I Know Everything chapter 121

Chapter 121: I have money now! I have money now!

“Thank you everybody for your notice, I heard it.

I also thank Teacher Lu. He isn’t as different as rumored. He told me that I the best person to sing this song so he gave me song.

After today, Chen Hao will used ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ to give you better music and movie!”

At 1am, this was posted on Chen Hao official Weibo.

Many people on the internet hadn’t sleep yet and many of them quickly saw that post.

In a moment, the news spread far and wide.

“Those superstars’ moves scarily fast now! The qualified round of ‘I Sing My Song’ just ended two hours ago but Chen Hao used his incomparable influence to successfully obtain the copyright of ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ from the hands of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng. No wonder he was so restless, ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ is really a perfect match for Chen Hao!” — A big name in Weibo Modern Holmes.

“Haha, you guys are so naïve, do you really think is that easy? Do you really believe it? No matter how famous Chen Hao is, it is useful for a student that completely doesn’t want to be in the entertainment industry? According to the information I got, this transaction involved somebody really important! Is this person who made this transaction go so quickly!” – Weibo celebrity Buns Are Delicious.

“I don’t care, I only care about Sister Xiaofeng creativity! He’s too awesome, this is a completely different type of song! It’s a good song and makes people’s blood boil!”

“I think that when Chen Hao’s version of ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ comes out, many martial arts school would play this song, right?”

“I didn’t expect a fragile teenager like Sister Xiaofeng can actually write such a powerful song! Geniuses are really the reach of us mortals!”

“Hahaha, I missed ‘I Sing My Song’ live recording again. I must watch it next time! Support Sister Xiaofeng!”

“Don’t be so quick to support, Sister Xiaofeng already wrote two songs in a row for Zhao Changshou, it would damage her brand if her next song doesn’t continue to be as amazing. He might be unwilling to write anymore for him.”

“Tsk, what are you worried about? As long Dong’er is here, Sister Xiaofeng will write a good song even he has to give his life! This is the power of love!”

“Pei Pei Pei~~~ Sister Xiaofeng is mine! Han Dong’er isn’t worthy of him!”

“The posters above, how thick is your face? Do you know that the school flowers in our school have already been preying on Chen Huan for a long time? Will you even have the chance?”


The discussion on the internet continued to be lively through Sunday and they kept talking about it even at Monday.

It wasn’t only about Chen Hao buying the song but also the success of Zhao Changshou’s upset as well as the show ‘I Sing My Song’.

The rating of ‘I Sing My Song’ had reached the 1.3% and surpassed ‘The Sound of Heaven’ from Huajin TV and became the third most viewed variety show on Saturday!

In front of it was ‘Happy Everyday’ and ‘Date March’ that dominated the category for many years.

In addition, the rating of ‘Date March’ was ‘only’ about 1.4%. if Grandpa sung another classic song again next round, it would be a problem for them to surpass them.

It was a pity that there were two episodes for top 32 to top 16, and Grandpa already successfully qualified on the first episode. So they wouldn’t see him until the next episode.

Many middle aged man and elderly became supporters of ‘I Sing My Song’, and they were hardcore fans!

It was their viewership that allowed ‘I Sing My Song’ to reach 1.3% rating which was more than 26 million viewers!

Zhao Changshou, the brave and persistent old man, was their representative.  Watching him on stage was equivalent of watching themselves standing on the stage.

Looking at the popularity in the week where Zhao Changshou resurrected, Zhejiang TV decided to promote Zhao Changshou heavily and set him up as a super role model to create another celebrity!

Whether a show was good or not didn’t solely rely on the rating but also on if they could produce impressive celebrity or not.

If only the rating was high for a time but the celebrity they produced fell off right after, the quality of the show would definitely not be well regarded and it wouldn’t be favored by the advertisers.

All of that had nothing to do with Chen Huan for now.

After giving the song he selected to Han Dong’er and Zhao Changshou, he went to busy himself with his own business.

It wasn’t only studying as there was one more thing, the dividend.


Chen Huan felt indescribable joy when he received Zhu Mei’s call.

The great princess Zheng Rongrong did things swiftly which made people feel nice!

Yesterday’s Sunday was ‘Love Letter’ fourth week of release and also its last day.

As of last night, the total box office of ‘Love Letter’ in China was 320 million and ranked 13th in the box office history while being also the highest grossing literary film.

This result became the headline of many entertaining related websites and Weibo.

Those who liked to watch literary and artistic film could finally said that those movies could also get a high box office!

