I Know Everything chapter 136

Chapter 136: No problem.

Zhu Mei had been on vacation during this time.

Shooting ‘Love Letter’ wasn’t difficult but all the hustle to get the movie to release, participating in Busan International Film Festival and etc… along with various publicity works, it really exhausted her.

Now that ‘Love Letter’ was a huge success, she needed to take a break to reenergize herself and get her bearing.

So she turned off her work phone and only had her personal cell phone on which only her close friends could contact.

Unexpectedly, this phone was compromised after a few days as people kept calling her.

With no other choice, she also turned off this phone and told a few relatives and friends that she would call them every two days to report her wellbeing. If they had matters to tell her, they could tell her during that time.

It was only until then that nobody could find Zhu Mei.

However, many people went to find people that were related to Zhu Mei.

This included Shui Qingshan as he received many calls every day and many even came to the small noodle shop directly to discuss in private.

Shui Qingshan quickly ran away from home again.

He thought, I’m really suffering right now, if I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have invested in Mei’s movie and just let her raise the money herself!

That was what he thought but it wasn’t only from Zhu Mei as it was Chen Huan’s script so he couldn’t ignore it.”

He didn’t like interacting with the people in the entertainment industry but Ding Lun and Shi Liyou couldn’t avoid them like him.

Even Chen Huan couldn’t escape it.


Because he was Sister Xiaofeng!

He was the best songwriter that collaborated twice with Zhu Mei.

But Chen Huan rarely answered them as always and barely turned his phone on.

But plenty of text message were sent to him.

“Teacher Lu, I’m from xx film company can you trouble Director Zhu Mei for me? As long as you can ask Director Zhu Mei to give us a call, we will immediately provide 1 million yuan for your phone’s fee!”

“Teacher Lu, we from xx entertainment is sincerely trying to work with Director Zhu Mei and we heard that you are a friend of Director Zhu Mei so can you help us check her view on this? We are willing to give you 2 million for your hard work if we can cooperate.”

“Greeting Teacher Lu, our CEO from Calf Film and TV would like to invite you for a cup of coffee. Please tell me your account number, we will give you 1 million yuan for the transportation fee, we look forward to your reply.”



1 million for the phone’s fee, 1 million for transportation fee and 2 million for ‘hard work’.

These people really didn’t take money as money.

If he was greedy and agreed to them, he could easily get 10 million in a few days.

From that, Chen Huan knew that the film companies were going crazy.

Almost all film companies had missed ‘Love Letter’ the highest return on investment movie in all history and it was useless to regret over it.


But there was ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ who was even better than ‘Love Letter’. It had been making readers cry and smile, it was a huge gem that was waiting for people’s picking.

There were two types of script.

One was to do it oneself. They could get somebody to write whatever they wanted to film.

The second one was to adapt the script based on an existing novel or event.

No need to talk about the first option as the second option was about popular novel and event that made it easier to succeed.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was certainly a movie like that!

Several nation’s newspapers had already praised ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ to had great connotation and related to the social reality while calling everyone to read it.

Such statement was really rare for novels.

Moreover, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ wasn’t only popular in China but also in South Korea to the point of being unreasonable.

They heard that Japan, Singapore, Thailand and other countries would publish this novel in the future. Would it be hard to get a good box office once the novel caused a sensation in those countries?

Even South Korean said that the box office ranking would likely to be change when ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would come out.


That was how amazing it was!

That was why those film companies were desperately trying to find Zhu Mei and get ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to look for Teacher Chu Liuxiang but the problem was nobody knew where Chu Liuxiang was.

The people working in the editorial team of Qiantang Evening News were literary fans so they could withstand the temptation.

Because of ‘Bowl of Plain Noodle’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, they had an increase in salary and didn’t need to worry about they livelihood but they also become Chen Huan’s true fans.

It would be a joke for these literary fans to sell their idols for money they didn’t’ absolutely need.

