I Know Everything chapter 124

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Chapter 124: I accidentally bragged a bit.

Chen Huan’s dismissive look deeply stung the handsome high schooler Shi Zixiong.”

Then the group of little girls also gave him a disdainful look as if they were looking somebody who already failed.

“This new apprentice of old He is much more arrogant than the previous one!” His teacher Wang Xing came over and said, “Zixiong, can you beat him?”

“I’ll just need one hand against him!” Shi Zixiong said while accentuating each word.

This sentence should be used in a martial arts competition and was definitely not suitable for a competition in mathematics but Shi Zixiong’s attitude showed his confidence.

“But don’t get too careless, I heard that the last time they had a five-school competition, this Chen Huan suddenly came out of nowhere and took the first place.” Wang Xing reminded him.

This man was quite sinister.

He clearly knew Chen Huan’s achievements but played dumb as he mocked.

“Haha, teacher, do you their second-rate school competition are useful?” Shi Zixiong sneered, “If it was up to me, the ten school competition shouldn’t let those people try their luck and they should even drop the other seven schools, only the three best should remain.”

“This is the plan from the people above, you shouldn’t get involved with it.” Wang Xing said, “All you have to do is to put your heart and soul into the exam and crush that playboy! It’s just happen that Lei Xiaode isn’t here so you should impose your will and let the other know that you’re not any worse than him!”

“I will!” Shi Zixiong declared with clenched fist.

He was quite handsome and in Monarch School, he was one of the best students and also a school grass but recently Chen Huan had been grabbing too much limelight.

The girls talked about Chen Huan all day long and many and many of those crazy girls went to Virtuous Middle School to get a glimpse of Chen Huan, it was too despicable!

They should focus their attention on him! He had the potential to become a rich CEO in the future while Chen Huan was bound to be kept by some sugar mommy!

“Teacher He, is that person one of your acquaintance?” Chen Huan asked as they walked toward the exam room.

“Yes, he’s called Wang Xing. He was one of my classmate when I was in the mathematics department at Fudan University. He was better than me when we were studying, then he went to Monarch School to teach and also got better student than me.” He Qiang said, “But his narrow minded and love to mock people so don’t like him much.”

“I could see that.” Chen Huan said with a light smile, “His blood vessel were about to burst out when those little sisters were rebutting him.”

He Qiang rejoiced when he heard that, “Most precious student, I didn’t expect you to have such a charm that they would help us even though it was the first time we met!”

Chen Huan just scratched his head and said nothing.

There were naturally disadvantage and also advantage from being very popular.

“However, your bet with him was too reckless.” He Qiang sighed, “That boy is called Shi Zixiong and is a student from Monarch School. His mathematics could be ranked amongst the top 10 in Lin’an and would definitely be in the top 20 amongst the province. Although you progressed a lot lately, your knowledge is still not enough!”

“Whether it’s enough or not, we’ll know after the competition.” Chen Huan said nonchalantly, “If I lose, it means I didn’t work hard enough, those who didn’t work hard enough obviously deserve to be punished.”

He Qiang was surprised but also laughed silently.

Not mentioning anything else, Chen Huan’s mindset was very rare.

A little girl leading the way turned around and said, “Chen Huan don’t worry, we won’t let him get away with this! Even if you lose, we will save you!”


The other girls nodded vigorously.

They had been listening just now. How could they let Chen Huan be humiliated by a self-righteous and disgusting man in their own territory?

Chen Huan smiled brightly.

He couldn’t tell those little girls that men’s words were like promises and it couldn’t be nulled by saying it didn’t count.

But he also knew that the little girls didn’t have a deep concept of right or wrong and only the difference of like or dislike. It was meaningless to try to explain it to them.

The test time limit was the standard 80 minutes and it was a set of Olympiad questions.

The difficulty of this test’s questions was much harder than the one given by the professor from Zhejiang University.

It came from Yu Dingbian, the head of the Mathematics Department of Fudan University in Huhai. Yu Dingbian was a famous mathematician in China. They wouldn’t be able to have him make the question if he himself didn’t come from the Zhejiang province.

The ten schools competition this time not only had the best students of the province but also the students from the second or third rate schools that came to experience things and other geniuses of the Zhejiang province. There were about a hundred or so students.

In general, 7 out 10 were students from the top three schools, it could be said they were unbeatable.

There were 4 classrooms for the examination and one proctor for each classroom.

In fact, they didn’t need to check for cheating because those who came here were pre-selected back at their schools. They were all top students that find cheating distasteful.

Chen Huan’s proctor was a female teacher in her twenties.

She stared at Chen Huan as soon she entered the room. Her stare even started to make Chen Huan uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Chen Huan concentrated on the test papers as soon he received them and didn’t care about anything else in the surrounding.

He then felt really refreshed after finishing the test.

He looked at the time and found out that only 30 minutes passed.

Since it was too early to turn in the paper, Chen Huan checked the test again and again. He lifted hand after seeing there was still 40 minutes until the end.

“Is there something Teacher Lu?” The young female teacher blurted out.

There were a few students who immediately laughed at that.

“Teacher, I’m done, can I turn in the test?” Chen Huan asked calmly.

The female teacher looked at her watch and said in amazement, “You finished it with only half the time? Did you check it?”

“I already check it.” Chen Huan said.

“Oh… Okay…” The female teacher said with some regret, “Then put the paper down and go out.”

It was such a pity. She had such a rare opportunity to watch the ‘most handsome boy’ in the world but the time passed so quickly, she felt that she only glanced at him for bit!

The other students sneered at that.

It wasn’t weird for them to have that expression.

They knew how difficult the test was since they were doing it and numerous wasn’t halfway on the paper yet.

An Olympiad test would never let some random student finish it so smoothly and quickly.

However, Chen Huan actually claimed he finished the paper?

He probably randomly scribbled on it, right?

Anyways, he wasn’t a math genius at all and was just handsome and had a bit of music talent.

Maybe his teacher took him here for fun.

So detestable!

For a handsome student like to become the best math student in his school, no wonder their school’s name didn’t suit their school.

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