I Know Everything chapter 126

Chapter 126: A bragging artifact is here!

TLN: I copypasted a lot of thing from Wikipedia in this chapter, I can’t translate complicated math stuff so I just copied the stuff the author are talking about from Wikipedia.

More than 300 years ago, The French mathematician Fermat wrote a paragraph on a page of the Latin translation of ‘Arithmetic’ that affected and influenced all the mathematicians over the world.

“It is impossible for a cube to be a sum of two cubes, a fourth power to be a sum of two fourth powers, or in general for any number that is a power greater than the second to be the sum of two like powers. I have discovered a truly remarkable proof [of this theorem], but this margin is too small to contain it.”

To express this paragraph in mathematical equation, it would be, ‘With n, x, y, zN (meaning that n, x, y, z are all positive whole numbers) and n > 2, the equation xn + yn = zn has no solutions’.

This was one of the most famous mathematical conjectures, ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

Chen Huan had obtained the ‘Advanced Mathematics (Beginner)’ and ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ successively and his math knowledge and ability had gone up due to it.

But his math mastery didn’t keep up.

That was why he put so much effort into doing those math tests. It was he could master those hastily acquire knowledge and experience.

He definitely heard of and knew about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

But he didn’t know about the two or three hundred years of effort put by multiple generations of renowned mathematicians to prove ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

It wasn’t just some summary of advanced mathematics.

It required a lot of knowledge, it required too many broad thinking and it also need a lot of luck.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ to become a super puzzle that troubled people for hundreds of years and it would impossible for it to become one of the top three mathematical problem in the world.

In Chen Huan’s original world, ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was already proven.

But this world must had not solved it and that was why the Good Lord would give it as a reward.

Chen Huan didn’t know what to feel for a moment after received this reward.

But there were more important things at this moment so Chen Huan put this matter for later. He had to face the envious, shocked and admiration gaze from the crowd.

The subject of mathematics, unlike Chinese, English, biology, history and etc… relied heavily on intelligence.

People often mention rich people who knew were really good at earning money but if they wouldn’t ranked very high if they competed in intellect.

And intelligence was the hardest to fake, they would be able to do it if they were good, and they wouldn’t be able to do it if they weren’t good.

So despite they were doubting Chen Huan previously and thought Chen Huan was there just to make up the numbers but they couldn’t say anything in front of the full mark perfect score of 100 points.

If you were that good, go get 100 points!

Unfortunately, nobody got 100 points except for Chen Huan in the results list.

The second place only got 85 points.

This was the power of IQ stomp.

Although this time the best geniuses from the top three schools went to Beijing to prepare the international math Olympiad next year, those who stayed here were also amongst the best math students!

They could casually pick one from then and they could be much better than students from the other schools.

But did such a situation happen today?!

Shi Zixiong ranked third with a score of 83 points.

But the score he was usually proud of hung there like a piece of irony and he couldn’t bring himself to look at it again.


Why is Chen Huan so good!?

100 points!?

The sole full mark eliminated the possibility that Chen Huan copied and cheated.

Shi Zixiong always thought that Chen Huan always relied on his look to eat while relying on a bit of musical inspiration to please the crowd but didn’t have any talent in study like himself. Shi Zixiong felt uncomfortable inside as if he ate one fly after the other.

Wang Xing was even more embarrassed.

He saw how excited and joyful He Qiang was and felt deeply envious and jealous inside.

He Qiang wasn’t as good as him when they were studying, his job wasn’t as good as him, his achievement as a teacher wasn’t as good as him and the students he taught wasn’t as good as him.

The psychological advantage Wang Xing established in his mind over He Qiang over so many years collapsed in an instant, how could he feel comfortable after that?

“Humph, it’s time for them to fulfill their promise!”

The little girls beside didn’t care about all those things and as they wanted to run up to them in excitement.

In the end, Shui Qianyu quickly grabbed and stopped the quickest of them all, “Wait, don’t go.”

“Huh? Why?” The girls asked in confusion.

“Forget it!” Shui Qianyu nonchalantly said, “They already will become laughing stock once the news spread around. The effect would be the same if you have them admit that they’re stupid pigs. If go to them now, it would look like Chen Huan’s temperament isn’t good. Isn’t it enough to win and look perfect while doing so?”

“Ooh. Big Sister Boss, you’re so smart!”

The few little girls and nearby student all understood at that moment.

The silent comparison was the best comparison.

People would deduct point on his conduct if he was too aggressive after winning.

How could Shui Qianyu let other people look down on Chen Huan’s conduct?

Chen Huan could only feel some regret in front of the firm Shui Qianyu.

Although he wouldn’t step forward personally, if it was the little girls who went for him, he would be very happy to see Wang Xing and Shi Zixiong getting further humiliated.

He wasn’t some good guy. Except for treating his true friend and loved ones with sincerity, it was whatever for the others.

A tooth for ten teeth!

But those uncles understood her reasoning so there was no reason for Chen Huan who came from another world to not understand her reasoning.

Not to mention that He Qiang’s was in an exhilarated mood during their walk back to home. This teacher treated people sincerely but was always a bit restrained, and yet he was so happy that he couldn’t stop talking.

Chen Huan’s wasn’t in the mood of showing off anyway.

He went back to Shui Qianyu’s home and directly went to the computer room. The first he did was to search about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

To prove the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, it took hundreds of steps and an arduous step by step process.

For now, almost all the 200 years of hard work and process to prove the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was in Chen Huan’s mind.

However, the unfortunate thing was that this world ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was stuck at the step in 1983 where the German mathematician Faltings with the ‘Mordell Conjecture’.

The ‘Mordell Conjecture’ was proved by Faltings and now people proved that 2<n<101800000 with computers so the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was established but they couldn’t always prove that n>2.

There were some few key points.

The most important thing was the ‘modularity theorem’ and then ‘Frege’s propositional calculus’.

Then they finally needed Iwasawa theory combined with the Euler system developed by Kolyvagin and Flach.

Then the problem was solved.

Among the answer Chen Huan received, the Mordell conjecture, the modularity theorem and Frege’s propositional calculus was the three crucial key points to solve the Fermat’s Theorem.

The rest of the proof was secondary and was just to verify and fill the gap.

If Chen Huan wanted to prove the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, the first thing he needed to do was to reveal the modularity theorem.

(The modularity theorem has another name which the author uses, Taniyama–Shimura conjecture.’

Well, it would become the ‘Chen Huan conjecture’ in this world.

When this conjecture was published, it would immediately cause a sensation. It would definitely be a bragging artifact!

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