I Know Everything chapter 128

Chapter 128: Good Man Debut!

In the next week, Chen Huan was obsessed with the whole study of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

Although in theory, he already understood it and could smoothly explain the proof process that was accompanied with very strict proof steps, procedure and etc…

But deep in Chen Huan’s mind, he knew he didn’t completely grasp it.

He would only consider it as an achievement and emotionally accept it when he could do it by himself.

However, ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was a very difficult problem.

Even if Shen Huan knows the process and the answer, even with the ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ he received, it would still take a lot of efforts if the wanted to prove from the beginning.

He put so much effort that he would start to scribble around as soon he came back from School.

Shui Qianyu, the junior high top student, came to see was he was writing but left with a headache, not to mention the Shui Couple.

Chen Huan’s ‘enlightenment’ theory spread throughout Lin’an.

Along with him getting the first full mark on the ‘Ten schools competition’, the theory had been accepted by the people now.

Therefore, the Shui Couple could only sigh in emotion and thought that he was blessed by the Buddha after the loss of his sole relative since he was able to be enlightened.

Virtuous Middle School expressed their satisfaction as they rewarded Chen Huan with 10k yuan as a reward for his full mark for the competition.

The head teacher also asked him in a roundabout way if there was anyone from the big schools such as Monarch School, Senior High School or Second High that came to poach him.

Chen Huan shook his head.

He had been studying the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ the last few days and didn’t even answers the phone, how could these school look for him?

Then again, on Saturday night, he went to the live broadcast of ‘I Sing My Song’ on time.

Director Wu Ping, who was busy making the final preparation, saw him sit at his usual seat so hurriedly walked to somewhere, “Director, Teacher Lu is here, what should we do?”

Hua Zongpu lifted his head and calmly swept around before he said with a soft cough, “Do whatever should be done, remember, don’t show any intent behind your move otherwise it’ll be bad!”



The sudden voice startled the two men who were sneaking around.

The person that just came was also startled by them.

Under everyone’s gaze, the three of them just laughed bitterly and hid deeper backstage.

“Ninth Brother! You will scare people to death like that, you know?” Hua Zhongpu complained.

The person who just came was Ninth Brother. He scratched his head and said, “I just saw Teacher Lu come and I felt a little uneasy. It is alright for us to do this? If he got angry and stop writing songs for the old man, wouldn’t we lose big?”

“I’m also feeling regret right now!” Hua Zhongpu sighed, “But I didn’t find the traitor who leaked the news yet otherwise I would tear him to shred already! Fuck, it makes us looks like fools!”

“It’s useless for us to think about it. it’s not like it was leaked by us.” Wu Ping said, “We will follow after them quietly after the shows end and if Teacher Lu is unhappy, we quickly go to apologize, how about it?”

“Eh, Old Wu, this idea isn’t bad!” Hua Zhongpu’s eyes lit up and patted his shoulder, “Okay, we’ll do that!”

Chen Huan didn’t know about their talk as he only cared that Grandpa made it into the top 8.

With the sudden rise of Zhao Changshou, he became the number one candidate in the hearts of the TV audiences.

But the group of young and beautiful female candidates and handsome male candidates dominated in the internet.

However, no one laughed at Zhao Changshou’s rustic and old appearance anymore.

Everyone was looking forward to what song he would sing this time. Would it be another song from Sister Xiaofeng?

Today was the day when they would get their answers.

For the qualification to top 8, they adjusted the competition rules.

The 16 candidates would get into 4 different groups by drawing lots and each group would have 4 candidates.

The candidates that got first place in their group would be directly promoted into the top 8. The remaining 12 candidates would have to fight for the remaining 4 spots.

Today’s episode would decide the first place of each group.

The program team must have done something.

Old man Zhao Changshou was assigned to the third group and he would give his performance around 9:30pm.

Those viewers could only wait and watch in order to wait for him to make his appearance which would also increase the rating of the show.

The rating of the show without Zhao Changshou was really miserable in the last episode as it only reached the 0.8% which was far behind the 1.3% they got.

This made the program team realize that if they wanted to have a good rating, they must make use of Zhao Changshou.

In front of the TV, a lot of people obviously yelled at the program team for being shameless.

If Zhao Changshou performed right at the beginning, those older audience would immediately go to sleep after watching him.

But now they had to wait until 9pm before they could see him, it was like torture!

No matter how much they complained, they were reluctant to go to bed early and could only wait for Zhao Changshou.

At 9:45pm, it was finally Zhao Changshou’s turn to perform.

This time he was also wearing a martial arts outfit but it was looser than the one from ‘Chinese Kung Fu’.

When the people looked at his clothes, the people already knew it was an ancient style song.

Sure enough, the band showed up with musical instruments such as the gong, erhu, suona and even a big drum.

Zhao Changshou also presented the name of the song.

“’Good Man’, I hope everybody like it!”

Then the information of the song was seen on the screen behind.

Song: ‘Good Man’

Singer: Zhao Changshou.

Lyrics: Lu Xiaofeng.

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.

