I Know Everything chapter 138

Chapter 138: I Shouldn’t Run!

Chen Huan could eat at the cafeteria now that he was rich.

But the group of School Flowers was used to take care of him and bring food for him.

In order to not let them down, Chen Huan decided to keep depending on them during his high school years.

Chen Huan was very busy these last few days because He Qiang regarded him as his best seedling and would give him a private lecture whenever he was free.

So lunch time was a rare moment for him to rest so the School Flowers didn’t have the heart to disturb him hence they let him eat in peace.

For them, it didn’t matter if Chen Huan was great or not in academy, the most important thing for them was for Chen Huan to be happy.

Now Chen Huan obviously enjoyed studying mathematics so they could only support him.

Today, Chen Huan was eating grilled eel and braised pork.

The eel was carefully raised near the water of Lin’an and the meant was very juicy unlike the usual eel in the market.

The pork was carefully raised for at least a year before they turned it to food.

Both dishes were slightly sweet as Lin’an people liked sweet dish.

The rice were also of high quality as much better than the rice the Shui Family usually made.

Even the sweet sauce was filled with fragrance that could make Chen Huan eat another bowl.

A person sat in front of him as he ate there.

Chen Huan looked up and couldn’t recognize the boy in front of him.

“Classmate Chen Huan.” The boy whispered, “I met a middle age man when I came to school this morning. He said he is Cui Zhong from Shanhai Streaming and he met you in South Korea before, do you remember him?”

“I remember.” Chen Huan nodded.

“Great!” The boy happily said, “He said that if you have time after school, go to the famous café at Taihong Road behind the school, he has important matters to discuss with you.”

“Oh.” Chen Huan replied in a noncommittal manner.

“I conveyed the message, it’s up to you if you go or not.” The boy was about the get up.

“Wait.” Chen Huan stopped him.


“What did he give you?” Chen Huan held out his hand, “Give me half or I’ll tell him you didn’t convey the message at all.”

The boy was stunned.

He didn’t expect the School Grass and Lu Xiaofeng to be so shameless!

“He only gave me 100 yuan! Was it easy for me to run here?” The boy was unwilling, “You can write a song for 2 million, why are you trying to have a piece of my meal too!?”

“You only got money because of me, of course I’ll have a share.” Chen Huan said firmly, “Hurry up and take it out or you’ll be in trouble when he comes looking for you! Maybe a teacher will learn of this.”

The teacher was undoubtedly the most terrifying creature for a student.

Hearing this, the boy could only take out five banknotes of ten with heavy heart and hand it to Chen Huan, “Chen Huan, you’re a true money sucking vampire!”

Chen Huan happily took the money and said, “You won’t understand! The laboring people are the happiest!”

The boy didn’t want to talk to him so turned around and left.

He thought depressingly as he walked away, who the fuck is a labor person?

You sell you song 2 million each, can you even compare yourself to the ordinary folk?

It just happened that ‘Love Letter’ stopped screening and Zhao Changshou’s wouldn’t be on this week episode of ‘I Sing My Song’ so those paparazzi had other targets to pursue and wouldn’t come bother Chen Huan for the time being.

So the School Flowers lost the chance to each take turn and drive Chen Huan home and that made them sad.

They were pondering if they should hired fake paparazzi so they could get more alone time with Chen Huan in the car.

Chen Huan left school with Zhu Bo.

Because their house were on the same way.

They were in charge of cleaning today so they left 20 minutes later than the rest of the students.

The two were chatting as they only walked 100 meters from the school gate and took two turns but saw five or six young men with flower shirt blocking a girl with the uniform of Virtuous Middle School.

They could see that the little girl was frightened from their distance.

Chen Huan reacted rapidly and grabbed Zhu Bo before hiding back to a corner.

Then Chen Huan shouted loudly before Zhu Bo had the time to react.

“Officers, here, there’s a robbery! Here, they’re trying to rob a student, quickly get them!”

Zhu Bo realized the situation and cleverly shouted, “Yes, they’re here! Hurry, don’t let them get away!”

The two group of people were only around 10 meters apart so those young men obviously heard them when they shouted hence they immediately ran away as they were afraid of being caught by the police.

Chen Huan secretly took a look and saw them run extremely fast as they disappeared at the end of the street in a blink of an eye.

It was also because this small path didn’t have much people while the street 20 meters away was filled with people.

There were people that robbed students in this path specially in the past but the police caught a few of them while increased to patrol. The situation got better the recent years.

Chen Huan and Zhu Bo quickly ran to the female student after seeing the bad guys ran away.

“Hey, are you a first year?” Zhu Bo asked as he saw her cute face, “How did you get caught by this people? they won’t be scared away if you don’t scream! Fortunately, we came here or who know what would happen to you.”

The frightened female student wasn’t that beautiful and she was a bit shy but she realized they saved her.

She was about to say thank you but she turned her head and saw Chen Huan behind him before she froze in place.

Zhu Bo screamed internally as Chen Huan was about to steal all the limelight again.

And sure enough, the female student started to blush as she stuttered, “Chen… Chen Huan, thank you for saving me…”

At that moment, Zhu Bo didn’t exist anymore for her and was just a passerby.

Chen Huan is also accustomed to the girl’s expression so he smiled and said, “You’re welcome, let’s us leave quickly… shit!”

