I Know Everything chapter 137

Chapter 137: Poor Director Cui.

“Yes, alright, thank you. Sister Mei, let’s have a meal after you come back … okay!”

Zheng Rongrong’s smile slowly dissipated after she put the cellphone down.

Because she wasn’t facing the Zhu Mei who was on the phone but Tang Dingyuan and Cui Zhong.

Tang Dingyuan felt more at east after seeing her expression, “President, things haven’t changed, right?”

“Of course not.” Zheng Rongrong said, “Zhu Mei and Chu Liuxiang aren’t ungrateful people and they will definitely cooperate with us when they are ready.”

“But there is not on contract.” Cui Zhong said, “It’s just an oral agreement, we don’t have any guarantee,”

“What contract? Making them sign a contract would be an insult to them!” Zheng Rongrong replied with a frown, “Then again, Old Cui, how about the task I gave you, huh? You still didn’t sign Chen Huan for me? What are you doing for a living?”

Cui Zhong was the director of the department dealing with the actors and was also in charge of the artist’s contract.

When they were in South Korea, Zheng Rongrong took a fancy to Chen Huan and felt that he could become a superstar in the future.

So she wanted to sign him before the other noticed him and made him an artist from Shanhai Streaming. They could nurture along with Shanhai Streaming and become the company top talent.

The result was Cui Zhong went to find Chen Huan but Chen Huan was busy and didn’t sign any contract.

Cui Zhong originally thought of him as a child and would eventually agree if he spent more time and gave more benefits.

Unexpectedly, they dragged it until ‘Love Letter’ won five awards in one fell swoop.

Cui Zhong tried again to sign Chen Huan at that moment but Chen Huan already went back to Lin’an.

Lin’an was a bit far from Nanwan but Cui Zhong didn’t dare to ignore the task given by the president however Chen Huan didn’t answer his phone.

When he just finished with the matters at hands and was prepared to go persuade Chen Huan in person, the news that Chen Huan was Lu Xiaofeng came out and made Cui Zhong feel ashamed.

It was easier for him to sign a talented and very handsome rookie in the film industry.

It was really hard for him to try it against the best songwriter in China.

Especially after Zhao Changshou sang his songs and all those big shots in the music industry rushing to him to send him money for his songs.

So listening to Zheng Rongrong’s complain, Cui Zhong couldn’t help but feel bad, “President, Chen Huan doesn’t answer my calls at all and he’s not an actor but a very well-known songwriter Lu Xiaofeng! He can get 2 million with just a song, the condition I give him doesn’t impress him at all!”

“What did I say to you before?” Zheng Rongrong snorted, “I just want Chen Huan! I don’t care about anything else, you can just camp there all day and all night!  Give him 10 million if 1 million isn’t enough, give him 50 million if 10 isn’t enough and give him 100 million if 50 isn’t enough! If you threw the money like that in South Korea, you’ll already have him!”

Cui Zhong felt frustrated and thought, how would I give such a high price if you didn’t tell me!?

But he had to admit that Chen Huan would be likely to sign at that price.

Chen Huan at that time didn’t know that everybody would rush to him to get a song for 2 million.

How could he be unimpressed when they gave dozens of million?

It was a treatment that only film emperors would receive!

It was absolutely impossible.

“Then now…” Cui Zhong asked carefully.

Zheng Rongrong looked at him and sighed internally.

If Cui Zhong wasn’t given by his father and was attentive while doing his best these few years as well as did a pretty good job with the company’s artist contracts, she would had fire him when he came back empty handed.

More and more talents were needed now that the company was developing.

The ability requirement was getting higher and Cui Zhong couldn’t keep up.

Letting go of this thought, Zheng Rongrong said, “It is definitely more difficult to sign him now! You go to Lin’an and sign him a contract for five movies! I can relax the conditions and give him 30 million, don’t mess it up!”

Cui Zhong wanted to cry.

Even if the condition were high, he wasn’t sure he could do it.

Teng Dingyuan helped him at that moment, “President, I heard of friend said that Chen Huan, who is also Lu Xiaofeng, doesn’t take phone calls from people in the entertainment. He either in school or at home all the time and it seems he has no intention to enter the entertainment industry, won’t it be too impatient if you go force him like that?”

“Then what do you propose?” Zheng Rongrong asked.

“The conditions given by Director Cui were already based on second-tier celebrities but he wasn’t interested at all. with my understanding of the industry, it’s unlikely for the other film companies to pay much more for him.” Teng Dingyuan said, “It will be better for us to be in good rapport and wait until he enter an art school before he make our move and secure him!”

Cui Zhong looked at Teng Dingyuan with reddened eyes.

Old Teng, you’re such a nice guy!

Zheng Rongrong also pondered about it for a bit.

She wasn’t as familiar as Teng Dingyuan about the entertainment industry so she trusted his judgment over it.

In fact, Chen Huan already showed his unwingless to become an actor by how he behaved.

Otherwise, why wouldn’t an ordinary actor take such a huge opportunity to climb the ladder?

“How do you want to do it?” Zheng Rongrong asked.

“Isn’t he Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?” Teng Dingyuan said, “Don’t some of our artist want to dabble in music? Then we should buy songs from him! Wouldn’t be more familiar if we get in touch more often with him?”

“Mmh… that’s also fine.” Zheng Rongrong finally relented, “This kid really can write songs! Even my dad is singing the songs he wrote during his free time!”

Look at this!

Even the richest man in China liked his song! His talent was really unrivalled!

Cui Zhong felt jealous of Chen Huan for a moment.

He didn’t only look good but was also talented. No wonder the president wanted to bind him to Shanhai Streaming!

“Old Cui, you can handle this matter, right?” Zheng Rongrong stared at Cui Zhong after lamenting a bit.

Cui Zhong felt his scalp go numb but didn’t dare to refuse, “President, I won’t come back until I accomplish it!”

At the same time, he prayed for Buddha’s help in his mind.

Please bless me and make Chen Huan write a few songs for us!

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