I Know Everything chapter 134

Chapter 134: Boldness will be rewarded.

After giving Frege’s proposition to Professor Devries, Chen Huan could stop working so hard on ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ for the time being.

Chen Huan didn’t know how much time the researcher in the world would take to prove Frege’s proposition but it shouldn’t be too easy or it wouldn’t be one of the three keys point to solve ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

It should take at least a year and a half.

Chen Huan didn’t even start to review math problems now.

He began to study to rest of the disciplines.

Such as English, Chinese and biology.

Shui Qianyu could see Chen Huan reviewing and studying book every night.

She was very happy to see how Chen Huan started to wise up.

Ever since she saw Chen Huan showing his skills at her school by getting the full mark, she felt that he really matured and it was awesome!

Also these days, ‘Love Letter’ stopped their diffusion in Japan and South Korea.

They have been screening ‘Love Letter’ for six weeks and the total box office had reached 520 million yuan in Japan and 430 million yuan in South Korea. The box office total was 1.27 billion!

The results was still quite a bit worse compared to Wang Mu and Chen Hao’s ‘Deadly Trap’, Hao He and Jin Weijie’s ‘Seven Ring’, Yan Shan and Song Yan’s ‘Invincible Soldier’, Gong Sibo and Fei Qingyang’s ‘Operation Eagle’.

But in term of literary and artistic film, it was extremely impressive.

This type results was never achieved before by any literary films.

Zhu Mei instantly became one of the top Asian director.

Pay attention.

It was ‘Top Asian director’ and not ‘Top Asian literary director’.

It was nothing strange for director that could reach 1.27 billion yuan to get the ‘top’ title.

The box office shares abroad for Chinese movie was generally around 20-25%.

‘Love Letter’ had a great reputation before it was released in Japan and South Korea so they got the highest 25%.

With the total box office of 1.27 billion yuan, taking away miscellaneous things such as tax, the ‘Love Letter’ film crew received 500 million yuan from the box office!

(The author’s numbers are all over the place, 1.27 include the 320 million from the china box office.)

It was more than the 100 million they got domestically!

As soon the news came out, the netizens in China started to act up.

“Look, look, this is the literary film that you looked down at! @Xie Yang @Shang Xikai @Yanhuang Pictures…”

“I thinking back on that traitor Xu Dong who thought he was smart, I would have gone to his Weibo to check it out if it wasn’t for him deleting it. He really deserved to be blown to the nether realm!”

“Hahaha, how could a movie with our Chen Huan and small empress in not successful?”

“Exactly! I watched it twice and I still want to lick the screen!”

“At least half of the girls in my class used the picture when Chen Huan was looked at the book as the background screen of their phone! He’s too handsome really. Pan An and Song Yu probably looked like him!” (Pan An and Song Yu are apparently super handsome dudes from ancient china.)

“Heavens, you guys help me calculate it a bit, how much money will the film crew receive? Should we thank those companies that refused to distribute it so the film crew got such a huge share?”

“Hmm, let’s not mention those who invested. The ordinary actors and film crew members who didn’t invest a penny have all received red packets with ten or so thousand yuan. Even the students who appeared in the movie received each 5000 yuan along with a Shanhai phone.”

“With the 500 million they got this time, the two biggest investors will probably get more than 170 million each! Those actors who are kind will also be rewarded, they didn’t receive any salary and invested it for the movie. In the end, wouldn’t they each get at least 20-30 million?”

“That’s why Teacher Chu Liuxiang is awesome!”

“Teacher Chu is super awesome +1000000!!!”


While the netizens were discussing about it like crazy, the well informed bloggers weren’t in rest.

The famous Buns Are Delicious, who broke out the news of Chen Huan was Lu Xiaofeng, released another big news.

“According to the information I got, many companies are now frantically fighting for the overseas distribution rights of ‘Love Letter’ but unfortunately this right had already been given to Shanhai Streaming the second day after the release of ‘Love Letter’ in China. Shanhai Streaming also gave 112 million yuan in share to the ‘Love Letter’ film crew. They used their courage and boldness to win over the trust of director Zhu Mei and Teacher Chu Liuxiang.”

The overseas distribution rights were nothing to the fans and they didn’t care about it.

But it was a big deal for the movie industry!

‘Love Letter’ was only released in the three major countries of China, Japan and South Korea but it already reached to impressive number of 1.27 billion in box office.

How much box office it would generate in the other countries of South East Asia where Chinese movies had quite an influence?

They could still earn hundreds of million with just the distribution fee even if they only generated half of what they just got.

The most important point wasn’t the money but having the right to distribute ‘Love Letter’ so they could improve their influence in the industry and even enhance their negotiation power with the cinema lines oversea.

Just think about it.

Didn’t it mean that they were the best among the distribution companies if they got the right to distribute such a popular movie?

And the other party in oversea would thought along the line of, oh, you even have the right to distribute such a popular movie, then I’ll work with you more in the future, just by this fact it would increase their image.

With a good start in the cooperation, future cooperation would be easier as Asian people had the mindset of ‘Better work with someone familiar than a stranger’.

That was why recently even when ‘Love Letter’ was still screening, many film companies were looking for Zhu Mei in hope to obtain the overseas distribution rights.

Even Liao Shi from Xuanwu Film, who had been rejected before, called her again for it and with better conditions.

But the film crew never said anything about it or replied them.

It wasn’t until now that everybody knew that Shanhai Streaming succeeded in obtaining it.

If they carefully think about it, Shanhai Streaming gave out so much as they used 700 million in advertisement and even paid Zhu Mei one day after the screening was finished. Which company was as bold as them?

It would be ungrateful if Zhu Mei and Chu Liuxiang didn’t give them the distribution rights!

It was also around that time Shanhai Streaming post a message on their official website.

“After half a month negotiation, Shanhai Streaming had reached an agreement with countries in South East Asia. A total of 17 countries chose share system while 12 chose to buy the rights out.”

“Thank you director Zhu Mei for your trust, thank you Teacher Chu for your trust and thank all the film crew for their trust in us! With your support, Shanhai Streaming will become better than before!”


All the film companies were frightened by that.

The overseas distribution was already settled so quickly. This time, Shanhai Streaming really came charging at full speed and wanted to put their foothold in the movie industry!

How could they not panic when they thought back on the suffocation strenght of Shanhai Streaming?

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