I Know Everything chapter 130

Chapter 130: Happiness and Disappointment.

Han Dong’er sudden appearance didn’t surprise the three men.

Instead they greeted her warmly.

“Haha, Dong’er, I didn’t have the time to have a good chat with you on the phone last time, how about we have a meal tomorrow?” Tang Yuan said with a grin, “I want to thank you for your help last time, and then we can discuss more about music. I haven’t seen such a pure singer like you for a long time!”

“Dong’er… I’m Meng Wusheng, you must have heard of me, right?” Meng Wusheng also gave a bright smile, “This bro isn’t as huge as Lil’Yuan but I still have some skills in music instruments. Later when you make an album, I can come check it out on this matter, what do you think?”

“Miss Han.” Zhou Pu wasn’t as thick skinned as those two singers, “I watched ‘Love Letter’ where you starred, I think you’re very charismatic. If there is a chance in the future, we should work together, I believe you also have the talent to be on a TV drama!”


Han Dong’er was originally filled with rage.

But the three was so polite and gentle at the get go and showed her gentle gestures. Han Dong’er didn’t know if she should let loose her rage.

Moreover, Tang Yuan and Meng Wusheng were her senior in the music industry and their attitudes were extremely friendly so it would be inappropriate for her to just walk up and scold them.

But she was still an honest and frank woman.

There was some anger inside her and she must let it out.

However just when Han Dong’er wanted to speak, Chen Huan took her hand and squeezed it gently before releasing it.

The other three pretended to not see it.

Chen Huan took advantage of her daze and said, “This is not a place for a discussion. The hotel where Dong’er and Grandpa stay isn’t far away, how about we go there?”


The three glanced at each other and agreed.

After all, it wouldn’t be easy to want Chen Huan make a decision right now with competitor around.

But they would be more likely to win over the copyright as the first group if they continued to negotiate with him.

It was easier with three people than with thirty.

It was no exaggeration that all of them felt that ‘Good Man Song’ suited a lot of people and a song like that could set a singer for a lifetime.

Therefore, even some unknown singer would definitely dare to pay the 2 million for this song.

The three of them came in early to prevent that kind of situation.

Chen Huan thought about it as he sat on the vehicle provided by Zhejiang TV.

Chen Huan saw information about Zhou Pu shooting ‘Water Margin’ on the news before.

Calf Film and TV had invested 70 million yuan in an epic TV series which took around a year to shoot.

This version of ‘Water Margin’ wasn’t as great as the version by CCTV in the nineties but it was still great and was unmatched amongst the private companies.

Hearing Zhou Pu’s words earlier, it was normal important things like the theme song cropped up when the TV series entered the late stage production.

It just happened that ‘Good Man Song’ was also the theme song of a classic TV series produced by CCTV back at his world.

So when Zhou Pu mentioned this, Chen Huan felt like giving the song to him.

How could ‘Water Margin’ be called a classic if there was no good theme song with it?

It must at least meet the standard!

But it would be difficult to explain it to Tang Yuan and Meng Wusheng.

Those two were just individual while the other party was an entire crew and company behind, it was clear who would be more grateful and sincere.

Especially Meng Wusheng who Chen Huan had no interaction with before but from his words and Tang Yuan attitude toward him, he shouldn’t be a bad person.

As he thought of this, he took out his phone to call Shui Qingshan.

“Uncle Shui, do you know Meng Wusheng?”

“I know him, why do you ask?”

“He was asking for a song from me earlier but I don’t know who he is.”

“Oh, he’s a typical Huajinner, straightforward with bad temper but put lot of importance in friendship. I never had any contact with him but his reputation was always good.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Chen Huan hung up after that.

Shui Qingshan who was also in a band had said so then Meng Wusheng’s personality could be determined now.

He could be friend with good people.

Arriving at the hotel, Han Dong’er and Sun Yan went with Zhao Changshou to visit the grandma and let the four other continue their discussion.

Chen Huan took a bottle of water for each of them and put it down on table before he said, “I’m happy that the three of you came, it means that I did a good job with ‘Good Man Song’.”

“It’s not only good, it would be perfect with our ‘Water Margin’! The TV audience would love this song!” Zhou Pu said solemnly.

“I think it’ll be great if it was in our new album.” Meng Wusheng said next.

“It would be my honor to be able to buy Teacher Lu’s song again.” Tang Yuan exclaimed, “Teacher Lu don’t worry, I will never let this song down!”

Seeing that the three were about to fight again, Chen Huan waved his hand and said, “Let me say something first.”

“Please speak!”

The three then quickly shut their mouth.

Although for outsiders, they were big celebrities and director, they weren’t as mighty as the people when it came to the real behind the scene power that could affect the quality of their work.

They knew that a top songwriter like Chen Huan had definitely the same qualification as them and people like him could pick a random singer and he could make that singer become famous in a matter of minutes.

What a singer really needed was good songs, it directly affected their survival and prosperity.

For a TV serie like ‘Water Margin’, a normal song would be okay but a song like ‘Good Man Song’ was like the icing on the cake that Zhou Pu would never let go.

