I Know Everything chapter 119

Chapter 119: Chinese Kung Fu.

In reality, from the point of view of singing, ‘Start Back From Scratch’ wasn’t weaker than ‘Tolerance’.

‘Tolerance’ targeted group was between 14-22 years old while ‘Start Back From Scratch’ targeted group was between 40-60 years old.

The two were incomparable.

However, in term of commercial value, ‘Tolerance’ was much better than ‘Start Back From Scratch’.

On the other hand, in term of influence and inspiration ‘Start Back From Scratch’ beat ‘Tolerance’.

So it couldn’t be determined which was worth the 2 million, only which one you needed.

And because ‘Start Back From Scratch’, many musicians started to pay attention to ‘I Sing My Song’.

Wu Ping expectation wasn’t wrong as the show broke through the 1% rating and had more than 20 million viewers. It was ‘I Sing My Song’ best rating in the last two years.

With such an encouraging result, they were even more diligent and enthusiast in their preparation for the next episode.

The increase in rating meant that everyone would become better known and their qualification would be better valued, then they would get more benefits from it.

Chen Huan’s gain was still the biggest.

His budget for buying a property increased by 2 million and it was after-tax. He had to say that Lan Kai was a very open-minded person and it was no wonder he became a golden producer.

In addition, the Good Lord gave him the reward as promised.

This time the ‘Ding Dong’ gave the same thing and it was as Chen Huan expected. The Good Lord gave him the right to choose another song.

In fact, Chen Huan felt he was on the losing end by doing this.

After completing so many missions, he would only get two rewards as the rest must be used to help promote Grandpa further in the competition and get the championship.

That brat was getting really spoiled.

He didn’t realize he was being connected to a golden music library in another world.

Each song bought him more than just reputation as it also bought him the big sum of 2 million yuan.

It would be 10 million after five songs!

No matter what, it was enough pension funds for Chen Huan to spend a carefree life and just play around.

Back to the topic.

Because the Good Lord’ reward came at a timely manner, Chen Huan had more time to make an adequate decision.

The first song ‘Start Back From Scratch’ suited Zhao Changshou’s mood and situation but if he kept singing those type of songs, his performance and influence on the stage would weaken.

It was important to know that the judges wouldn’t matter in the finals at all as the show would invite 50 musicians and 50 ordinary members of the audiences to decide the winner.

If he sang ‘Start Back From Scratch’ again, the musicians may not dare to not vote in favor but it wouldn’t be the case for the audience as the people above wouldn’t bother with them.

Therefore, the song must be more generalized so it could meet the general public’s taste.

So Chen Huan carefully chose the second song. He heard from Zhao Changshou that the recording was really good.

He sat at the same place when he went to watch the round when they chose the top 16 amongst the 32.

The uncle wasn’t there this time and was replaced by a young man in glass.

He was surprised by Chen Huan’s getup but he didn’t ask about it so it saved Chen Huan’s some effort.

In one week, Zhejiang TV had invested a lot of its capital to advertise ‘I Sing My Song’. It seemed that they wanted it to surpass their best show ‘Happiness in China’ and become a treasured show.

Amidst that, the old peasant Zhao Changshou became the focus of the advertisement.

Because his journey was the best.

He was originally a farmer and hadn’t received a single of lesson about singing. He only relied on his voice and his fifty years of singing to become where he was.

Zhao Changshou was passed up by everybody and got eliminated but was recognized by the small empress Han Dong’er who resurrected him before asking her good friend Teacher Lu Xiaofeng to tailor-made the song ‘Start Back From Scratch’ for him that shot him to fame.

The song ‘Start Back From Scratch’ couple with Zhao Changshou’s voice spread throughout the country.

When the official version of Tang Yuan came out Wednesday, he failed to overwhelm the peasant singer.

Such an incredible journey had a lot of advertisement value by itself so it allowed Zhao Changshou to gain a lot of middle aged and elderly fans.

Ninth Brother was also a master of hyping up the mood.

When it was Zhao Changshou’s turn to perform, he first kept talking for a long time and he was so emotional that his eyes reddened before he finally invited Zhao Changshou to come out.

Everybody’s eyes lit up when the old man came out.

They saw him wear a white martial arts uniform, not the loose silky robe from Tai Chi, it was the slightly tight one with the wrists and ankles tied by a red silk bands.

It looked full of vitality.

And the old man didn’t take the hand microphone but the headset with the microphone.

“’Chinese Kung Fu’ for everyone!”

While he was talking, the camera moved toward the band at the side.

Everyone was surprised to see that they actually used some ancient Chinese music instruments.

Such as the gong, cymbal, pipa, guzheng etc…

The band started to play as the sonorous sound went from to slow to strong and fast paced.

At the same time, the song’s information appeared on the screen behind.

‘Chinese Kung Fu’.

Song Type: Folk Song.

Singer: Zhao Changshou.

Lyrics: Lu Xiaofeng.

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.

The studio grasped in surprise.

Lan Kai couldn’t help but glance at Han Dong’er and felt admiration inside him that he might just bow to her veneration.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng really belonged to your family.

