I Know Everything chapter 120

Chapter 120: Number one in the movie industry.

Han Dong’er was really smart as she gave her cell phone to Sun Yan and when the recording was over, she would turn off the phone.

Because last time Lan Kai bought the copyright of ‘Start Back From Scratch’ through her, everyone knew now that she had a way to contact Teacher Lu.

Teacher Lu never replied to anybody’s call or messages.

They would usually get blocked by a line of bodyguards if they tried to find at school and they would be scrutinize like some criminals by the aunties if they went to Mingde Alley.

If they talked to Zhu Mei, Shui Qingshan or the others, they would refuse it directly and said Teacher Lu wouldn’t consider those offers.

So far, no one could directly contact Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

If they wanted to have Lu Xiaofeng write songs, they must be someone he cared like the small empress Han Dong’er.

The two of them sat in a car as they sent Zhao Changshou back to the hotel.

Han Dong’er and Sun Yan also stayed at that hotel.

That hotel was a partner of Zhejiang TV and many celebrities that participated in Zhejiang TV’s shows would usually stay there as they were very exigent about confidentiality.

The Grandpa and Grandma lived there. The place wasn’t bad as they wouldn’t be disturbed there.

Due to Han Dong’er and Chen Huan’s request, the hotel specially arranged two waitresses to accompany care of the old woman when Zhao Changshou was competing. They would take her to go shopping outside and watch the TV with her.

They didn’t collect any extra fee for it so Han Dong’er and Chen Huan allowed them to take a picture and hang it on the ‘Hotel’s Celebrity Wall’.

In addition, Chen Huan sneakily stuffed two 5000 yuan red packets to the two waitresses so they would put more of their heart in taking care of the Grandma.

To make it short, Zhao Changshou’s couple stays there were much more comfortable than their run down hotel previously.

However, Zhao Changshou always felt a bit embarrassed due to the two of them spending so much money. He wondered if he could get anything in his hometown for them to thank them.

He and his wife lived in a suite. In addition to the bedroom, they had a small saloon and balcony. It was definitely not small.

Zhao Changshou talked to his wife about the song he sang today when he came back while Chen Huan, Han Dong’er and Sun Yan sat elsewhere in the suit to discuss.

“Will you continue to do the same next week?” Han Dong’er softly asked as she looked at Zhao Changshou who was joyfully talking to his wife.

“Why not?” Chen Huan bluntly replied.

The Good Lord gave the reward promptly the moment Zhao Changshou qualified for the next round.

Now the young man could be described, as long he had a sunflower… Pei, as long he had a song in hand, he would be unafraid of anything! (Pei= spitting sound.)

“But… good songs are not easy to come by.” Han Dong’er was cute and dorky but not ignorant.

“It’s alright, it was fate that we encountered Grandpa and Grandma.” Chen Huan said, “I will try my best to help him!”

He naturally blew his own trumpet.

If there was no rewards from the Good Lord, Chen Huan could at most send him to the top 16, which was already incredible.

Or would he have to let the old man sing ‘Jasmine’ that didn’t exist in this world?

Sun Yan couldn’t help but say at this moment, “Hey, Teacher Lu, please consider our Dong’er if you have a song! Don’t keep wasting it on this, such a waste!”

Han Dong’er gave her a glare.

Chen Huan helped the small empress by speaking for her, “Assistant Sun, what you said is wrong, can this be called wasting? I have to thank Han Dong’er and Grandpa for stimulating my inspiration and better my creativity! With the increase in my creativity, wouldn’t it also benefit Han Dong’er?”

Sun Yan decided to ignore the first half of what he said before exclaimed full of joy, “Then hurry up and use your creativity and get more inspiration!”

Assistant Sun’s mood suddenly changed, which was really perplexing.

Then Sun Yan’s phone started ringing at that moment.

She looked at her phone and mouthed the word “Boss”.

Then she ran to the balcony before coming back after a while.

“Aiyo, Dong’er, you turned off your phone but they still didn’t give up. They called the boss and he is in a sorry plight now.” Sun Yan said, “Teacher Lu, do you want to sell the song? 2 million for it, you just have to give your word and they will transfer the money to your bank before even signing the contract. It’s the same as last time, Grandpa can still sing the song.”

On paper, the song would belong to somebody else after he sold the song.

Ordinary Karaoke or singing it some friendly parties was obviously whatever.

But they must use money if they used the song for commercial use.

It would be at least a few hundreds to a thousand and it could all up a few thousands.

Last time for ‘Start Back From Scratch’, Lan Kai and Tang Yuan agreed that Zhao Changshou could also sing it for commercial use, which was like an exception.

It was because of that boldness, Chen Huan didn’t refuse them and agreed to sold it to them.

The others learned well this time and also added this condition.