Chen Huan expression immediately changed and instantly grabbed the girl’s hand before running away.

Zhu Bo looked at the opposite street and saw those young bastards that ran away a moment ago come back with a furious expression.

“Stop! Stop right there! Watch how I’m going to beat you to death!”

They yelled as they ran.

Chen Huan thought, are these bastards idiots?

Why would I stop when you want to beat me? Wait for you to beat me to death!?

So arrogant! Just wait for me to get the security, you’ll be all done for unless you know martial arts!



Chen Huan suddenly stopped.

The female student also stopped subconsciously while Zhu Bo overtook and yelled as he ran, “Hurry up and run, why are you standing there like an idiot?! Your feet broke?  Shit!”

The female student panicked as soon as she heard that. She wanted to run but was unwilling to abandon Chen Huan so she pulled him and tried to run, “Classmate Chen Huan, let’s run!”

Seeing those few young bastard closing in, Chen Huan broke free of her grip and slowly went toward them.

Why would I run?

I shouldn’t run!

I’m a master of Big Grappling Hand that was given by Good Lord!


The female student screamed in terror, “Help! Help! Help me!”

She didn’t dare to scream when she was getting robbed earlier but she screamed now.

Sure enough, the charm of the School Grass was irresistible to the female student.

“Chen Huan, hold on, I’ll get the security guard!”

Zhu Bo heard the screams but didn’t stop. He thought that since he was already running, it was better he go back to school and bring the guards.

The security guards were all pro. They would immediately come as long they heard that Chen Huan was getting beaten.

Otherwise if those young misses heard that they didn’t save him while he was being beaten, they might get fired and even received more serious consequences! The last time when those student wanted to hurt Chen Huan and the security guards didn’t go help, they got fired the next day and no security company in Lin’an dared to hire them anymore and they could only go back to their home in despair.

The student knew about this matter and the new security guards was already been warned so they must not be stupid again.

Chen Huan wasn’t afraid at all but was even excited.

As the female student screamed, Chen Huan charged toward the closest bastard.

Chen Huan saw a fist flying toward him so he just grabbed, pulled and discharge before a cracking sound was heard and the bastard shouted in pain.

“MY Hand!”

He instantly knelt on the ground.

Chen Huan was overjoyed when he saw that his Big Grappler Hand was effective and didn’t notice a bastard came up to him before punching him on the face.


It was so painful that Chen Huan was seeing starts but he also came back to his sense after this. How could he be distracted when he was fighting?

Fortunately, he was quite proficient in the Big Grappler Hand so it was quite easy for him to deal with these people.

So after taking a punch, Chen Huan subconsciously grabbed the bastard’s hand before pulling, exercising strength and twisting to put him on the ground.

Then the third… the fourth…

The five bastards all screamed and fell to the ground in a blink of an eye.

Their joints had been dislocated and were bending weirdly. It looked particularly painful. Their screams of pain were like banshee cry.

The female student was dumbfounded with her mouth wide open and totally forgot to scream.

Did the School Grass do that?

Why did she feel like it was from a Kung Fu master from a TV series?

He beat them all in so easily, how strong was he?

Chen Huan didn’t have his fill yet at that moment. He saw the guy who just punched him so he bent over and dislocated his other hand and feet.

The pain he felt was four time the others as he didn’t even have the strength to roll on the ground. He could only scream as he felt the pain of broken joint all over his body.

Chen Huan would never go easy on people who hurt him. They wouldn’t know who they offended if these guys wasn’t taught a harsh lesson!

But Chen Huan wasn’t someone cruel as he didn’t enjoy seeing people suffer.

Therefore, he lost interest of them after a few glances and didn’t want to try other grappling tricks on them anymore.

He noticed after fighting that he wasn’t cool enough. He thought maybe he should be like Bruce Lee and scream ‘Hihi haha’ while fightning, wouldn’t that be better?

“Ding Dong!”

“’Nobody is better than me’ System is shocked! Shocked!! The weak chick host can hero save the beauty?!”

“In this world, an act of self-sacrifice like that should be commended, so the system will specially reward the host with a song of his choice.”


There’s such a good thing?!

Chen Huan was instantly overjoyed with it.

He was still worrying about Zhao Changshou’s final as he needed two songs and lacked a song.

Now it seemed that he could save the other songs he knew.

~^ o ^~

Good Lord, you should have said that earlier!

From tomorrow onward, I will Lin’an’s friendly boy scout that will keep peace in the city!

From the maintaining the tranquility of the orphanage to care for the growth of the kindergarten children, I will do it all!

Turning towards the female classmate, Chen Huan was smiling due to addition rewards and said, “How it is? Am I awesome?”

“You… Aiyo!”

The female student suddenly yelled again as her eyes tear up, “Your face is swollen…”

With a distressed heart, she subconsciously stretched her hand to touch it but there a scream coming from behind her.

“What are you doing? What are you doing!?”

The female student was frightened and turned around to see two School Flowers from her grade that were leading the security guards to here.

At the back was Zhu Bo who ran away before.

The female student came back to reality after seeing the two School Flowers worried and angry expression.

She reluctantly withdrew her hand that was touching Chen Huan’s face and thought with sadness that this was the only chance in her life for her to interact with the School Grass!

After all, he belonged to those School Flowers…

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