I Know Everything chapter 123

Chapter 123: Easy test.

Young people were young people and didn’t put that much value on money.

If it was a 30-40 years old person who did this, they would regret for half a month and whenever they think about it, they would be in tears and snot, and even give themselves a slap.

On the next morning, Chen Huan acted like nothing happened and went to school with his school bag on his back.

He Qiang called him to his office after third math class was over.

He Qiang appreciated Chen Huan more since the competition between the five schools where Chen Huan defeated the other students and tied with another student from Eighth High by having a full score.

When a teacher appreciated a student, he would give him more pressure and test so the student could progress faster.

When he was free recently, he would give some medium difficulty math books to Chen Huan to look at and whenever Chen Huan encountered something he didn’t understand, he would take time to explain it to him after school.

But the speed at which Chen Huan progressed was still beyond his expectation.

When he did this level of tests again, he went from barely passing to getting 90 points in just half a month.

This satisfied He Qiang greatly.

He didn’t know that Chen Huan could actually easily get the full mark.

However, the sudden change would shock and confuse people and he might even get into trouble so Chen Huan decided to ‘slowly progress’.

He Qiang thought that this speed of progress could be achieved by a genius that had been enlightened.


He Qiang believed in the enlightenment theory now.

He was now more serious and attentive in his two classes in hope to produce another genius like Chen Huan.

Back to the present situation.

“Xiao Huan, there’s another math competition on Saturday morning, do you want to participate?” He Qiang asked Chen Huan.

“Oh, it is like the five schools competition?” Chen Huan asked, “Is the three of us going again?”

The three people he was mentioning were Hu Bin, Tang Ziyan and him. The three of them were considered the best math students in the school.

 “No, their level isn’t enough so it’ll be only you.” He Qiang said, “It would be a join mathematics competition between 10 well known schools this time.”

“Ten well known schools?”

“Yes! It include three giants such as the Second High, Monarch School and Senior High School along with 7 first-tier high schools.” He  Qiang said with some excitement, “We didn’t have the strength to participate in it before but since you learned the books I gave to you, you are qualified to go take a look!”

“Just take a look?” Chen Huan asked in surprise.

“Don’t get too complacent. You indeed got smarter but it’s all the genius in Lin’an that you’re facing.” He Qiang said seriously, “They can also do all the questions you can do and many of them would do it better than you. I’m letting participate in the competition to show you the difference of your current self the top genius! You have to work hard if you want to catch up to them!”

After a pause, he continued, “But the three best students already went to Huajin for training in order to prepare for next year’s international math Olympiad. But there are still a lot of geniuses this time, you should gain experiences from this.”

After being contact with Chen Huan for such a long time, he knew Chen Huan wasn’t as restrained and cowardly as rumored but was filled with perseverance and desire to win.

A kid like him, being hit wouldn’t defeat him but would become his driven force.

Chen Huan encountering some setbacks at his age would in fact help him in his future growth.

Chen Huan was hesitating.

He Qiang saw his expression and couldn’t but smiled, “It’s okay, they are all students nurtured by the elites, how long have you started learning? You still have two years in high school. If you can keep showing the talent and effort you have right now, you will definitely not lose to them in mathematics during the college entrance exams!”

“Alright, I’ll go!” Chen Huan finally agreed.

He didn’t tell He Qiang that he was hesitating because wouldn’t it be too hard to explain it to He Qiang if he shined during the test?

If Chen Huan had the confidence to get into the top 10 in Lin’an when he had ‘Advanced Mathematics (Beginner)’, now that he had ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’, the small city of Lin’an wasn’t worth of his consideration at all.

It wasn’t bragging but Chen Huan was confident he could win the first prize in the national mathematic competition.

Because the ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ gave the knowledge of graduate student so dealing with high schoolers was like break a fly on the wheel.

With such a personal ability, Chen Huan suddenly that the garbage system still had a bit of conscience.

Soon, it was the weekend.

Chen Huan arrived to school early and then took a bus with He Qiang toward Lin’an Senior High School in the city center.

Lin’an Senior High School was one of the oldest high schools. It had founded a long time ago and had been since one of the most famous and best high school in Lin’an.

It scales was also bigger as it had junior high and high school unlike Virtuous Middle School who only had high school.

However, because of the school location in the city center, the school’s building was in a much worst state than Virtuous Middle School. It could only be said to be more simple and solemn.

There were already thirty to fifty people scattered around the schoolyard when He Qiang and Chen Huan arrived in Lin’an Senior High School. Everyone gathered in a group of three or five to discuss.

The two of them just entered the school and suddenly heard someone shouting.

“Fang Shu!?”

