I Know Everything chapter 131

Chapter 131: For the Championship.

After sending off the three men away, Chen Huan went to Zhao Changshou’s room.

As soon he got into the room, Sun Yan whispered to him, “The people from ‘I Sing My Song’ came to apologize to Dong’er.”

Chen Huan nodded at that.

They coming to apologize and explain was a given.

This leak was irritating.

They first leaked the rehearsal of ‘Good Man Song’ and then leaked Chen Huan’s identity.

Although Chen Huan knew he wouldn’t be able to conceal himself for too long as sitting there was too conspicuous.

Yet he was revealed because some crew member wanted some benefit for themselves which displeased Chen Huan greatly.

He walked into the living and found out Zhao Changshou wasn’t there but went to talk to his wife in the bedroom.

Except rehearsing and singing on the stage, Zhao Changshou would spend his time with his wife who was sometime sober and sometime cloudy.

Because he became famous recently, people would come to him to ask for pictures while he was walking with his wife.

This troubled Zhao Changshou a lot however he thought it would be impolite to refuse it but this made her wife feel uncomfortable.

After it happened many times, he simply asked the two waitress the take her wife out during while he would do it during the night. This saved him quite a lot of troubles.

Back at the scene.

Chen Huan saw Ninth Brother, a thin middle aged man and the sitting at the middle who looked in his thirties that looked easy going.

They immediately stood up and respectfully introduced themselves when they saw Chen Huan came in. it turned to be the director Wu Ping while the other was the production director Hua Zhongpu.

“Teacher Lu, I’m so sorry.” Hua Zhongpu was the first to speak and immediately showed his stance on the matter, “It was due to our negligence that your identity was leaked as well as the song this time! We are here to apologize and promise you that it would not happen another time!”

“Did you find who leaked it?” Chen Huan asked.

“Not yet.” Hua Zhongpu shook his head, “But the staffs from the recording and rehearsal have only a dozen of people, we will definitely find them!”

“The person recorded a video and audio, you can try to find some clues from that.” Chen Huan suggested.

Tang Yuan was so excited that he let slip he had heard the song many times but ‘Good Man Song’ only premiered tonight, how could he had listened it many times?

Was there any other possibility than other people recorded it to him?

Chen Huan absolutely loath the people that randomly leaks and trample the hard work of other people and he hoped they could get the person soon.

“I understand.” Hua Zhongpu nodded seriously, “Please believe that we do not want to have leaks either! otherwise, the audience may hear your work through other channel and our rating may fall from that, how could we grain from that?”

He had a point.

Chen Huan and the program actually shared the same interest.

The least they want was to have something bad happen.

“I’ll let this go this time for my identity being leaked.” Chen Huan said, “But I hope you will provide me a more secret and convenient way to enter and leave so we can’t avoid things like today where I got ambushed at the door.”


Hua Zhongpu said, “I’ll make a staff permit for you when I go back and you can come through the staff door after you swipe the card. That way isn’t open to anyone else and there’s a guard guarding the door.”

“Okay, then.” Chen Huan nodded before he asked Han Dong’er, “Dong’er, you want to add something?”

“You can a little more care for Grandpa and Grandma on the hotel side.” Sun Yan said instead of Han Dong’er, “The security here is good but they encounters too many annoying things when they go out. Those people ignore Grandpa’s plea and bother him while pushing out the sick grandma away, they just ignore the circumstance!”

“Okay, I’ll talk to them later.” Hua Zhongpu readily agreed, “The hotel can still do something in this regard as they are our partners after all.”

“Then we have no other problems here.” Sun Yan nodded.

“Okay, contact us anytime if there is anything. I hope we can all work together to fulfill the wish of Grandpa!” Hua Zhongpu said with sincerity.

They already went through the hotel before and already knew the matter concerning Zhao Changshou and his wife. They also knew that Zhao Changshou didn’t know how to hide, why he came to sing and why Han Dong’er and Chen Huan were helping him.

Therefore, they were still quite reassured before.

If there was no big incident, Teacher Lu would always write songs for Zhao Changshou due to their sympathy for them.

Judging it with the current trend, Zhao Changshou would be the most popular candidates as long Teacher Lu kept writings songs for him.

Zhejian TV and the program team already decided to help him get the championship.

The people from above thought that this championship could represent variety and used to push out positivity so they wanted the program team to put more effort to promote Zhao Changshou and help him get the championship.

