I Know Everything chapter 115

Chapter 115: Lu Xiaofeng is him!?

Guan Yili became famous!

After ‘Tolerance’ caused a frenzy amongst students and the downloads counts broke through 10 millions, he became extremely popular.

Invitation for him to sing and invitation to participate in a show were falling to him like snow.

Ning Wu was quite cruel as he accepted any invitation without care for money as long he could expose Guan Yili to the public and increase his popularity.

But the kind of offer that was only pure profit without anything else to gain such singing xx nightclubs or parties, Ning Wu didn’t agree.

He had long since discussed with Chen Huan about Guan Yili’s path. Guan Yili would be nurtured according the path of a love song prince so he must not damage his image.

He must have a relaxed and fresh image and it happened that Guan Yili’s personality was like that.

Therefore, Ning Wu would definitely not ruin Guan Yili’s career for that small amount of money.

In addition, the song was downloaded more than 10 million and according to the standard profit share, Ning Wu already receive 5 million yuan pre-tax.

Although he still didn’t earn back the cost of buying the song, advertisement and the MV shoot, at least it reassured Ning Wu.

At this rhythm, the profit Chen Huan talked about would really earn back all the cost and even make quite a sum of money.

Not that they won, it was time for them to maximize the victory.

Ning Wu read many comments on the internet and found that the path set by Chen Huan for Guan Yili of prince of love songs really suited him.

In future, their targeted audience would be around the age group of 15-20 years old while working to extend the age group. In two or three years, Guan Yili would surely become the new generation of little emperor and stand with the like of Fu Bufan.

In fact, with how popular Guan Yili currently was, he was already about the level of a small emperor.

What he lacked right now was a good album to secure his position.

After all, one single wasn’t enough to be a small emperor.

What Ning Wu had to do now was to expand Guan Yili’s influence and popularity.

And Guan Yili had to quickly find other good songs.

It took money to get good songs. A good song was definitely worth hundreds of thousand yuan and it could be as expensive as 1 million.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s songs were very good but after ‘Tolerance’ earned so much money, it wasn’t sure if he would accept to sell it for 2 million anymore.

Therefore, Ning Wu had not enough money on his hand so he had to make Guan Yili work more and participate in various shows and events to earn money.

He didn’t have a choice.

Making an album wasn’t as simple as a single and they shouldn’t think about it unless they 10 million or so in budget.

Guan Yili rise to stardom increased the calls Chen Huan received.

He didn’t take his phone to school so every time he came back from school, he would see many missed calls and message left.

“Hello Teacher Lu, I’m producer xx from xx, our company would like to hire you to write a song and we have no problem with the 2 million price tag. Please call me back when you’re free, I will immediately come over and talk to you in details.”

“Hello Teacher Lu, I’m singer xx, I dream of making it big in music so I need a good song! I hope you can meet me, I can fulfill any of your requirement and will certainly satisfied your every need!”

“Teacher Lu, I’m director xx from xx record company, our company would like to offer you the position of deputy director, we can discuss about the money as long you give our company ten songs per year, what do you think of the offer?”

“Sister Xiaofeng, I am a reporter from xx magazine. I would like to interview you, do you think you could make the time?”


The messages left were from all kind of variety.

Chen Huan never responded them.

What a joke!

Can this Lord’s classic songs be measured by money and women?


My songs should be used for more important and meaningful things!


Chen Huan was getting over his head.

But rather than say he was too arrogant, it was to say he didn’t have many songs. How could he sell the few songs he had?

But if Chen Huan could connect to his past life’s internet network, Chen Huan would definitely post this statement.

“Come! Come! Buy one and get one free! Buy three and get five free! There’s only things you can’t think of but there’s nothing I can’t do! Come and buy songs!”

Since he didn’t have songs now, Chen Huan could only maintain the image of the lofty gentleman.

Perhaps it was because Chen Huan didn’t react for a long time, but some misshape happened.

“I’m going to release a big new today! Do you want to know the true identity of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng!? As long this post has more than 1 million likes today, I will reveal it! I have the evidences!”

A Weibo blogger with 2 million followers called Buns Are Delicious suddenly posted this.

Just five minutes later, this post was reposted ten thousands of times and poured toward the main post to leave likes and messages.

China had 1.5 billion people that were dallying on their phones all day long.

Gossip were loved by everyone so within two hours, the numbers of likes exceed 1 million and his followers increased also by 1 million.

Buns Are Delicious didn’t say anything and just posted another post under everyone’s urging.

This was a song copyright information table.

Everyone needed to register a copyright when they create a song, whether it was the lyrics or the tunes.

Of course, this information was definitely very secretive. Only when the songwriters were doing business they would downloads the information table and let the buyers see it.

Ordinary people couldn’t get it.

But the song copyright information table wasn’t for ‘Tolerance’ but for ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

Song: ‘Mama Do You Remember’

Song Type: Lyrical Song.

Song Language: English.

Songwriter: Lu Xiaofeng (pseudonym). Chen Huan (real name), identification number…

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng (pseudonym). Chen Huan (real name), identification number…

The song content is as follows ….

Holy shit!

Chen Huan!?

The most handsome teenager Chen Huan?

It couldn’t be wrong!

The identification number showed that he was 16 years old and lived in Mingde Alley, Lin’an City, Zhejiang Province. It couldn’t be wrong!


This revelation immediately broke the internet.

“No wonder I Am The King of Karaoke said that Sister Xiaofeng was a man, he knew it from the beginning!”

“I can’t believe it, if wasn’t for the copyright proof, I wouldn’t believe that my Sister Xiaofeng was actually a man!”

“Didn’t they say that ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and ‘Deskmate’ can only be written by a middle aged man that has gone through a lot of things? Why is it a 16 years old teenager?”

“Talented and handsome, I’m so jealous!”

“Wow ,this Chen Huan is so attractive! I want to take him home! I want to give him a lot of children!”


Amidst the discussion, the base for Chen Huan’s fans, I Love Mantis Shrimp’s weibo, was also heating up.

“There’s a saying, Begin with the appearance and the talents follow, doesn’t it describe our Chen Huan? It was the right decision to like him! I will the leader of the fandom for my whole life!” — Happy Fans Group’s leader, I Love Mantis Shrimp.

“I like Chen Huan’s face but I liked Lu Xiaofeng’s musical talents better but I didn’t expect to be the same person. Oh my god, this is just wanting me to fall deeper!”

“I finally understand why Sister Xiaofeng allowed Chen Huan to sing ‘Deskmate’, how can he not sing the song he wrote? It’s just his voice is a bit bad, hahaha!”

“Do you think that our Brother Huan would debut as a singer?”

“Debut your ass! He’s already a super popular star in the movie industry! He’s also China’s number one songwriter, why would he sing? Is it useful?”

“You shouldn’t talk like that but I prefer Sister Xiaofeng to write a few more songs than have Brother Huan sing, it would make us happier!”


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