I Know Everything chapter 127

Chapter 127: The excited mathematicians!

Chen Huan was someone who would do what he said.

The next day was Sunday and Chen Huan wrote an article about ‘Modularity Theorem’ early in the morning.

“Dear Professor Devries, I am a mathematics-loving high school student and I have new idea about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, I would like to ask you to give me some pointers…”

Devries was a famous mathematics professor in the University of Princeton in USA and was famous in the field of mathematics for his obsession with ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

If Chen Huan chose another person, he might not be able to catch their attention but for this professor that spent his life to study ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, there was a much higher chance to be noticed.

Except the greetings and those simple opening remarks, it was all about the ‘Modularity Theorem’. It wasn’t that hard for Chen Huan to write it as he had both the Chinese and English version of it in his mind.

Chen Huan felt a bit emotional as he wrote it. it was so rare that the Good Lord would be so easy going for giving him such an advantage over such an easy mission. 

If he made an outstanding contribution to resolve the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, then he would be considered a genius in the mathematical world.

Even if he never made any other achievements afterward, he would be at the top of the mathematic field with this alone.

Chen Huan’s thinking wasn’t that exaggerated.

He only thought that if he participated in proving ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, wouldn’t the top 3 university in China give him an exception for the entrance test and directly invite him to their university?

It would be perfect if he could avoid the college entrance exams and directly enters one of the prestigious universities. Then he would embark on the path toward the peak of life!

That was also because Chen Huan didn’t want to leave China otherwise other prestigious university around the world would also be happy to have him over their university!

Moreover, if he didn’t receive any invitation from those prestigious universities or invitation for a PHD course, wouldn’t be an insult to all those mathematicians that worked on the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’?


After happily typing the last words, Chen Huan clicked on ‘send mail’.

Another reason he chose Devries was because he had made a mail especially for people who wanted to discuss about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’. Chen Huan also found that he was the biggest mathematician that had a public mail.

Devries’ mail was naturally not taken care by him but by his assistants.

In order to prevent his assistants from letting go any useful information, Devries instructed them that as long it wasn’t some messy and about irrelevant stuff, it must be printed and given to him no matter who wrote it and how absurd it was.

The assistants would print out the emails every other day or few days according to Devries’s schedule and he would read it after lunch.

Devries saw those emails very quickly.

He had a very fast working brain and had deeply research on many aspect of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’. So he could see at a glance if what other people wrote contained any useful information or not.

Over the years, he had received tens of thousands emails about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ but unfortunately none of them was useful.

But Devries never gave up. He still continued to read them after a decade because he never if one of those emails would suddenly give him some inspiration.

When he was eating today, Professor Christophe from Physics was sitting in front him. His assistant came with the printed emails and put it on the table. Devries didn’t read them at first and continued to chat with Christophe while eating.

Unfortunately, a white haired old man hurriedly passed by and his hand knocked on the table which resulted into the fold of papers spilling to the ground.

But the white haired old man didn’t notice that and hurriedly walked away.

“This old fellow is really as rude as ever!” Devries said with a bitter laugh as he stooped away from his seat to pick up the papers from the ground.

“He would be like this the moment he thought of something, it can’t be helped.” Christophe said with a smile and helped pick the papers, “I mean you’re the same. You keep looking at these useless stuff after so many years!”

“It’s not really useless, what if a genius suddenly came into the world and give me some inspiration?” Devries said with determination.

“How could a world class question be solved by a random person?… Huh?” Christophe then suddenly burst out in laughter.

“What is it?” Devries asked in confusion.

“Haha, there’s a high school student who wrote to you.” Christophe took out a paper, “Even high schooler can research about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’? Old friend, look at you emails, how deep did you fell?”

Devries took the paper and glanced over the text.

“Dear Professor Devries, I am…”


Devries was stunned when he read the second paragraph.

Then his entire body froze up and didn’t move an inch.

Researchers had definitely moment of where they were captivated.

Christophe wasn’t surprised that his friend could be like that but he was surprised by what caused him to be like that.

Could it really be that high school student that inspired him?

Devries’s face showed uncertainty while his eyes were fixed on the paper but his body wasn’t moving.

After a while, Devries didn’t say anything as he turned around and ran away.

He ran even faster than the white haired old man.

Christophe was sure now that Devries had some inspiration or he would have acted like that.

Christophe couldn’t help but find it funny when he thought back on how his mocked came back to bite him in the ass.

Were there really more and more geniuses in this world?

High schooler!

Fermat’s Theorem!


Devries immediately closed his office’s door at the research room allocated to him after he came back.

Looking at how precipitated he was, his assistants started to whisper around.

“Is there anything special about the emails you sent to the sir today?” One of them asked.

“There aren’t.” The one who gave the emails answered, “It’s all some rubbish ideas mostly… oh, right. There was also a high schooler who gave his thought about it, hahaha!”

The rest of the people laughed with him.

They have been following DeVille for some years already and they couldn’t be said to be very proficient about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ but they still clearly understood what it was.

He even proposed a conjecture…

Who does he think he is!?

They were laughed outside but Devries was trembling in excitement in his office.

Devries first wrote on the blackboard in his office, “Every elliptic curves over the field of rational numbers are related to modular forms.”

Then he wrote another sentence.

“If you can prove my conjecture, then any counterexample to ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ would result in a non-modular elliptic curve, which in turn prove that ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ is correct.”

These two sentences were the most important sentences in the email.

Devries’ thought started to work as he looked at the two sentences which seemed very simple but contained a lot of profound arguments.

It didn’t take long for him to start feeling tired and dizzy.

This was what happened when one excessively used the brain!

He quickly stopped and drank a glass of water before taking a deep breath and opening the door of his office.

“Cohen, hurry up and invite Professor Andre, Professor Robert, Professor Karuide and Professor Beni! Hurry up!” He quickly shouted to his assistants.

The several assistants were startled by him.

But they immediately left to carry the order.

They had never seen Professor Devries like that but it must mean something big happened since he was like that.

At that moment, Devries and his assistants weren’t in America but in Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge, England.

The most famous comprehensive research institute in the world was actually a place where visiting professors gathered to discuss research together.

Some discussed about pure academics while other discussed about other sciences and technologies that could be used in people’s everyday life.

But it was the embodiment of humanity’s wisdom no matter which one it was.

People who could come here were all the top figure of their respective fields.

Devries suddenly felt glad that he came to Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Otherwise, where could he find so many super math geniuses that could help him verify this great conjecture?

That was right.

Devries had already made some preliminary judgment as this conjecture was connected to elliptic curve and could usher ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ into a new direction.

And this direction had gone beyond the usual algebraic curve model and replaced it with a new way of thought.

Mathematicians knew that when they arrived at the limit of path, there was definitely must be another path waiting for them. They just had to see it and take the first step.

The conjecture from the email was in Devries’ opinion a new step toward a new way.

It didn’t matter whether they could prove that the conjecture was correct later. They could work toward that direction and use elliptic curve as well as backward pass to further their prove process.

This would have a very positive and yearning impact on the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ that hadn’t been heard of for a long time.

He really didn’t expect it!

A high schooler!

Moreover, it was a high school student from China and he could actually consider such an esoteric and abstract problem.

How many years had it been since Europe or America produced a genius like that?

He really wished he could invite him here immediately so he could share his thinking and wisdom with the others!

But it couldn’t be done right now.

He and his friends had to at least determine that this conjecture was valuable for the discussion and proof, only then he could reply.

Otherwise it would be too hasty and would be a big disrespect to the great mathematical genius!

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