Chen Huan turned his head and saw it was a few little girls that seemed to be in junior high. They looked at him in surprise as they held textbooks in their hands.

“Chen Huan, you’re so handsome!”

“You really deserve to be the most handsome man in China!”

“Chen Huan, when I grow up, would you become my boyfriend?”

“Not only! He’s also the best songwriter in China! South Fist and North Kick, Hehehe..”

The few little girls were chattering while Chen Huan didn’t even say anything, He Qiang didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“Students, we’re here to participate in a competition, do you know where the mathematic competition is?” He Qiang didn’t know where it was so asked them.

“We know!”

The girls were jumping in joy, “Let’s go, we’ll take you to it!”

“Wow, Chen Huan you’re a top student? You even dare to come to our school to compete?”

“Chen Huan is very impressive, okay? Otherwise could he play Fang Shu?”

“Shishi, of course he’s great, he also have another name called Sister Xiaofeng!”


The little girls teased Chen Huan while they were leading the way in front. Their confidence and charm was indeed not something that ordinary school could cultivate.

They naturally attracted the attention of many people when they walked across the schoolyard.

In fact, most people recognized Chen Huan.

There weren’t that many in the country that were so handsome.

“Hey, Old He, Old He!”

Someone yelled at that moment.

He Qiang turned deaf ears to it and continued forward with Chen Huan.

But that person didn’t give up as he trotted up in front of them and said, “Hey, Old He, what’s wrong? Are you embarrassed?”

He Qiang didn’t have a choice but wasn’t polite to him as he said, “What?”

“I just wanted to see if it was you. You have the courage to bring your trash students to compete? I command your courage!” The forty something man said with a grin.

A little girl in front replied him with an innocent tone, “Grandpa, your smile is so fake, don’t come here to scare people, alright?”

“Grandpa!?” The man’s smile suddenly stiffened.

He looked at the blinking eyes of the little girls, endured it and didn’t got angry with them at the end.

Then he pretended he didn’t hear them and said to He Qiang instead, “Old He, you’ve really fallen! If it was before, you would have taken that female student if you wanted to nurture a student, why did you take your school’s prized treasure with you this time? Does he have any other talent beside his appearance?”

“Ha, that’s fresh! Grandpa, did you just come out of the cave?” One of the little girl said in dissatisfaction, “Don’t you know that Sister Xiaofeng is the best songwriter of China? Don’t you know that xx newspapers and even the CCTV praised Sister Xiaofeng? At your level, aren’t embarrassed to think you know better than them? You even dare to say that our Chen Huan have no talent?”

That man’s face instantly turned ashen.

He Qiang thought that those little girls was like sparrows before but now he felt different.

They were all like little fairies now!

Look, they speak so pleasantly and so blunt!

“I’m not talking about this!” The man accented each word, “You kids don’t understand! Mathematics isn’t a matter you can rely on your appearance or knowing how to write songs! It depends on the brain! Depend on intelligence!”

“So what?” A little girl said with her innocent face, “Is your brain good? How intelligent are you? Why haven’t it see you achieve anything in the field of mathematics? Or solve one of the world’s top ten math problems?”

The man was about to burst in rage.

He swore that if the opposition was an adult, he would have already stepped forward and fight with them.

Bu they were just a few junior high school girls, how could he start arguing with them? People would mock him if they heard about it!

“My teacher can’t do it but it doesn’t mean I can’t!”

A young voice was heard at this moment.

When everybody looked at direction, it was a handsome high schooler with a confident aura all around him, “Let’s not mention anything else, I’m definitely better than Teacher He’s student on mathematics. If you don’t believe it, how about we compare our results in the competition?”

“Ding Dong!”

“The host’s teacher is being humiliated at this moment, as a good student that respected the teacher, the host must needs to relieve his teacher anger.”

“The evil hating system issued the following mission, the host should use the incoming competition and obtain a crushing results to completely trample the superiority this teacher and student are feeling!”

 “If the expected results is obtain, the system will give a related reward that will be to you satisfaction.”


Chen Huan was happy for the mission.

Good Lord, are you turning over a new leaf?

It was even ‘evil hating’?

For this lord who has already mastered the ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate), this is like free gift!

As the saying said, the heaven already gave it to me, if I don’t take it, I will struck by the lightning.

o ( ^ o ^) o

Thinking about that, Chen Huan looked at the student who was about the same age as him and said, “How about we add a wager?”

The handsome high schooler smiled and asked, “How do you want to lose?”

“How about the loser shout ‘I’m a stupid pig’ three times?”


The handsome high schooler slapped his hand and exclaimed, “I can’t wait for Teacher Lu to yell this! I believe it will be very interesting!”

“You’re not qualified yet.”

Chen Huan also grinned and walked past him.

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