I Know Everything chapter 117

Chapter 117: Boss Kai is so smart!

8pm Saturday,

It was ‘I Sing My Song’ last qualifying round to the top 32.

Originally, it was 24 participants that competed for the last 12 spots but Han Dong’er and Fu Bufan each decided to resurrect a participant so there were now 26 of them.

The competition format was quite troublesome as all the 26 people would compete and depending on the scores, 6 people would qualify for the next round while 8 would be eliminated. Then the remaining 12 people would fight again for the remaining 6 spots left.

Chen Huan was still sitting in the faraway corner with the same getup.

It also happened that the same curious uncle was sitting next to him.

That uncle was surprised when he saw Chen Huan again and asked, “Do you still have a cold?”

“Watch the show, watch the show!” Chen Huan could only try to divert his attention.

“You wouldn’t happen to be some celebrity, right?” The curious uncle asked.

“Would I hid in the corner if I was a celebrity? Wouldn’t I be more comfortable if I was in VIP seats on the first row? Wouldn’t I need the exposure?” Chen Huan countered him.

“You’re right.” The uncle said with a laugh and relaxed, “Watch the show, watch the show!”

As the two talked, Ninth Brother finished his opening speech and gave the stages to the participants.

With the 3 hours duration of the show, the episode only lasted aounrd 150 minutes if they took out all the advertisement and pauses.

It was imperative to broadcast at least 40 songs during that period of time so Ninth Brother couldn’t appear much and show his hosting skills.

However, with two polar opposite judges in Han Dong’er and Fu Bufan, there was no worry in lack of content.

The participants in the pending area in the last rounds were more prepared and prepared this time so they showed a much better performance.

It was especially the case for the students from the music schools as they showed their dazzling skills and received a warm applause from the audience.

The road to next round was still decided by the judges.

They would directly qualify if they received three passes from the judges.

Grandpa Zhao Changshou was the 20th participants to come out.

At that moment, five people already been qualified and only one spot was left for this round.

Everyone hardly thought he could get qualified as neither Lan Kai nor the audience like his singing type.

 Zhao Changshou wore a worker uniform today and because of his thin body as well as wrinkles, he still looked like a real old worker.

“The song ‘Start Back From Scratch is for everybody.” Zhao Changshou’s speech was still as concise.

The judges and audience didn’t have much opinion on it except that the song was a bit strange and they never heard about it before.

Then the name of the song and songwriter appeared on the big screen behind Zhao Changshou.

Start Back From Scratch.

Song Type: Folk Song.

Singer: Zhao Changshou.

Lyricist: Lu Xiaofeng.

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.


Almost everyone exclaimed when they saw that.

It was written by Sister Xiaofeng?

Why a song written by Sister Xiaofeng suddenly appeared?

It was 2 million for a song!

How could this old farmer afford it?

However, at the moment when the prelude of the song began, the camera turned toward Han Dong’er who was staring at Zhao Changshou.

The incredibly beautiful and Facial Paralyzed Goddess Han Dong’er looked very serious at that moment.

The audiences weren’t fools and understood the meaning from the program team.

Holy Shit!

No wonder!

No wonder!!

If Zhao Changshou was resurrected by Han Dong’er, would it be hard for her to get Lu Xiaofeng to write a song?

Lu Xiaofeng was Chen Huan! He played a couple with Han Dong’er in ‘Love Letter’!

It was said the two of them had very good personal relationship in private. Why would Chen Huan refuse if Han Dong’er came to ask him?


Many people let out a hidden meaning laugh.

Then Zhao Changshou started to sing.

“All the achievement from the past turned to distant memories. Half a lifetime of efforts were gone to the drain.”

“I can’t keep going down and up for the sake of my loved ones. I have to persevere no matter how hard and though it is and keep looking forward.”

The people’s hair stood on end when they heard those few sentences.

Especially the focused Lan Kai whose eyes started to lit up.

The tune then immediately changed from slow narrative one to powerful and passionate one.

“If the heart is there, the dream will be there! There is still true love in the world!”

“Failure or success, people must be bold! You just have to start back from scratch!”

Zhao Changshou powerful and clear voice sang the two chorus in one breath and shook the whole broadcast room.


Lan Kai was the first one to react as he hit the table and stood up.

As a golden producer, he was reserved in his evaluation before and he was quite haughty even when he gave the pass.

But now, he clearly showed his appreciation and it came from the bottom of his heart.

“All the achievement from the past turned to distant memories. Half a lifetime of efforts were gone to the drain.”

“I can’t keep going down and up for the sake of my loved ones. I have to persevere no matter how hard and though it is and keep looking forward.”

The chorus started again but the people had different feeling than the first time they heard it.

Although young people were more serious about the song now, it was still the older people who listened more seriously and attentively.

Because the lyrics touched their heart.

It was unknown how many older generations was attracted by this song.

“If the heart is there, the dream will be there! There is still true love in the world!”

“Failure or success, people must be bold! You just have to start back from scratch!”

This time, Zhao Changshou sang the chorus four times in a row and it was filled with much more power and emotion.