But it would be a disaster if an incident happened and angered Teacher Lu to the point of not writing anymore songs.

Even if they could control the invited musician and audiences on place, how could they explain it to the viewers on TV?

The viewer weren’t stupid. Couldn’t they tell if it was bad or good in one glance?

The people from above would be happy but the show’s future would be over as their reputation would stink due to it. How would they be able to continue the show?

Hua Zhongpu was obviously unwilling to do this so they must do their best to save the show.

After arriving downstairs, Wu Ping suddenly said with a smile, “I didn’t expect Teacher Lu to be so easy to talk to, I was ready to be scolded.”

“Yeah, we shouldn’t look down on him because of his age because you’ll start feeling a bit uncomfortable when he stares at you.” Ninth Bro exclaimed, “He didn’t get angry but also held back Han Dong’er, it counts as him helping us!”

“You guys are too naïve, you really think Teacher Lu is easy to talk to?” Hua Zhongpu started to laugh, “The reason is he is unwilling to let Han Dong’er’s dream fail. He wants her to fulfill her wish and let the Grandpa go further so he won’t burn bridges with us.”

“If he wanted to settle the accounts, it would be later. Now, he needs to work with us. Do you think he’ll still be so calm if there’s a next time? Do you remember how he treated Xiao Yan when he was just a rookie? Can our statue be compared to Xiao Yan?”

“Aye, you’re right. But if it was me, I certainly wouldn’t have let this go.” Wu Ping said.

“That’s why he is Lu Xiaofeng. He’s only 16 but he’s already been crowned as the best songwriter in the country.” Hua Zhongpu said, “Since he already gave us face, we shouldn’t waste the opportunity! We must carefully check the recording after we go back! I want all of those traitors out! Motherfucker!  Thankfully all the program team hadn’t been dragged down by them otherwise I would have tear them apart!”

Ninth Brother and Wu Ping repeatedly nodded.

All their interest were linked to ‘I Sing My Song’, if the show was destroyed, it would be the same for their future.

Destroying someone future was like killing their parents, it couldn’t be let go!

“Why did you let them go?” Han Dong’er asked while staring at Chen Huan with her big eyes when the others left, “They obviously troubled you!”

“It doesn’t matter, I only care about you and fulfilling Grandpa’s wish.” Chen Huan said while looking back at her, “In the final, we’ll let Grandma sit nearby and see him win the championship, okay?”


Sun Yan was sitting nearby and thought Chen Huan was hateful as he did this kind of attack toward Han Dong’er.

It would over if Han Dong’er unexpectedly ate it!

Sure enough, the small empress’ smooth face turned slightly red but nodded solemnly, “Okay.”

With a slight smile, Chen Huan told Han Dong’er about the deal he just made.

Seeing how expressive Chen Huand described the reaction and competition of the three people, even the usually cold Han Dong’er couldn’t help but smile.

“Chen Huan, I saw the people said that Grandpa sing nicely and the song is also very good but isn’t the genre always the same?” Sun Yan couldn’t stand it anymore so interjected, “Have you considered making him sing another genre?”

“What genre?” Chen Huan asked in puzzlement, “Love song? Ballad song? Pop song? It completely doesn’t fit the image of Grandpa!”

“But the viewers…”

“Don’t pay too much attention to their opinion because they are irresponsible with their proposition. Can we blame them if something goes wrong? Can they be held responsible?” Chen Huan interrupted her, “The ones we chose for the Grandpa are the most suitable for him. He will lose his charm if he started to sing pop songs.”

Chen Huan continued after a pause, “Not to mention that Grandpa sing in a joyful manner, if you want to change his decades of habit to sing songs he doesn’t like, would he still be so happy?”

Han Dong’er agreed, “Yes, it should be like this!”

Sun Yan grumbled and didn’t say anything else as she thought, you two will just team up and bully me!

“However, Grandpa won’t only sing folk song.” Chen Huan revealed, “Aren’t he going to two times during the finals? I’m going to make a more modern song while the other will be also a bit different.”

“Oh? What song? What’s the finale?” Sun Yan asked with eagerness.

“It’s a secret!”

Chen Huan chuckled.

“Ts!” Sun Yan pulled Han Dong’er hand and said, “Dong’er, help me teach him a lesson!”

Han Dong’er only laughed and said nothing.

But at the same time she was filled with anticipation toward the two songs.

In this world, was there anybody who was as proficient in songwriting as him?

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