I Know Everything chapter 114

Chapter 114: Exploding in popularity.

There would always be people rubbing off other’s popularity.

For example, Ning Wu rubbed off other’s popularity ferociously.

He immediately decided to advertise heavily and rub off the popularity of ‘Love Letter’ after seeing the unstoppable momentum of the movie after its release.

Of course, he also called Shui Qingshan, Zhu Mei and Chen Huan to tell them in advance.

It was actually good for him to have such an attitude. Moreover, ‘Tolerance’ was definitely a classic song so the effect of the publicity would be good. The three people agreed since it also promoted ‘Love Letter’.

So on the 18th’s morning, a lot of post on Weibo appeared.

It was about Lu Xiaofeng or ‘Deskmate’.

The Weibo celebrity with 30 million followers, Modern Sherlock Holmes, broke the news first.

“According to some news, Teacher Lu Xiaofeng wrote another classic song especially for a singer he has handpicked, it will soon be released! I believe in Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s judgment and look forward to its release!”

“I also heard that it would be sung by a singer from Minzhou. It was said people were stunned when they heard him in the studio! Because it was too good!” –A Small Music Producer.

“In fact, this had was already known in the music industry and it has something to do with Yanhuang Music’s Xiao Yan but… haha, I can’t tell more.” – A Secret Digger.

“What can’t be said? Let me tell you about it! Xiao Yan called Teacher Lu Xiaofeng to hired him to write a song but Teacher Lu Xiaofeng requested a fee of 2 million for a song. Xiao Yan thought Teacher Lu was playing him so the negotiation broke down. Then Xiao Yan immediately spread in the industry that Teacher Lu is arrogant and greedy but not many people believed him as Teacher Lu didn’t charge any copyright fee for a song as profitable as ‘Mama Do You Remember’!”

“Now, ‘Deskmate’ was also free of copyright fee so everybody thought Xiao Yan was lying and he was wrong! The result was this time Ning Wu, who is also a producer, actually spent 2 million to buy Teacher Lu’s new song. Xiao Yan must feel his face getting beat and swell!” 

“It should be the case, because if the song isn’t bad, then Xiao Yan will definitely be even more embarrassed! To be honest, I really admire Ning Wu! He was almost at the brink but still was willing to spent 2 million to buy a song! Other than him, there shouldn’t be any one as crazy as him, right? I wish he succeed!”

This post was in the comment area and the author chose to be anonymous.

But it revealed a lot of information, it was soon pushed to the top and in a flash, there was thousands of reposts.

Many netizens started to comment below it.

“Wow, Can The God tell us if the song is good?”

“Don’t’ you know who Teacher Lu Xiaofeng is? Can the song he wrote not be good?”

“Then when can we listen to it? I’ve cried many times when listening to ‘Deskmate’ but I still want to listen to Teacher Lu’s song again!”

“Just wait, they are starting to advertise now and love songs are gaining in popularity, maybe we’ll be able to hear it in a few days.”

“Is it still free?”

“Haha, what’s wrong? Are you addicted to free stuff? Do you want the other party to starve and freely write songs for you to listen?”

“Exactly! You can’t afford to buy a 1 yuan song? You have money to eat, drink and play all day long but you have no money to support your favorite songwriter and singer?”

“The most important thing is still the quality of the song. If it sounds good, I believe many people will still buy it.”


With those comments, it became trending in just a single day.

As ‘Love Letter’ surpassed Hao He’s works and became the first in box office for literary films and with ‘Deskmate’ downloaded more than 100 million times, the search for ‘Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s new song’ crept up at the 7th place in trending at the homepage.

Ning Wu saw it was the times to post the news on his official Weibo.

“On Saturday, October 25th, Xiangnan TV’s ‘Quick Listen to New Song’ program would broadcast Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s classic song ‘Tolerance’ MV. The handpicked singer Guan Yili will give his all to sing it, don’t miss it!”

The news had been reposted more than 7 million times due to advertisement and the netizens chasing after more news.

When ‘Quick Listen to New Song’ program broadcaster ‘Tolerance’ MV, the rating directly reached 0.6%, which scared the program team.

Because it meant that at least 12 million were watching the ‘Tolerance’ MV!

This was a result that only emperors and empresses could enjoy after singing a few songs.

And the rating kept rising and it reached 0.86% at its peak, which meant there were around 17 million watching!

Knowledgeable people immediately realized that ‘Tolerance’ would be wildly popular if there weren’t too many problems! And Guan Yili would become on fire too!