Chen Huan wanted to blurt out ‘It’ll be weird if I don’t want to sell’ but Han Dong’er was here so he had to maintain his image.

“I can sell my song but they have to be worthy of it.” Chen Huan said with some restraint, “The last song for example, Tang Yuan’s voice and image are very suitable to ‘Start Back From Scratch’ otherwise I wouldn’t have sold it to him.”

Han Dong’er repeatedly nodded when she heard him. She thought that he was such a pure musician.

Sun Yan softly coughed and said, “There are more than a dozen of singers and celebrities that contacted the boss now and there’s someone amongst them he can’t refuse so he gave him my number and he would call in a moment… to be honest, it’s alright if Teacher Lu doesn’t want to take the call but if you take it, it’ll be good for Dong’er.”

Han Dong’er’s eyebrows gently knitted and looked very beautiful.

But the words that came out of her mouths were very cold, “Refuse it.”

“Take it easy.” Chen Huan comforted Han Dong’er and asked, “Who is it? How it is going to be beneficial for Dong’er?”

“It’s Chen Hao!” Sun Yan quickly replied, “His agent promised that if the song ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ was given to Chen Hao, then Chen Hao would give a supporting role to Dong’er on his next movie!”

It turned out to be him!

If the big brother of the music industry was Tang Yuan, then the big brother of the movie industry would be Chen Hao.

This Kung Fu comedy star had been working hard for 30 years and became the best actor in many people’s heart.

His personality was also good as he happily helped people. Various charity also had his print on them as he donated at least one-third of his annual income.

Chen Hao’s annual income was no less than 200 million!

One third was more than 60 million!

With achievements like that, even if he had some shortcoming, it wouldn’t cause any outrage.

Hearing that it was him, Han Dong’er’s cold expression changed slightly and said, “This song does suit him.”


The song ‘Chinese Kung Fu’, from the name to the content inside, from the lyrics to the performance, all suited very well the Kung Fu star Chen Hao.

If he got this song, it would be equivalent of Tang Yuan getting ‘Start Back From Scratch’. It would greatly improve and consolidate his personal image.

In the future, whoever thought about Chinese Kung Fu, they would think of this song and Chen Hao.

Then in any festival or celebration, Chen Hao could sing this song and it would definitely the best performance.

“Ring… Ring…”

Sun Yan rung again and this time it came from an unknown number.

“Hello?” Sun Yan picked up the call quickly, “Oh? It’s brother Chen? You are looking for Teacher Lu…”

Chen Huan nodded at Sun Yan.

“Haha… he’s right here, I’ll hand over the phone to him.”

Then Sun Yan handed the phone over to Chen Huan.

“Hello, I’m Chen Huan.” The young man turned on the speaker and calmly said.

“Hello Teacher Lu.” A middle aged man mellow voice was heard across the phone, “I’m Chen Hao, it was presumptuous to bother you and I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay.” Chen Huan straightforwardly said, “Mr. Chen wants to buy the copyright of ‘Chinese Kung Fu?”

“Yes!” Chen Hao said, “I came back from work and heard about it, I watched it five times in a row, it’s awesome! It’s a song I dreamed of!  That was why I shamelessly came to beg you to give me the copyright of the song! You have to worry, if you have any request, I will definitely do it if I can!”

“I don’t have any special request.” Chen Huan said, “The condition of the sale can be as Mr. Chen’s agent gave.”

“Ah!?” Chen Hao was completely overjoyed across the phone, “Really?”

He never imagined that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, who was rumored to be very difficult, would be so simple and straightforward.

He was planning to further negotiate and promise him more condition.

Because this was a song he was determined to get.

“Because both Dong’er and I think that Mr. Chen is the best person to sing ‘Chinese Kung Fu’.” Chen Huan said with a smile, “This is the most important point.

“Good, good, good!”

Chen Hao said good three times in one breath, “Teacher Lu along with Miss Han beside you, I shan’t say more on how grateful I am! We are friends from now on and I, Chen Hao, had always been a worthy friend!”

Before he happily hung up the phone, Chen Huan, Han Dong’er and Sun Yan all heard him exploded in joy on the phone.

It could be seen that Chen Hao valued this song greatly.

“Teacher Lu, congratulation!” Sun Yan said with a grin, “Now the big brother of the music industry and the movie industry are friends with you. You’ll get twice the results with half the effort in the entertainment industry!”

“I don’t want to enter the entertainment industry.” Chen Huan shook his head, “I want to be a top student and studying is the thing I want to do the most!”

Sun Yan’s darkened and thought, can we still brag with you around?

Han Dong’er beside Chen Huan gave the impression she really knew him very well.

She really believed that Chen Huan had no interest in the entertainment industry.

Otherwise, with his current fame and skills, would it be hard for him to do whatever he wanted and become celebrity?

Only the purest people and people who focused on their craft could accomplish what Chen Huan achieved!

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