I Know Everything chapter 132

Chapter 132: Chen Huan Proposition.

Chen Huan practically lived in the computer room in the Shui family home due to checking information about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ and avoiding people that came to harass Lu Xiaofeng.

It was the same tonight but just when Chen Huan was prepared to sleep after taking his shower, he noticed he received an email at his phone.

Chen Huan opened it to check it and saw it was in English.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Chen.”

After opening it, Chen Huan directly went to the bottom to see it was written by, “Ivan Devries.”

He finally wrote back!

It had been a week since and Chen Huan didn’t receive a reply. He thought that Devries didn’t look at his email at all and wondered if he should use an international mail express.

“Dear Mr. Chen, hello!

I’ve already received the email you sent November 15th.

The reason I haven’t written back is because I could greatness from your conjecture so I have been concentrating on studying it with a few friend for these past days.

We have reached many things we were unable to comprehend in this conjecture, maybe the thinking is too abstract so we still have many question about this model.

If you have more in-depth ideas on this conjecture, you are welcome to further to discuss and research it with us.

In any case, we felt that your theoretical conjecture is a weapon that could be used to prove ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ and what we need to do is to continue to work hard and use this conjecture to get closer to success!

I’m looking forward to your reply. You can contact me on my email, xxxxxx, it’s my private email and I guarantee I wouldn’t miss it.

Ivan Devries.”

He did it!

Chen Huan grew excited as he read the email on his phone.

His greatest worry was that Professor Devries took his email as a joke and didn’t carefully read it.

Young people always had a lot of wild thought but it was proven to be generally whimsical thoughts and it didn’t have much use while providing little inspiration to scientist.

But Devries turned out to be indeed a very avid researcher of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ as he was unwilling to let go any potential clues.

In this world, only Chen Huan knew that they would be able to prove ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ smoothly as long they continued their research based on this conjecture.

However, it might take five years or even ten years.

Chen Huan couldn’t wait that long.

Although as long ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was proved, Chen Huan’s name would surely be recorded in history but it would only be a small contribution.

Chen Huan needed more credit.

Of course, with this ‘Chen Huan conjecture’ alone, he would be eligible to apply for an admission to the mathematic course in major universities.

But getting an direct admission only was a waste of the complete proof of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

Chen Huan didn’t expect his 16 years old self to monopolize the credit of proving ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ but he must lay the foundation so to a make a logic path for them to follow until the end.

At that time, his wish of entering the country’s top university and become its top student would be realized.

So he went to the computer and started to write a reply.

He could write emails on his cell phone but some special symbols and charts needed to be done with a computer.

An hour later, at 5pm London time.

Devries just left a meeting and went back to his office. He made some coffee and opening his email as he drank it.

He immediately became excited when he saw an email coming from ‘China, Chen Huan’.

He put down his coffee and opened it.

“Dear Mr. Devries, Greeting!

Thank you for your reply. Thank you for not treating me as a regular high schooler and take me as a joke.

Regarding the conjecture that I put forward, it wasn’t something I just thought of but something I came up for more than a year.

I believe that the prove of this conjecture actually needs a prerequisite that is if we assume that ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ is not true, then there will be a set of non-zero integers A, B, C, so that…

If this proposition can be proved, then my conjecture isn’t true and it also proves that my conjecture is a theorem while ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ is true!

Unfortunately, my mathematical calculation ability hasn’t reached that level yet but I want to prove that proposition and I hope you can give me some guidance in the following process so I can get one step further to it!

Chen Huan.”

Chen Huan’s email made Devries widened his eyes and lean closer to the computer as if he was completed intoxicated by it.

Devries had been looking at the screen a long time as his brain started to turn overdrive and think about Chen Huan’s proposition.

Positive proof and negative proof were both ways to proof a great equation.

Chen Huan’s proposition was to prove it in another way.

If ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ wasn’t established, it proved that Chen Huan’s conjecture of ‘elliptic curves on the rational number field are all modular curves’ was wrong.

So if they could prove that Chen Huan conjecture, they could also prove that ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was true!

It would be completely correct from that point of view.

Moreover, the proposition proposed by Chen Huan already had a very complete equation which could only be done after a lot of hard work.

Now all they had to do was to follow Chen Huan’s thinking and prove that ‘Chen Huan’s proposition’ was correct.

Although it was possible for Chen Huan’s proposition and conjecture to be wrong, there had been too many errors like this in the past hundred years so it didn’t matter if there were two more.

But if he and the others could prove that ‘Chen Huan proposition’ and ‘Chen Huan conjecture’ were correct, it would be a great news to all the mathematician in the world!

Because proving ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ would be just around the corner!

Finding solution of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was the lifelong wish of Devries!

For this wish, Devries was willing to try again even if it was going to be a failure.

Not to mention that Devries saw a very complete and novel idea from Chen Huan’s email so his experience told him that this path was likely to be correct!

He looked at the time and it was almost 6pm.

Devries stood up from his chair.

He was going to meet some old friend and discuss ‘Chen Huan’s proposition’ with them.

He probably wouldn’t be able to take a good rest tonight.

With the mindset of ‘I can’t be the only one excited’, Devries strode out of the office with great strides!

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