“First of all, it have to show my stance.” Chen Huan looked at Tang Yuan and casually said, “I’ll have to apologize to Teacher Tang in advance this time.”

“Why? Is there a problem with me Teacher Lu?” Tang Yuan was dumbfounded. How could he kick out before they started the discussion?

“It’s not that.” Chen Huan replied, “The biggest reason is that you already have a song… and it was recently too. It’s not good for you to compete with them.”

“How can we care about this when we talk about song?” Tang Yuan hurriedly waved his hand, “Teacher Lu, you can’t do this!”

“Lil’Yuan, Lil’Yuan, ah…”

Meng Wusheng was very happy at this moment as he gave a side huge to Tang Yuan with one of his arm as he said, “Just give it your bro for once, for once! Bro will be grateful to you, alright? Your poor bro hadn’t released any album for years and my friends are getting moldy… alright?”

Tang Yuan was obviously unwilling but Meng Wusheng kept trying to appease him while staying very humble.

If it was Meng Wusheng from before, he would have already kicked out Tang Yuan with a cheeky grin but his gesture now showed that he matured a lot.

In the end, Tang Yuan the reason didn’t say anything was because of Chen Huan.

Chen Huan looked at him with clear eyes and no change to his expression.

This let Tang Yuan know that Chen Huan made his mind and he wouldn’t change it.


Tang Yuan pushed Meng Wusheng aside and went to sit somewhere else while looking down and depressed.

Seeing him, Meng Wusheng and Zhou Pu smiled at each other but then suddenly got serious.

They were only the two of them left.

“I like ‘Water Margin’ quite a lot and my uncle Shui said that Teacher Meng is a very straightforward person so I also want to sell the song to you.” Chen Huan spread his hands, “If the two of you can’t decide a proposition that would satisfy the both of you, you can each chose a side of the coin, and the winner will get the song.”

Coin tossing?

The two of them were stunned.

Wasn’t this taking it too lightly?

They gave each other another look and began to negotiate.

“How about this Brother Sheng.” Zhou Pu said, “Our company will buy the song and you can sing the theme song for us. Then every time you want to sing the song, you’ll pay a fixed fee and it will definitely be low! We can put this on the contract!”

“Better not director Zhou.” Meng Wusheng said, “Our band will buy the copyright and then you can pay me a nominal fee to sing the theme song for you. Then you can use the song to promote ‘Water Margin’ or even have the film crew sing it as much you want for the next year and you won’t to pay a penny for it! Isn’t this enough?”

“It still thinks my plan is the better one.”

“I think my proposition is better!”

The two people started to argue and it got louder and louder.

Tang Yuan, who was still depressed just now, looked at them and felt a little like gloating, My bros! Argue more fiercely! Maybe I’ll get the song if it gets more violent and you lose composure!


Chen Huan could only stop them by raising his hand upon seeing them, “If it’s like that, I’ll give you guys two choices and you’ll think about it, how about that?”

“Please speak!” The two men agreed.

“The first way is for the both you to buy the copyright so you can both use it without restriction. ‘Water Margin’ wouldn’t lose anything as you can replay as many time you want in the future. And it’s definitely not a loss for the company to have a copyright like this on in their pocket, right?”

“The second way is according who needs it more, Teacher Meng need it more because he need it for his new album while the theme song is only one aspect of the TV series and the most important is still what TV series substance. So Teacher Meng would use his money to buy the song and the film production can give him 500k to have him sing the theme song for you and authorize you to advertisement as you want with it.”

“But after the first round of advertisement, you’ll have to pay a fee if you want to use the song for commercial purpose. The price of the fee wouldn’t be high and Teacher Meng doesn’t need to money either. Let the production give it to charity so both of you get better reputation out of it. What do you think about it?”

Both of their eyes lit up and even Tang Yuan was surprised by it. Chen Huan came with two feasible ways at once.

“I chose the second option!” Meng Wusheng said, “Director Zhou, you’re my bro, my dear bro! I promise I won’t charge you a single cent. I will sing the theme song for you without that 500k! Help me out, okay?”

Zhou Pu was actually quite satisfied with the two options.

It was indeed more reliable than tossing a coin. It would be great if they chose right but wouldn’t they get nothing if they didn’t chose right?

Now the two choices could guarantee the theme song for him which solved another problem for him.

If he insisted on buying it separately, maybe Teacher Lu would just directly give it to Meng Wusheng.

He just needed to look at the big shot Tang Yuan that got denied to know that Teacher Lu didn’t care about fame or be pressured.

“I’ll go back and talk with the company.” Zhou Pu said after some thought, “If we can decide on the second option, we’ll go with the second option!”


Meng Wusheng had a wide smile on his face as he said, “Director Zhou, Thank you! I won’t say no if you have anything to ask from me!”


Tang Yuan couldn’t but sight when he saw then get into an agreement.

Such a shame!

He wasn’t discontent with Chen Huan.

This was the best decision in his shoes.

Moreover, Chen Huan was only 16 years old but he could handle thing with such maturity.

A young man like that would have a bright future!

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