A drummer wearing a tight fitted short with two red silk ribbons on his head as his held two drum sticks while standing in front of the big drum.

He was extremely muscular and his strong muscle could make people feel the power and beauty from it.

“Boom, Boom Boom, Boom Boom…”

He struck the drum a few times at first before starting to hit it rhythmically. At the same time, the gong started with him.

The people didn’t think anything about it at first but they eyes lit up when Zhao Changshou started to sing.

“The big river flow to the east, the stars in the sky is joining BeiDou” (BeiDou= Big Dipper)

(Hey, hey, hey, join BeiDou!)

“Say go and we’ll go, you have I have we all have!”

(Hey, hey, hey, we all have, No turning back whether in water or in fire!)

“Roar if you find it unfair, fight when you must fight, rush coast to coast even in wind and rain”

(Fight when you must fight, rush coast to coast even in wind and rain)

“Hey ya yi er ya hey hey yi er ya!”

(Hey ya yi er ya hey hey yi er ya!)

“Roar if you find it unfair, fight when you must fight, rush coast to coast even in wind and rain”

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, yo, hey, hey, hey, hey, yo, hey…)

Every time Zhao Changshou sang, the support singers would sing along right after. This method of lead singer with support singer not only served as linking the young and the old but also gave the song a more majestic feeling.

Do not look down at the simple lyrics as the audiences immediately felt a surge of excitement as soon they heard it as if their heroic spirit wanted to come out of their body.

The suona played with the rhythmic drum with the gongs embellishing them… those ancient instrument were more simple and pure than in ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ and they perfectly matched the song.

“The big river flow to the east, the stars in the sky is joining BeiDou”

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, join BeiDou! It doesn’t matter if it’s a glass of cheap wine!)

“Say go and we’ll go, You have I have we all have!”

(Hey, hey, hey, we all have, head up all the way and never bow!)

“Roar if you find it unfair, fight when you must fight, rush coast to coast even in wind and rain”

(Fight when you must fight, rush coast to coast even in wind and rain)

“Hey ya yi er ya hey hey yi er ya!”

(Hey ya yi er ya hey hey yi er ya!)

“Roar if you find it unfair, fight when you must fight, rush coast to coast even in wind and rain”

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, yo, hey, hey, hey, hey, yo, hey…)

Zhao Changshou sang three paragraph in one go and although it had only 5 sentence each times and it would be around 10 if they added the supporting singers, the audience didn’t think it was short at all and couldn’t help but hum together.

Han Dong’er felt a little bit strange.

It wasn’t strange for Fu Bufan to sing along and waves but it was strange for Lan Kai to sing along so leisurely like that.

She wasn’t trying to say that Lan Kai couldn’t appreciate ‘Good Man’ but when she first heard of ‘Good Man’, she immediately thought of Tang Yang in her mind.

Compared to ‘Start Back From Scratch’ that suited to be sung in big occasion, ‘Good Man’ was definitely more suitable to Tang Yuan’s chic and imposing personality. It was like a perfect match.

But Lan Kai didn’t got excited when he heard the song and wasn’t in hurry to talk to her so he could buy the song from Chen Huan.

Wasn’t this weird?

Han Dong’er may be a natural dork but when it concerned music, her senses instantly become sharp.

She didn’t have much time to think about it as Zhao Changshou’s singing ended.

*Clap, clap, clap*

The audience applauded warmly. The group of young people also expressed through their applause that this song was more interesting and pleasant them than ‘Chinese Kung Fu’.

It sounded simple at first glance but it became more interesting the more they listened and they felt it had a lot of charm in it.

They wouldn’t notice it if it wasn’t for Zhao Changshou singing it.

“I have long admired Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s talents and Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s singing, I already accepted I could only bow down in admiration.” Lan Kai didn’t say much more nonsense and directly lifted the ‘pass’ sign, “The heaven will not forgive it if this isn’t a pass.”

“I loved ‘Good Man’!” Fu Bufan acted like he a fan would, “Grandpa, the next time you sing this song, I want to be your supporting singer! In fact, you should have invited me for this round already! It would be great match! Let me say one more thing, I can’t do such a multi-level of rhythm on such a song! Sister Xiaofeng is a genius! Brother Kai is right, it would be an insult if this couldn’t pass!”

Han Dong’er didn’t speak and was still like before as she lifted her ‘pass’ sign.

This silly girl didn’t speak much and sat there like a puppet but the audience still liked her very much.

In addition to her beautiful appearance, she natural attracted the liking of people because she judged purely on the quality of the music and didn’t care about someone appearance or gave a sympathy pass due to a sad story.

In this era of judges filled with varieties of tricks, such a simple judge was like a breath of fresh air so they would naturally like her.

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  1. The “Good Man” song, or 好汉歌. Written specifically for drama adapation of the 14th century Chinese classic “The Water Margin” about a group of 108 righteous outlaws withstanding govt oppression …. basically Chinese Robinhood (which was coincidentally also created in the same historical period).


    It’s sung by Liu Huan, the same fat singer from previous songs.

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