I Know Everything chapter 125

Chapter 125: Wow, full mark!

Chen Huan saw a group of teachers smoking and chatting when he came out.

He Qiang was also talking with two other teachers.

The four classrooms were on the first floor and they were all next to each other so it was quite conspicuous when he came out.

The feeling of being watcher by a dozens of teachers was nothing to Chen Huan.

He was baptized by the tens of thousands of people who watched the film festival ceremony as he walked through the red carpet. These measly math teachers were just a sprinkle of water.

He went straight toward He Qiang.

“What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?” He Qiang asked in puzzlement.

“No, I finished it.” Chen Huan frankly said.

A teacher with gold glasses next to He Qiang laughed out loud, “Old He, Teacher Lu is so humorous!”

“Yes, those are question that Professor Yu personally did, how can it be that easy?” Another teacher said with a smile, “Teacher Lu, you finished it but how was it?”

It seemed that these two also heard of Chen Huan’s works before.

“It should be alright.” Chen Huan was still polite in front of these adults.

He Qiang knew Chen Huan’s personality but felt some doubt in his mind.

Did he really finish it or he couldn’t do it and gave up?

But Chen Huan wasn’t someone who would give up!

As he was thinking, Wang Xing came over with a big smile on his face.

“Yo, isn’t this Teacher Lu? How come you came out? Is it because you knew you weren’t going to win so you gave up and prepared to leave?”

He spoke loudly and many teachers around heard him.

“Wang Xing, don’t go overboard!” He Qiang said, “When did my student say he gave up? When did he say he wanted to run?”

“He already came out 40 minutes in advance, isn’t that giving up?” Wang Xing said in an exaggerated manner, “You can’t be telling me he finished it all, right?”

“In fact, that’s exactly what Teacher Lu said.” A teacher nearby He Qiang said.


Wang Xing’s eyes widened before he started to laugh loudly and exaggeratedly, “Hahaha, this is killing me!”

“Then why are you still breathing?” A crystal clear voice was suddenly heard.

Wang Xing’s laughter came to an abrupt end. He looked toward the source and saw a sweet and beautiful little girl who was staring at him with a frown, “Shouldn’t you be lying on the ground when you are dead? Why are you still standing?”

Wang Xing: “…”

Unlike how Wang Xing was embarrassed and angry, Chen Huan walked up to the little and said, “Xiao Shuishui, how come you’re here?”

“We had schoolyard PE today. I heard them talk and saw you so I came over when I was done.” Shui Qianyu came up to Chen Huan and said, “Who is this grandpa? Did you grab his granddaughter or something?”

“I’m not an old grandpa!” Wang Xing angrily rebutted, “I’m just 40 years old!”

“You’re forty?”


“But you look even older than those in their sixties.”


Wang Xing got so angry that his veins started to show. He didn’t want to talk with Shui Qianyu anymore.

Otherwise, did you want him to hit Shui Qianyu?

The two teachers who were teasing Chen Huan before felt their scalp tingling when they saw that. They decided to not speak anymore.

“Chen Huan, just wait here! I hope you’ll be a man and honor your promise later!” Wang Xing warned before scurrying away.

Shui Qianyu asked Chen Huan what was going on and the young man naturally told her about it.

Shui Qianyu nodded as she said, “Then I have to wait and see that getting humiliated.”

He Qiang smiled and said, “Little sister, you’re that confident about Chen Huan?”

“This is my math teacher, he’s very good to me.” Chen Huan quickly said lest He Qiang attract Shui Qianyu’s ire.

Hearing him, Shui Qianyu immediately smiled sweetly and said, “Teacher, Chen is usually very hard working! I even see him do math questions alone at night! You must instruct him more so he can be even more successful!”

He Qiang was greatly relieved when they heard that.

No wonder Chen Huan was progressing so fast. It turned out that he was working very hard at home.

With that said.

Didn’t it mean that Chen Huan came out because he really finished the test!?

As he thought of this, He Qiang couldn’t be bothered to reply to Shui Qianyu and immediately asked Chen Huan, “Xiao Huan, was the test difficult? How many points do you think you got?”

“It’s not too difficult.” Chen Huan thought about it and decided to be humble, “I think I can get around 80 points.”

“80 points!?”

The two teachers beside them exclaimed in surprise and couldn’t help but stare at Chen Huan with a strange gaze.

“What, What? Is 80 points high?” Shui Qianyu instantly asked.

“Little sister, you don’t know the person who made the test.” The teacher with golden glass said, “He is Yu Dingbian, the head of the Fudan University department of mathematics and he was also the teacher of several people here. Since the day he started teaching, nobody got a high score! To have 80 points in a 100 points test, it’s already very rare!”

“Not to mention he had done it in only 40 minutes.” Another teacher added.

“Since Chen Huan said so, he definitely can do it!” Shui Qianyu firmly said.