Not to mention that Zhejiang Newspapers Group issued a document to them already saying that Teacher Chu didn’t want to divulge his identity and whoever dared to do so would destroy Zhejiang Newspapers Group reputation so the company would make sure that person would have no place in the society if that ever happened.

So the film companies had no other choice than entrust those big internet celebrities to release some news.

“Shang Xikai, the president of Toy Entertainment, said that everyone know each other better after a fight so he was willing to pay 50 million to buy the rights to adapt ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in a movie and let Teacher Chu have no less 10% of the profit from the movie!”

“Calf Film and TV executives said that as long Teacher Chu was willing to give them ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, they wouldn’t care how much money it would need and would agree to any demands from Teacher Chu.”

“The Yanhuang Film’s boss and famous young master Qi Yiwen said in an interview that he admired and also was a fan of Teacher Chu. If Teacher Chu and Director Zhu was willing to work with Yanhuang Film, then they would give no restriction on the budget of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.”

“Weibao Film and TV’s chairman Zhou Dou told his friend in private that they are the best film company, Teacher Chu is a super first-class writer, Zhu Mei is a first class director so everyone should work together to make a cult classic! Weibao Film is willing to give them each 100 million pay in advance and is also willing to get any actors they want!”

“One of the top eight private companies and number one in video streaming Shining Technology had a meeting with Shi Liyou, one of the close assistant of Zhu Mei, it was said that they made up their mind and won’t spent less than the 700 million from Shanhai Streaming. They want to get the production and distribution rights of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’! A giant wants to join, everybody in the film industry better be on guard!”


Zhu Mei decided to call Chen Huan when she saw things started to heat up.

“Xiao Huan, everybody is eager for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’” Zhu Mei said while laughing, “How it is? Did you change?”

“Change what? Isn’t better to work with people you know in the film industry?” Chen Huan replied, “I have always been grateful for what Zheng Rongrong did so I obviously won’t change.”

“That’s good!” Zhu Mei was relieved, “I was worried you would change your mind after seeing all those great proposals such as getting any actor you want from Weibao Film, that is truly a moving proposal!”

“Aunty Mei, With ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ we are the one choosing the actors and not the other way around.” Chen Huan said, “There was no need for them to act like they were doing a favor.”

Zhu Mei couldn’t help but laugh silently over the phone.

Chen Huan could see everything clearly.

With the extreme success ‘Love Letter’ had and how ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ touched everybody in the country, which actor wouldn’t seek to be in ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’?

Actors often took roles for money but they also often didn’t care about the money.

The remuneration for a literary and artistic were several lower than a commercial film and yet many of them were rushing to it.

They all wanted to have some artistic achievements and gain recognition of the people.

Otherwise people would ask what had you achieved in your entire career of acting.

They couldn’t answer they got enough money and nothing else, right?

Only fools would be reluctant to participate in a movie like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that would be watched all over the country and even thorough Asia.

And fools would never be able to become first-tier celebrity!

For example, the fool Xu Dong.

“Then we’ll do this.” Zhu Mei hung up the phone after listening to his opinion as she didn’t need to worry anymore.

Chen Huan also knew why Zhu Mei called.

It seemed that the pressure on her wasn’t small.

To be able to unsettle someone who as much as willpower as Zhu Mei, those film companies were really bold with their money.

But what attracted Chen Huan’s attention wasn’t those traditional film companies but the newcomers Youyi.

They were the number one video streaming website and had Shining Technology behind them so they attracted many people attention online.

Youyi didn’t develop in the film and TV industries before but tried its best to consolidate their position as the number one video streaming website in Asia.

But they fell into a bottleneck last year as they could no longer increase their market share.

There were many reasons for this but the most important factor was their overall strength didn’t increase so they couldn’t find any market to expand.

So they made up their mind and charge into film and TV industry since those film companies were nothing at their eyes.

The most valued at the market Weibao Film and TV was only valued at 70 billion yuan while Shining Technology was valued at 840 billion yuan!

The entertainment industry would soon have an earth shaking change as those force outside of the entertainment industry continue to enter the industry.

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