I Know Everything chapter 129

Chapter 129: A group of 3 fighting over the song.

After the show ‘I Sing My Song’ ended, Chen Huan removed his mask, sunglass and hat after going downstairs. Then he went to the side door to wait for Han Dong’er, Sun Yan and Zhao Changshou.

Chen Huan would say a few thing to them and continued to encourage Zhao Changshou before he would go to home.

Zhao Changshou’s performance was quite good on this round but he was still a bit restrained. It would be great if he could let it go in the future.

Of course, confidence was accumulated with times and experience. It was already within Chen Huan’s expectation that Zhao Changshou was like since the first time he saw him sang.

Every time he came to watch the live broadcast of ‘I Sing My Song’, the Shui Family would wait for his return before they would go to rest so he didn’t dare delay his return for long unless he had something to discuss.

The Good Lord’s reward also came in time and he had to go back to think about which song was suitable for the next round of the competition.

Moreover, the next episode was still about qualifying to the top 8 so Zhao Changshou was quite free and Chen Huan didn’t have to rush to give him a new song tonight.

In order to fulfill Zhao Changshou’s wish and the small empress’s wish in the best way, Chen Huan must carefully choose each song.

Otherwise with Zhao Changshou’s age and appearance, there was no way for him to be liked by young people and he would be easily eliminated.

In the end, Han Dong’er hadn’t arrived yet before several figure walked toward him from different direction.

Their speed was very fast and could be seen at a glance they were charging toward Chen Huan.

The young man was suddenly dumbfounded.

If it weren’t for him standing on the stairs and them stopped at a two or three meters distances as well as them looking at each other, Chen Huan would have probably used his Big Grappler Hands.

“Brother Shen? Director Zhou? Why are you guys here?”

“Lil’Yuan, you’re here too?”

“Two big singers, why are you guys here so late?”

Chen Huan was baffled by their appearance but he recognized that slight pudgy man. Wasn’t him the big brother of the music industry and the emperor Tang Yuan?

And the identities of the other people were also not simple as he was so polite to them.


What were they doing here?

Their appearance was so weird as if they were waiting for him there deliberately and they weren’t only a few minutes in advance!

Wait a second!

They were waiting for him?

Chen Huan realized something as he stared at them.

But it was very dark at this time and they couldn’t see clearly either.

The three of them hesitated and decided to present themselves.

They couldn’t be humble for this matter.

“Good evening Teacher Lu, I’m Zhou Pu, a TV drama director and I’m glad to be able to meet you.”

“Hi Teacher Lu, I am Meng Wusheng and I am in an band but I’m out of luck now and running all around trying to make money.”

“Teacher Lu, I’m Tang Yuan, last time Lan Kai helped me buy your ‘Start Back From Scratch’, I haven’t thanked you yet!”

“Good evening to the three sirs.” Chen Huan replied politely.

When he saw those people in their forties and using honorifics to call him, how could he still put on airs?

Tang Yuan knew that not many people recognize the director Zhou Pu but he was a very well-known TV director in the industry and ranked in the top three in the field of TV Wuxia drama.

Some people ranked the top 10 Wuxia drama of all time and Zhou Pu had two of his work selected in them which was really impressive.

Chen Huan had heard of Meng Wusheng before when he checked information about the music industry. He wasn’t in bad band and in contrary was extremely popular 20 years ago.

Their reputation was still very high even if they didn’t release any album in these last few years and was basically just behind the three major emperors while still being better than those small emperors.

They could still get 3 to 4 million for commercial while it was 50k for each song in concerts.

“You are here because…” After the presentation, Chen Huan went straight to business.

Everybody was neither friend nor relative so it would be the best if they could get everything done quickly and simply so everybody could go home.

“It’s like this.” Zhou Pu was the first to speak, “I was shooting ‘Water Margin’ recently and we’re about to finish it but haven’t found the theme song yet… until I heard your ‘Good Man Song’ tonight and it’s just amazing! This song is tailor made for ‘Water Margin’ and it should belong to our ‘Water Margin’!”

“Hey, hey, hey, Zhou Pu, you’re going over the board!” Meng Wusheng said in irritation, “A song would be created due to the author’s mood and it doesn’t have any relation with ‘Water Margin’ at all! If you really like the song, how about after I buy the song’s copyright, I’ll let you sing it for free and use it for the theme song no charge?”

“Why don’t you propose to let you sing it after I buy the copyright?” Zhou Pu wasn’t a fool, “I would have to get your permission every time I have to advertise it if you buy the copyright, how cumbersome would that be? All my tens of millions in investment will go down the drain if there’s a mistake, the responsibility can alone crush me to death!”

