 20 years. Would 50 million be a lot if it was spread out to 20 years?

Chen Huan hated those black hearted company, they wanted to work him to death!

So Chen Huan immediately shook his head and said, “Director Cui, I came here because we were old acquaintance but if you keep saying those useless stuff, I’ll go home!”

“Please Don’t!” Cui Zhong quickly grabbed onto him, “Teacher Lu, you don’t know but I had it hard!”

What’s going on?

Why a big like you suddenly crying?

Before Chen Huan could react, Cui Zhong continued, “Our Director is very determined! If I can’t sign you or get one of your song, I will lose my job! Can give me a hand?”

“President Zheng appreciates me so much?” Chen Huan felt amused.

“She felt you will become a superstar since she watched the first screening of ‘Love Letter’ so she asked me to give you the best conditions to sign you!” Cui Zhong immediately told him everything.

“Hmm, Director Zheng really deserve her reputation, her foresight is quite good.” Chen Huan felt quite happy at that, “Your Shanhai Streaming and me are considered old friend, I also like how boldly you operate so I won’t beat around the bush with you. The acting side is impossible but I can write a song for you before the spring festival next year.”

“Really?” Cui Zhong was overjoyed.

“Of course it’s true.” Chen Huan said with a nod.

Super classic song was hard to find and he could still remember about half of those popular songs. He would repair and sew those back when the time come before bringing them out, he would certainly not let those songs.

He worked very hard for money previously but was cheated of it by the Good Lord so he still didn’t buy any property.

Now it was the time to fatten the purse again so he was obviously willing to do some business.

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