Zhao Changshou did a martial arts horse stance when the music node just started.

He slowly punched and kicked as he slowly sung.

“Crouch like a bow, stand like a pine, no moving, no swaying, sitting like a bell, walk like the wind.”

“South fist and north kick, Shaolin and Wudong Kung Fu, Tai Chi’s Eight Trigram Linked Palm, China has amazing martial arts!”

With these two lines, Zhao Changshou sung it word by word but nobody thought it was slow. They instead were attracted by the power coming from the lyrics and those martial arts stances.

Immediately after, Zhao Changshou suddenly increased the speed of his punches and kicks.

Then several young male and female support singers sang this section again with increased speed.

In the original version, the singer would continue to sing it but considering that Zhao Changshou was 65 years old and he needed to sing faster while punching faster, Chen Huan decided to let him rest on this part.

“Overhead sweep with the staff (Oh!), thrust the spear in a straight line (Ah!), the body is as light as a bird in the cloud, our heroic spirit will burst to the sky (Nice!).”

“First train our muscles and bones (Muscle!), then train our spirit (Spirit!), we don’t compromised whether it’s bad or good, we are the defenders of the world (World!).”

The two lines in the second paragraph continued to be faster and accelerated the rhythm of the song. Zhao Changshou sang it very heroically and the supporting singers repeated the word to make it more imposing.

Those added yell at the end made it more majestic.

But some people noticed that his punching posture weren’t very standard.

It couldn’t be helped.

After all, he only learned it a few days ago and it was already amazing he could remember a few moves and do it well.

“Crouch like a bow, stand like a pine, no moving, no swaying, sitting like a bell, walk like the wind.”

“South fist and north kick, Shaolin and Wudong Kung Fu, Tai Chi’s Eight Trigram Linked Palm, China has amazing martial arts!”

When singing this paragraph again, Zhao Changshou was still strong but some people could hear some panting while he sung.

This was also the case during the few rehearsals so Hua Zhongpu discussed with the other directors and also very politely asked Han Dong’er’s opinion on whether Zhao Changshou should stop the martial arts moves otherwise it would affect his singing.

Han Dong’er knew about this very well so she readily agreed. Only then the production team dared to change Zhao Changshou’s routine.

Otherwise, what would happen if Teacher Lu Xiaofeng learned that the production team changed his creative routine didn’t write anymore songs for Zhao Changshou? – One must know that most of them didn’t expect Teacher Lu to write a second song for a peasant.

Therefore, after finishing this paragraph, Zhao Changshou straightened up.

In the following paragraph, Zhao Changshou quickly went back to normal.

“Fresh Wind Sword in hand, all blade are split away. As soon as true practitioners take action, you’ll know if it’s real or not.”

“Hands are like two doors, the feet are like the roots, nurtured by the soil and waters from everywhere, our Chinese martial arts soul!”


This paragraph could be said to be the essence of the song because the song pointed out that Kung Fu wasn’t just only naming things.

For those who liked Kung Fu but didn’t understand Kung Fu, this paragraph gave quite an awe-inspiring feeling.

People started to applaud in the studio.

Even Fu Bufan, who was on the jury, applauded loudly. He was like Lan Kai last round as he stood up and cheered loudly for Zhao Changshou.

Unexpectedly, the ballad small emperor was a fan of Kung Fu.

“A dragon in the east, children are like heroes, the sky and earth is far and wide, the wind blows eight ways, China has amazing martial arts!”

“A dragon in the east, children are like heroes, the sky and earth is far and wide, the wind blows eight ways, China has amazing martial arts!”

“China, Has, Amazing, Martial, Arts!”

The last paragraph became slow again but it was majestic and vigorous, having it as the ending was really pleasant!

Such a combination between fast pace and slow pace along with the theme of martial arts, instantly attracted the attention of the people watching in front of their TV as well as the people in the studio.

It wasn’t until the music stopped few seconds that the people in the studio started to applaud and cheer loudly.

Those young men and women along with the song showed the beauty of Chinese martial arts and it also gave a feeling yearning.

“If I was 20 years young, I will definitely go on the stage and throw so punches along with Grandpa!” Lan Kai commented, “But Grandpa’s Kung Fu is still a bit amateurish but a blemish cannot obscure the jade’s luster. I give 90 points for the singing and the moves!”

Since he gave 90 points, it meant he gave a pass.

Fu Bufan’s comment was even more intense as he said, “Grandpa, if you have the time, let’s learn Kung Fu together! You can keep fit while I can sing this song next time but it won’t be as powerful as yours.”

He obviously also gave a pass.

Han Dong’er still didn’t say a word and only lifted her pass sign.

“Congratulation to Grandpa for directly qualifying to the top 16!” Ninth Brother shouted loudly at this moment and capitalized on the audiences’ mood.

A tear appeared in Zhao Changshou’s eyes as he heard the cheer. He then bowed respectfully toward to judges.

Han Dong’er immediately left her seat dodged away.

This made the crowd cheer even louder.

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