“Are you two ignoring me?” Tang Yuan couldn’t help but chime in, “Brother Sheng’s voice is hoarse and ‘Good Man Song’ is too high like a popular tune so it needs a clear and powerful voice. I still think I’m more suitable to it after listening many times. As for Director Zhou, we can take our time and discuss it after I buy the copyright. I believe my version of the song wouldn’t disgrace your drama’s theme song, right?”

“Lil’Yuan, never try to humiliate people.” Meng Wusheng said furiously, “Your brother Sheng’s voice isn’t as good as yours but why can’t I sing this song? Give your brother a life string alright? I’ve been searching for a good song for years! Was it easy for me to find a good song suitable to me?”

“Yeah.” Zhou Pu joined hand with Meng Wusheng now, “Teacher Tang, you’ve already bought ‘Start Back From Scratch’ and now you want another song? Aren’t you too greedy? Relax and spare us will you?”

“We could have discussed if it was other thing. I have never been greedy or stingy!” Tang Yuan said with determination, “But I will fight for this song! It too compatible to me! I will say it frankly, there are better singers than me in this country but there is no one more suitable for this song than me!”

“There’s no discussion about it then?”

“Sorry, I’ll invite you two to a feast next time as an apology!”

“Haha, don’t be so sure, things aren’t set in stone.”

The three talked as their fiery argument went into a standoff.

Chen Huan heard them talk at the side and felt something was wrong.

In a rare moment when they stopped talking, he quickly asked, “Teacher Tang, where did you heard ‘Good Man Song’? I think you planned for this!”

The three of them didn’t answer.

Zhou Pu just softly coughed as he said, “Teacher Lu, we three are interested in this song. Do you have any intention or idea on your side? If you don’t any, how about the three of us compete for it and then you’re set?”


Meng Wusheng was the next to react.

If the three people competed for the song among each other, they would be able to benefit from it even if they lost.

They wouldn’t get a bit of crumbles if it was in possession of those people in Jiangnan or the south.

“So anxious, you guys are just forcing me!” Chen Huan said with a bitter smile, “Is this necessary?”

They wouldn’t be able to handle it if there was more people fighting for it!

That was what the three of them thought.

Although Teacher Lu Xiaofeng always quoted a price of 2 million, if a rich music company came and propose more money while giving better conditions, the result would be uncertain.

The more people fighting over it, the less likely they would get the song from Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

So how could they not be anxious?

As for whether 2 million for a song was expansive or not, Xiao Yan of Yuanhuang Music already became a laughing and only him would said that it wasn’t worth.


While the four people were talking, Sun Yan walked out of the door with Han Dong’er and Zhao Changshou.

Han Dong’er eyes turned sharp as she seemed to had seen the four people before but she couldn’t recognize every one of them.

Sun Yan also saw them and said, “Oh, why Teacher Tang Yuan is here? Isn’t that… Director Zhou? And Teacher Meng Wushang? What are they saying to Chen Huan?”

Han Dong’er was quite smart when it involved music.

Seeing the scene in front her, she instantly thought back on how weird Lan Kai acted tonight.

‘Good Man Song’ suited Tang Yuan so well but Lan Kai didn’t bother her at all in hope to make Chen Huan sell the copyright to him. This was the weirdest thing.

But everything became clear now.

It turned out that Tang Yuan was already in Lin’an and he planned to stop Chen Huan here.

And it wasn’t only Tang Yuan as there were another two people.

Needless to say, they all came for ‘Good Man Song’.

The information must have been leaked like it was a sieve. There so much of them!

Han Dong’er subconsciously looked back at Zhejiang TV’s building as a trace of anger passed over her eyes.

Then she directly went toward Chen Huan.

Hua Zhongpu, Wu Ping and Ninth Brother, who was hiding in the building, nearly jumped in fright.

“Ah, has she seen us? That glare was so fierce!”

“No way, we’re hiding in her blind spot, she shouldn’t be able to see us.”

“It doesn’t matter if she can see us or not, the little empress is angry now! I’m worried she will show us her displeasure in the next episode and increase our burden!”

“Really? We signed a contract…”

“Your contract count for shit! If you dare to mess with Han Dong’er, you’ll get Teacher Lu Xiaofeng as an enemy. We’re just a mere music show, can we contend against the best songwriter of the country?”

“Exactly! As long he supports another show at the same time slots as ours and insist in killing our program, our rating would plummet in a few episodes and our show would be terminated after a year or two, do you want that to happen?”

“What should we do then?”

“Wait! We’ll go to their hotel tomorrow to admit our mistakes and let her know our reasons before promising her it would not happen again, shouldn’t be alright?”

“We should really take this problem seriously. If our rehearsal and songs are leaked in the finals, our show will suffer greatly!”

“Yes, we must investigate this thoroughly. We will catch the traitor next episode and apply strict confidentiality measures at the same time.”

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