I Know Everything chapter 133

Chapter 133: Just what’s going on?

Early Sunday, the statistic company announced the rating of ‘I Sing My Song’.

The rating this week actually reacher 1.43% and surpassed the 1.42% of Jiangdong TV’s ‘Date March’ to become the second place on Saturday.

It was only second to Xiangnan’s treasured show ‘Happy Everyday’.

After a total of six episodes, ‘I Sing My Song’ relied on the support of those uncles, aunties, grandpas and grandmas to become one of the most viewed show on the country.

The most surprising celebrity their brought up was the rustic looking Zhao Changshou.

With ‘Start Back From Scratch’, ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ and ‘Good Man Song’, Zhao Changshou seemed to be the most popular celebrity this autumn.

Zhao Changshou was different from the usual talent show celebrity.

The usual talent show celebrities were generally very noisy. They were the kind of kids who suddenly became famous and would make the older people uncomfortable with them so when they were promoting something, they had to make sure they didn’t incur the dislike of those older adults.

One should know that adults were the main force in all walks of life in the society. What they didn’t like would be limited into a small scope of customers even if the product was popular or well-known.

But Zhao Changshou was different!

He was just a simple old farmer and only sang song filled with positivity, if it wasn’t about perseverance and hard work, it was about traditional culture, wasn’t it obvious that these old adults would like him?

They appreciated it so much that even if they promoting and advertise him heavily, the local parties wouldn’t stop them and might even help them!

This was also why Zhejiang TV decided to help Zhao Changshou to become the champion.

In that case, news about Zhao Changshou didn’t stop coming as advertisement about him kept coming one after another.

Had it not been because Han Dong’er firmly refused to use the story of Grandpa and Grandma to garner sympathy and threatened them with ‘Teacher Lu will condemn it and quit’, Zhejiang TV would have already made a few tearjerkers clip.

They couldn’t understand. Some people who didn’t have a story would even fabricate one but they clearly had a beautiful and emotional story and yet they didn’t want it to be known.

Only Chen Huan understood what Han Dong’er meant.

She believed that Grandpa was singing for the sake of Grandma but he wouldn’t want the people learning this and pity him.

They weren’t pitiful but very happy. However, that happiness lacked a little something.

But whose happiness was smooth and beautiful all the time?

Happiness like that didn’t exist!

There were a lot of identical things between the internet and real life but there were also many differences.

For example after the end of ‘I Sing My Song’, the people in real life cheered for Zhao Changshou qualifying for the next round again with the song of Teacher Lu while the people on the internet had their attention on something else.

“So? Is there more news?”

“I don’t know! Call out @Modern Holmes @Buns Are Delicious @I Love Mantis Shrimp!!!”

“Let’s not talk about them yet, do you think it was sold already?”

“Nonsense, are you questioning the skills of Sister Xiaofeng!? Doubters should be pulled aside and chop off!”

“Yeah, ‘Good Man Song’ is a song with such a majestic aura that even people at my age like to listen to it, much less those middle aged people.”

“Hey… I’m going to reveal something to you itching people. Yesterday afternoon, I was the airport but guess who I met?… Tang Yuan! Although he was wearing a mask and sunglass but who can’t recognize his fat and robust appearance?”

“If the post above wasn’t wrong, the song ‘Good Man Song’ is indeed very suitable to Tang Yuan.”

“Stop guessing, there’s a big new! Quickly go look at Calf Film an TV’s official Weibo!”

The news suddenly came out of nowhere while the group of people were discussing about it.

Numerous people rushed over there.

“With excitement, we can finally announce that our company has acquired the right to use ‘Good Man Song’ as the theme song for one of four major masterpiece adaptation ‘Water Margin’ and also for promotional use! And the theme song will be sung by the band Steed! Thank you Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and thank you @Steed for your great support!”

Yo, what kind of news is that, it was unclear.

Copyright is copyright, what kind of copyright for promotional use?

Some smart people followed the trail and went to look at Steed’s official Weibo to find what they really wanted to see.

“It’s only thanks to teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s meticulous creation that we could get such a great song! ‘Good Man Song’ officially belongs to our Steed band now! thank you all for your support and in addition of ‘Water Margin’ theme song, we will try to release our album earlier so we can let the world listen another version of ‘Good Man Song’.”


They finally knew the real owned of ‘Good Man Song’ was.

But why did they start to feel more and more confused?

What was their relation? Why so many people was involved?

Didn’t Tang Yang also come to Lin’an? Why didn’t get but it was this ‘Steed’ who got it?

There were countless people who asked that on Weibo.

Several big names that broke out news were being @ like crazy.

Finally, the best of them, Modern Holmes, posted something.

“According to my intel, there should have been three parties competing yesterday, including teacher Tang Yuan, teacher Meng Wusheng, and teacher Zhou Pu, director of ‘Water Margin’. I don’t know how they discussed about it but Teacher Tang Yuan is really out of the negotiation! As for why it was the least famous of the three Meng Wusheng that got the song, only they would know it.”

After a while, I Am The King of Karaoke, who was more intimate with the music industry, posted two pictures on his Weibo.

“It was given by a friend, I don’t know if it’s true.”

The two pictures posted under that was Tang Yuan and Meng Wusheng drinking at a barbecue stall with a lot of empty beer can surrounding them.

The other one was Meng Wusheng wrapping a hand around Tang Yuan saying something in a drunken manner while Tang Yuan was obviously unhappy.

Everyone seemed to understand a lot of things from watching it.

The most famous of them all was indeed out of the negotiation that night.

But his relation with Meng Wusheng was still quite good since they could still drink after competing.

Teacher Lu really had quite a character now that they thought about it!

He obviously ignored the most famous person that wanted his song.

The thought of a genius was really incomprehensible for the common people.

Even Tang Yuan didn’t expect this result before the talk started.

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