“Haha.” The two teachers didn’t want to argue with her.

“What? What?” A teacher nearby came over, he looked fat and strong, “Haozi, Wugui, you dare to bully my student? Are you looking for death?”

(Haozi=Rat, Wugui= Turtle. Their name is weird, I don’t know if it’s some nickname or not.)

The two teachers’ eyes widened when they heard that, “Your student? Fatty, don’t try to lie to people! Does she look like a high school student?”

“She’s from the junior high’s mathematics competition class that I’m in charge of. What? You’re not convince?” The fatty teacher proudly declared, “Our Xiao Yu is amongst the top 20 comprehensive grades in Lin’an and she also look so beautiful, can you find someone else in Lin’an like her?”

The two teachers got speechless.

She looked so beautiful and sweet but also had such a good grade. There wasn’t a single person like that in their school.

The top three schools had many resources and such a good student would obviously be recruited by them. They could only recruit the rest they left behind, how could they get a student like that?

Chen Huan felt happy when he heard that. Xiao Shuishui was actually that good and much more impressive than a fake top student like him.

The fat Teacher didn’t leave so they kept chatting.

Chen Huan didn’t expect they were all students of Fudan University’s math department director. That teacher really had students all over the world.

Shui Qianyu didn’t want to listen to them so she pulled Chen Huan aside and said, “Let’s go Chen Huan, you rarely come to our school, I’ll take you to sightsee!”

Lin’an Senior High School didn’t look big at first glance but it was quite large inside.

Shui Qianyu gave him a tour excitedly. Chen Huan calmly followed her.

The result was the both of them lost track of time.

It was already 11am when Chen Huan remembered to go back to see the results of the test.

When the two of them trot back to the building near the school entrance, the students there already finished their test and were waiting for their grading.

Numerous people saw them and all their eyes lit up at the sight.

The female students naturally stared at Chen Huan while the male students looked at Shui Qianyu.

“Big Sister Boss!”

“Sister Xiaofeng!”

The two didn’t even have the time to let out a sigh before a group of little girls came over while grinning.

Amongst this group there were also the little girls Chen Huan met before.

“Hi, how are you!” Chen Huan greeted them, “I thought you girls already went home!”

“We didn’t, we went to find some cheerleader for you! Moreover, you even know our Big Sister Boss?”

The several young girls were very happy when they saw Chen Huan still remembered them and started to chat like little sparrows.

Big Sister Boss?

Chen Huan was pretty sure they were calling Shui Qianyu with that.

Shui Qianyu expression was calm as she said, “I was wondering what you were mumbling about but it turned out you were trying to help Chen Huan.”

“Well, yes.  Big Sister Boss, you don’t know how arrogant that pair of teacher and student were!”  A little girl tried to imitate the expression that Wang Xing and Shi Zixiong had as they she waved her hands.

Shui Qianyu’s eyebrows rose as she saw them waving their hands around. It just happened that Wang Xing and Shi Zixiong looked over at them.

They quickly shifted their gaze away.

“Zixiong, how about we don’t humiliate Chen Huan later?”

“Okay, as long he apologizes.”

“Exactly! Otherwise these little girls will cause us trouble and our image will suffer from it.”

“Right, he can count himself lucky! Humph, only a little playboy can garner sympathy like that!”


While they were cowering, there were two teachers that came out of the math competition building.

“They came out!”

Everyone hurriedly went to meet them.

The two teachers didn’t come down from the stairs upon seeing this but one of them took a wireless microphone and said, “Everyone calm down, we will announce the results now!”

The other teacher posted on a wall nearby a big pictorial.

The black words on the large and red pictorial were very eye catching.

While the people in front looked at the result, the teacher with the microphone loudly declared, “I want to congratulate student Chen Huan from Virtuous Middle School!”


Many people were shocked by this.

Wang Xing and Shi Zixiong, who were squeezing forward, suddenly had a bad feeling as their heart tightened.

The teachers didn’t pay attention to them as the loud voice continued, “Student Chen Huan, you’re the first person to have the full marks for their first participation in Professor Yu Dingbian’s Olympiad! Congratulation, your future in the mathematical field is unlimited!”

Wang Xing was shocked.

Shi Zixiong was shocked.

Teacher Haozi and Wugui were also shocked.

He Qiang was shocked and completely dumbfounded.

The group of little girls next to Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu were the first to cheer loudly!

“Sister Xiaofeng is the best!”

They cutely celebrated.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host completed the mission perfectly. Teacher He Qiang is having his proudest moment in his life right. Wang Xing and Shi Zixiong lost their faces at this moment and they could not wait to drill a hole so they could hide.”

“The great gave the reward, all solution of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.”


Plenty knowledge was stuffed into Chen Huan’s mind again and he felt pain and dizziness coming again.

What is this?

A single ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, has such a vast amount of knowledge?

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