I Know Everything chapter 118

Chapter 118: So Fast!

The top 32 was finally done at 11:20pm.

The participants had to re enter for another round of preparation.

Production director Hua Zhongpu, host Ninth Brother and director Wu Ping were sitting at an office as they smoked and drank water to relax.

“It feels like this round’s rating would be able to break through the 1%.” Wu Ping said, “Zhao Changshou sang so heroically that I got the chills even though I’m behind the camera, it was awesome!”

“Isn’t he just lucky for having Han Dong’er like him and even having Lu Xiaofeng write a song for him?” Ninth Brother exclaimed as he drank tea, “I didn’t expect that so many people are begging for it but Han Dong’er can just casually make Lu Xiaofeng write a song.”

“How do you know she casually asked?” Hua Zhongpu asked with a smile, “Would the couple separate their things clearly?”


Wu Ping was shocked, “They are together?”

“I’m just bullshitting.” Hua Zhongpu laughed, “Aren’t they hailed the best couple on screen of all time? …Tsk, their box office in three countries is more than 900 million now, this is fucking impressive.”

“This Zhao Changshou passed but Han Dong’er wouldn’t do this again for the next round right?” Ninth Brother said perplexingly, “Otherwise, it would be too disrespectful to the best songwriter.”

“Who knows?” Wu Ping said while shrugging, “It’s the same as when we heard ‘Start Back From Scratch’ when Zhao Changshou rehearsed, even if he sung it again next round, who would dare to not let him pass? It’s a problem for the big picture.”

“This is really a headache, I’m afraid the rating will drop.” Hua Zhongpu frowned and said, “Ninth Brother, how about we find some other songs for him? We’ll deal with it and let him make it to the top 16 before eliminating him. Like that, people would talk about it but we wouldn’t be criticized for it either.”

“I think we can do it.” Ninth Brother nodded, “We’ll discuss who we hire tomorrow!”

Someone knocked at the door when he just said that.

Hua Zhongpu acknowledged it and a young worker with glasses entered.

“Director, that strange young man was brought by Han Dong’er’s agent Sun Yan both times.” He gave the conclusion of the investigation.

The eyes of the three men lit up at that time.

When the staff member left, Hua Zhongpu slapped the table and yelled, “Hey! I knew it! I should’ve guessed that it was him!”

Ninth Brother and Wu Ping glanced at each other and thought in their mind that he wouldn’t be able to guess it was Chen Huan if it wasn’t for this information!

But they were also not stupid enough to reveal it so they just nodded and nodded again, “Yes, we really should’ve guessed it was him.”

They were all smart people. They knew that no young man would dress like this unless it was Chen Huan.

In addition, Han Dong’er was never linked to any male celebrity since she got famous. Chen Huan was the first one and the only man that Han Dong’er didn’t hate.

Otherwise, how Han Dong’er could get him to write a song for Zhao Changshou?

Chen Huan must also be interested in Han Dong’er as he even came to watch such a second-rate show. Even if he said it was 2 million for a song, how could an ordinary friendship get it so easily?

“How about we do some insinuation?” Wu Ping got excited, “If he comes next time, we will center the camera on Han Dong’er before switching to him. Then the audience would speculate about it… Once the love affair is exposed, it will gain us great popularity!”

“Old Wu, Old Wu!” Hua Zhongpu looked at the excited Wu Ping and couldn’t help but feel disdainful, “No wonder you’ve been a stage director for 5 years but didn’t make any progress. What idea is that? It sucks!”

Wu Ping’s eyes widened and his face turned red but he could only bear with it.

Hua Zhongpu became a production director at such a young age because his uncle was the deputy director of the TV station. Wu Ping didn’t dare to mess with him as he had such a strong backing.

“So what we should do?” Ninth Brother took this opportunity to flatter Hua Zhongpu.

“We don’t have to anything at all!” Hua Zhongpu said confidently, “With just Chen Huan’s attitude, we can know that the importance Han Dong’er put on Zhao Changshou is beyond our imagination! You guys just wait and see, Zhao Changshou will get another song from Chen Huan for the next round!”

“No way!?”

Ninth Brother was shocked, “Does she take Teacher Lu for a newcomer? Writing songs for Zhao Changshou two weeks in a row, what kind of treatment that is? Would Teacher Lu agree?”

“Teacher Lu is a genius, maybe he can do it.” Hua Zhongpu said in a serious tone, “I know for people like that, we can’t use their age to judge them… I will tell the team tomorrow to hype ‘Start Back From Scratch’, the people above will like it. Then we will hype Zhao Changshou and bring more attention to him! Then we’ll send him to the top 16!”

Hua Zhongpu becoming the production director of ‘I Sing My Song’ wasn’t only due to his contact.

He had very good judgment, at least it was the case for ‘Start Back From Scratch’.

That evening, the netizens paid special attention to Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s fourth song but unexpectedly only 20% of the people talking about it really liked the song. The other thought that the song was too far away from everyone’s daily life.

Because most netizens were people under 30 years old.

But the next day, the nationwide ‘xx news report’ dedicated their front page to praise ‘Start Back From Scratch’.

If this wasn’t enough, the national news TV report at noon, used more than one minutes to play the song’s first verse and chorus.

This was the most convincing evidence!

It proved how much the people from above valued the spirit of ‘Start Back From Scratch’.

Many singers in the music industry, especially those who sing vigorous and full of spirit songs, did everything they could to find Chen Huan so they could win over the copyright of ‘Start Back From Scratch’.

They only understood at that time the power of the song.

But they were all too late.

At 1pm, Tang Yuan posted something on his Weibo.

“Thank you Teacher Lu, I finally obtained the song that I immediately loved the moment I heard it! Everyone please look forward to my version of ‘Start Back From Scratch’! Then you guys can tell me the difference between my version and Grandpa’s version!”

At the same time, Phoenix Record’s official Weibo reposted Tang Yuan’s post while adding some notes.

The other interested people could feel their heart sank and disappointed when they saw the news.

Immediately, a person from Phoenix Record disclosed more private information. Lan Kai had apparently contacted Lu Xiaofeng last night and gave the 2 million without hesitation.

Along with the agreement, Mr. Zhao Changshou could also sing this song for commercial purpose so Teacher Lu had no reasons to refuse.


They were so fast!

They dealt with it so boldly!

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