Just two minutes after the end of the MV, the discussion online already began.

“Wow, wow, wow… it’s very good! ‘Tolerance’ is so good! Strongly recommended @Little Wood, all my classmates in @xx third high!” – A little girl wrote on her Weibo and crazily @ at everyone she knew.

Then , a lot of post started to appear on the internet.

“Mmm, I’m not disappointed, very nice!”

“Weird, Guan Yili’s voice is quite weird, it’s not manly or womanly but it’s still good, very good!”

“I’ve never heard such a voice before but this voice, which was different to the mainstream singer, flowed into my heart like fresh source of water. It made feel very refreshing!”

“Right! This kind of voice is so unique and along with the song Sister Xiaofeng wrote for him, it was like a whirlwind of high pitches coming down on us! It really refreshed me from my head to my toes, the beautiful voice remained even after it was done.”

“The poster above put it so expertly! I would like to add something more, it’s very good and smooth when everybody listen to ‘Tolerance’ but nine of ten times you won’t be able to sing it yourself! Because the song is too high pitched and even higher than women! But Guan Yili sung it without breaking it a single times, so good!”

“So that is why ‘Tolerance’ succeed this time is thanks to Sister Xiaofeng’s song but Guan Yili’s unique voice and interpretation is also very important! Before, when I heard people talk with a voice that is neither manly nor womanly, it would make me want to puke, but now I suddenly feel that his clear voice is perfect for singing love songs!”

“I announce that I’m a fan of Guan Yili now! He not only sounds beautiful but also looks beautiful!”

“Tsk, you can be his fan but before you use the word beautiful, think about the ;unparalleled handsome teenager’ Chen Huan. Can he be compared in this regard?”

“Off topic! Chen Huan is a student but Guan Yili is a singer! And a very talented singer! I also like him!”


Everyone had their own circles.

A person would usually let his circle know what they liked and disliked.

They would especially share it if they like something.

Now that there were internet, Weibo, chat group, it was even easier to share them.

The craziest of them were the students.

They were in the age where they worshiped idols and the easiest to influence.

There was no need to mention anything else about ‘Tolerance’ than the lyrics were great. Although it wasn’t as uplifting as ‘Start Back From Scratch’, it was the best long song for young people who yearned for love.

So in less than half an hour, almost all junior high and high schools students knew there was a very good and beautiful song called ‘Tolerance’.

So they went online to search for it.

But they didn’t expect to not find any genuine copy at all.

Except it was shown on ‘Quick Listen to New Song’ once, it wasn’t shown on anywhere else.

Occasionally, there were phone recorded version of the MV appearing on Weibo or other websites but it would be quickly deleted.

The people now were more stupid and not as good as their predecessors. They weren’t as good when they searched for keywords in big or small websites to look for what they wanted.

They were used to go on music websites when they wanted musics and go to video streaming website when they were looking for videos. They didn’t understand they should search at Weibo for the clip the other people posted.

Therefore, there were very few people who watched the fuzzy version of the MV.

A lot of anger accumulated on the internet very fast.

Today’s kids were very impatient.

They liked to get what they wanted right away or they wouldn’t be happy.

You had to do what they wished if you wanted to earn their money.

Ning Wu knew he wasn’t qualified to do some hunger marketing so he could only follow after the trend.

He had already planned for the next step.

An hour after it was shown on ‘Quick Listen to New Songs’, the three major music websites, Kuku Music, Xiexie Music and Beidou Music all posted on their homepage ‘Tolerance’ Official Version Download at the same time along with advertisement that said support Sister Xiaofeng, support Guan Yili.

A large crowd flooded to those websites just ten minutes after it was posted.

100 downloads, 1000 downloads, 1000 downloads.

An hour later, the data showed that the number of downloads exceeded 1 million when the three major music websites were added together.

Based on this data online, it was already the top score for a new singer that just released their first song!

However, the popularity of ‘Tolerance’ didn’t slow down and the interest in Guan Yili neither. The number of downloads still increased.

Downloads exceeded the 5 million after 24 hours!

This result set the record of downloads for those music websites!

History number one!

Even the emperors like Tang Yuan, Su Mo, Zhu Shengyu, Zhou Jing and Xu Ping didn’t have such a crazy increase of downloads.

Although it might just be popular for a moment and wouldn’t last as long as those songs from emperors and empresses, there was no doubt that ‘Tolerance’ was a huge success.

And it was the kind of success that would be recording in the history!

As the unknown singer who sang the song, Guan Yili shot to stardom overnight!

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