When reaching the last four words, Zhao Changshou slowly waved his hand as he sang it powerfully and poured out the essence of the song.

“Start, Back, From, Scratch!”



The music didn’t stop yet and Zhao Changshou didn’t put down his hand yet but Lan Kai, who was still standing, yelled loudly with his red face while showing two thumbs up.

His yell was a bit unexpected.

However, the viewer that the other side of Lan Kai and felt he finally had a real personality.

After his yell, the audience all started to applaud.

The uncle next to Chen Huan also did the same as Zhao Changshou as he stood up and raised his hand while shouting, “Master, you sang so well! Awesome!”

Because his yell and gesture were too eye-catching, the camera locked onto him for 2 seconds.

“Wait a second!” The producer Hua Zhongpu suddenly shouted to his headset, “The live camera return to the stage. Camera no.5 turn toward the far right corner and focus on the young man wearing a mask and sunglass, do any of you know who he is? How can there be a spectator like him?”

The people on the same radio channel as him all said they didn’t know.

But everybody remarked that the weird young man didn’t applaud at all and just sat there quietly looking at the stage calmly.

“You guys pay attention to him and check afterward how he came in as well as who brought him in. I don’t think he’s a normal person.” Hua Zhongpu said.

Anybody that could get a ticket for the qualifying round of ‘I Sing My Song’ wasn’t someone ordinary. They could get some information as long they carefully checked.


Everyone agreed.

The atmosphere at that moment was extremely lively.

Lan Kai seemed to really like ‘Start Back From Scratch’. After shouting in praise, he went to hug Zhao Changshou and startled him.

“Pass! Pass!” Lan Kai returned to his seat and said to the microphone, “If this song can’t pass, it would be the shadiest thing in the world. I liked your voice to begin with but you didn’t show your strong point. It’s still Teacher Lu Xiaofeng who’s the best, he was able to tailor-made such a song for you! You’ll be able to imprint your name in the music industry with just this one song, for real!”

Ninth Brother wiped the cold sweat on him and said, “Boss Kai, you can’t talk like that, if Bufan and Dong’er don’t let Grandpa pass, he still won’t pass.”

“Hey, where did I try to force them?” Lan Kai said nonchalantly, “You don’t have to ask Dong’er as she is the one who resurrected the participants and prepared the song for Grandpa, how could she be lose confidence in him? As for Bufan, look at how his waving his hands, does he look like he didn’t like it?”

Fan Bufan laughed and raised his pass sign, “Brother Kai is right, I really like ‘Start Back From Scratch’ and I like grandpa’s state of mind even more, it was awesome!”

Han Dong’er didn’t say anything and just raised her pass sign.


Ninth Brother knew this was moment to earn some rating. He started to raise his voice and waved his hand as he said, “Dear viewers, let us hear cheers from the audiences and the judges appreciation! Grandpa Zhao Changshou is like a phoenix reborn from its ashes and finally found his own strength before successfully striking out! Let us congratulate him on entering the top 32 and we also look forward to his next performance! Grandpa, cheers!”

He was very passionate as all the camera was pointing at him.

Lan Kai quickly leaned toward Han Dong’er and said, “Dong’er, can I ask something from you?”

Han Dong’er didn’t like to speak even if it was Chen Huan, let alone this uncle.

She didn’t give a glance to Lan Kai.

Lan Kai knew of her personality and was also asking something from her so wasn’t bothered with it, “Dong’er, how about selling this Teacher Lu’s song to my Tang Yuan? Tang Yuan would definitely thank you for it.”

Tang Yuan wasn’t only the big bro of the music industry, he was also a very helpful person and basically nobody hated him.

Han Dong’er didn’t do very well these last two years. The result was there were people who talked about Han Dong’er status as a small empress and how she didn’t deserve it in front Tang Yuan. 

Tang Yuan replied by, “Dong’er singing or voice has not a single problem and fault. It wouldn’t surprise me if she became an empress in a few years, much less a small empress. Now, why do you have to belittle Dong’er just because she’s in a rough patch?”

Sun Yan told this to Han Dong’er. She didn’t say anything at the time but she remembered it.

She could ignore Lan Kai but she respected Tang Yuan.

So Han Dong’er lightly replied, “I’ll ask.”


Lan Kai grinned and calmed down.

When he heard ‘Start Back From Scratch’, Lan Kai felt something and thought this song would be best suitable to Tang Yang.

Although Zhao Changshou sang it really well, he still have the status of a peasant. He didn’t have the popularity or his popularity was worse.

Tang Yuan’s singing, energy and voice was the best for ‘Start Back From Scratch’.

Because the song was much more than just a song.

The most important thing was what the song expressed, then they would understand that it was a song that gave a lot of positivity.

The chance of it being sung in important occasion was very high.

If Tang Yuan got this song, they would have to call Tang Yuan to sing it if they wanted to play this song.

Tang Yuan would often show his face to those big wigs and at that time who would be able to shake Tang Yuan’s position in the music world?

This was why Lan Kai was willing to bow down and ask Han Dong’er .

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