I Know Everything chapter 122

Chapter 122: Good Lord, You’re so vicious!

What would he do now that he had money?

Buy houses!

Buy properties!

Marry a beautiful girl!

Uh, better forget about the third one or he’ll be killed by Shui Qianyu.

But buying houses and shops was also very good.

Currently, the 100 square meters bungalow left by his grandpa started to get old and worn out in many places. Chen Huan couldn’t say it was uncomfortable but he wasn’t used to it either.

It was even more necessary to bui some properties because it would be related to the happiness of his latter half life.

Any men with some ambition wouldn’t want to rely on other people for the rest of his life.

It was true that Chen Huan liked beautiful women and with this world jurisdiction, it was even better than he could marry a few more but he much preferred to feed his wives and children with his own capability than rely on his parent in law.

If he bought a few more properties while he was young, how comfortable would it be able to live on his rent in the future when he had a family?

Beside, Chen Huan had money now!

If he added the copyright fee of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and Tolerance, he would get 4.2 million.

Then he got an additional 4 million for selling ‘Start Back From Scratch’ and ‘Chinese Kung Fu’.

Adding the 13.1 million of dividend he got from ‘Love Letter’ today.

After carefully calculating it…

Oh my!

I’m a multimillionaire now!

I’m already a multimillionaire with 20 million!

During this time, Aunty Xia He was busy searching properties for him but because of limited money, she couldn’t find a good one.

Now that he was throwing 21.1 million of his cash on it, would he still worry about not finding good properties?

At that time, the rent would be 20,000 to 30,000 a month and it would be around 300,000 in a year and in 10 years…

“Ding Dong!”

“The great system has found that the host weak chick host has a tendency to be corrupted by money, which is extremely intolerable! This will make the host lose motivation to try his best to strive toward the top!”

“The great and benevolent system decided to change the weak chick host’s fate and issued the following mission.”

“If the host donates 21 million yuan from his own pocket, the system will give the host a great reward, far exceeding the level of the previous reward!”

Chen Huan: “!?”

( ◣ _ ◢ )

    O ( ╥ ﹏ ╥ ) o

Good Lord, do you see my clenched fists?

I’ll punch myself to death so I can bring you down with me, do you believe it or not?”

This is too much!

Do you think it was easy for this lord to make money?

Just this measly 20 million yuan caught your eye?

Couldn’t you wait until I earned 200 million?


Said something!


I get it!

You completely are not ‘Nobody is better than me’, you just can’t see nobody living better than you, right?!

No matter how Chen Huan scolded or begged it, the system was just like before, he played possum and completely ignored Chen Huan.

The out of choice teenager sat on a stool with sadness all over his face.


Am I donating it or not?

He was lost and perplexed.

It would be trivial thing to do if it asked him to donate a few millions for a reward. Chen Huan would have donated without hesitation.

But that bastard Good Lord only left 100,000 for him, it was crumbles, how could he think clearly in this situation!?

However, the Good Lord said it would give an unprecedented big reward.

If he calculated according to selling a song for 2 million, donating the 21 million was definitely not worth it.

However, it was a reward that was far superior than what he got previously. It really made Chen Huan unable to let it go.

He could choose to save the money.

There would be more mission issued by the Good Lord anyways and he would get many other rewards.

But he was a bit unwilling to do this.

As the Good Lord put it, he was only 16 years old and he still had a lot of time in front of him.

If he was already saving up money for his retirement now, how should he live his life?

How about…

How about I do it?

After some thought, Chen Huan gritted his teeth and made his decision.

Chen Huan opened ‘Habao Charity’ from Habao Payment. Then he found a project called ‘Mountain Village Kindergarten Project’ and entered the number ‘21000000’ with shaking hand on the payment case.

Mobile in this world was very convenient as there weren’t as many restrictions to it and limits as his past world in terms to amount. It didn’t matter how much it was as long it was taxed and legal money.

There are so many so zeros…

Chen Huan was distressed by it and was very reluctant but his simply gritted his teeth as he entered the passwords and pressed the ‘agree’ button with his eyes closed.

Good Lord, you better not lie!

You must give me the unprecedented reward!

Otherwise this 21 million will die for nothing!

“Ding Dong!”

“The stingy host has completed the mission given by the system, a special reward was issued.”

“Rewarding the host with ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’.”

Immediately, countless mathematics symbols and knowledge appeared in Chen Huan’s mind.

The amount of knowledge and inspiration he received this time was much more than when he received ‘Advanced Mathematics (Beginner)’ and it made his head dizzy again.

However, Chen Huan had went through the same thing when he got ‘Big Grappler Hand (Beginner)’ a few days ago so his body became much more resistant and felt less strained due to it.

After a moment, he came back to his sense.

The sober teenager flew into a rage.


KUSO!!! (Japanese’s ‘damn it’)

You goddamn bastard!

You’re son of a bitch! You call this an unprecedented reward!?

An intermediate skill is considerate as a big reward?

At least give me an advanced one!

It will me more like it if it was an ‘Advanced Mathematics (Advanced)’!

For a moment, Chen Huan grabbed his phone and wanted to call Habao’s Payment customers service and tell them ‘There’s a kid in my house and he pressed 21 million instead of 2,100 yuan, please cancel the donation’.

But Chen Huan didn’t make the call in the end.

He was a person who wanted face after all.

Since he already donated, it would be too disdainful if he went to get it back.

I’m a man who wants to make brilliant achievements in this world. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if this kind of dark history was known in the future?

Forget it.

There are people who do good things without leaving their names. I can get an intermediate skill out of it anyway, it can be considered as a consolation prize.

But this asshole ‘Nobody is better than me’ system, don’t think I will listen to your bullshit next time!

Chen Huan picked up his phone and looked at his account with 120k in his balance, there was still the 20k he had since the beginning but he couldn’t help but feel a headache.

So miserable!

This lord didn’t even have to time to look at his account balance before and now only this little was left.

With a sigh, Chen Huan stopped looking at his phone and instead took out some complex and university level mathematics test papers he bought before. Then he started to do them.

With the foundation of ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’, except calculation questions and the proof questions, most of fill the blank questions answers instantly came to his mind.

The most difficult question he encountered only took around 5 minutes to complete it.

Chen Huan spent 30 minutes for the whole paper. He didn’t even use more time than a class.

He looked briefly at the answers and found that he was right for everything so the young man started to work on the second set of test papers.

The second test papers were all completed in 27 minutes and it was also full mark.

The third set of test papers were completed in 25 minutes and it was still full mark.

Chen Huan put down his pen at this moment as all the depression he felt was washed away.

Doing question was really good for his body and mind!

His mood felt much better after finding out he had full marks.

Chen Huan stretched his body and looked at the results he had yesterday. He took around an hour to complete and he only had 60 points.


My math is improving really fast!

According to his scores, not mentioning the college entrance exam, he could probably do the college graduation exam.

Chen Huan rejoiced when he remembered he was a bottom student 3 months ago but now he was a top student with no less knowledge than graduate.

Getting 150 points in math for the college entrance exams.

It’s too easy~

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