Shanhai Streaming ,who was responsible for the distribution, needed to settle the fees with the cinema lines and get the money from them before they would pay ‘Love Letter’ film crew.

Shanhai Streaming paid a huge price in order to obtain the right to distribute ‘Love Letter’.

They would give the film crew if ‘Love Letter’ box office didn’t reach 100 million.

And they would give the very high share of 35% of the box office if the movie grossed more than 100 million.

Normally, the settlement would take a long time and would usually take 3 months to half a year.

It was normal for it to take even longer in this industry.

As for the settlement of ‘Love Letter’ in South Korea and Japan, it would take about six months to get it.

Because it was a tedious thing to settle the fee with the various theaters but it had to be done.

But Shanhai Streaming was different!

They already calculated the settlement last night and transferred the after tax share of 112 million yuan to Zhu Mei’s bank account.

Zhu Mei called Chen Huan last night, she thought that she was dreaming and felt even a bit scared.

It was more than 100 million!

What would happen if it was stolen? What if the money suddenly flew away?

So she didn’t want to hold on the money. She immediately went to find Ding Lun and Shi Liyou and spent a day together to calculate everybody’s dividend.

To use a fashionable term to say it, ‘Love Letter’ was a crowdfunded movie.

Zhu Mei and Shui Qingshan took out 6 million in total while Zhu Mei was prepared to put 1 million more for the advertisement in South Korea but didn’t use it at the end due Chen Huan ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that gave them enough hype to ride all along.

Chen Huan’s script was worth 1 million and with his actor salary of 100,000 yuan added, his total investment was 1.1 million.

Chen Qian’s salary of 500,000, Han Dong’er salary of 100,000 and Guo Hang salary of 100,000 were all used to invest into the movie. The three of them didn’t receive a single dime during the filming.

Ding Lun and Shi Liyou also didn’t take money.

Due to their strong request, their shared work counted for 100,000 yuan and Zhu Mei wanted to give them an extra 100,000 but they refused it.

Zhu Mei said that since so many people supported her, she wouldn’t take a penny as a director for ‘Love Letter’.

Since the director didn’t take any salary, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou’s ones were just for show.

After all, they weren’t there for the money.

The rest of the crew got paid in salary so they couldn’t enjoy the shares from the dividend.

But since the movie earned so much money, they still obtain a bit from the dividend.

After calculation, Zhu Mei and Shui Qingshan each took 35.65%, Chen Huan took 13.1%, Chen Qian and Han Dong’er each took 6%, Guo Hang, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou took 1.2% each.

(I don’t get how Han Dong’er got 6% when she had the same salary as Guo Hang…)

Leaving aside the Japanese and South Korean’s earning that hadn’t been settled yet, out of the 112 million from the domestic earning, Zhu Mei used 12 million to reward the crew and the temporary actors while the students each got a Shanhai phone. (Small reminder that Shanhai is the equivalent of Huawei)

The remaining 100 million would be split according to the shares and not one penny would remain.

What Chen Huan got was 13.1 million yuan!

The money was transferred to his account before Zhu Mei even called!

The sudden multimillionaire Chen Huan didn’t know how to express what he was feeling.

He got so much just by making a popular movie and it wasn’t even all the dividend! He would get even more than now after the dividend from Japan and South Korea arrives!

He had never been so wealthy whether it was in his present or past life.

Even for some rich people, they may have multiple houses and cars but if one asked them to take our their cash, they may not be able to fork out 13 million!

Before their ended the call, Zhu Mei told him something.

“Xu Dong called me today and said sorry as while crying.”

“What did you say to him Aunty Mei?”

“There’s things that you just let slip and there’s no other opportunity for it anymore. One should pay for his own wrongdoing! From now on, let us never meet each other!”

Thinking back at how firm Zhu Mei said this, Chen Huan couldn’t but sigh in pity.

Xu Dong was the most tragic person he had seen.

Guo Hang’s role was originally his but because he was greedy for the benefit the other people promised him and because the other people weren’t optimist about ‘Love Letter’, he used the most despicable way to break off with ‘Love Letter’ film crew.

Zhu Mei at that time didn’t say anything but she was holding the anger inside her.

Otherwise she wouldn’t have said those words today.

Therefore, a person’s life depended on their expressed their personality.

It was the same for when they did things.

Once you abandoned your conscience for uncertain benefit, there was basically no future for you.

Just look at Guo Hang.

He had been playing minors roles in theater but he never gave up. In the end, he succeeded by relying on his own strength.

Only people like him was suitable and appreciate opportunity like this!

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