I Know Everything chapter 113

Chapter 113: Good Friend.

Chen Huan had knew the Good Lord for so long and it was the first time he saw it so generous.

From the top 64 to the championship, that was five advancements. 

Chen Huan would get a reward for each round passed and would get 5 rewards.

It would be six if he included the double reward for the championship.

He would get six reward in one go and even if he got two, he could get Advanced Mathematics (Advanced), he wouldn’t have to worry about happiness for the rest of his life.

It would make him happy by just thinking about it.

However, he felt something was wrong when he woke up the next morning.

It was difficult at the beginning for everything. What song should he chose to make the old man pass the next round?

Chen Huan still knew plenty of songs that suited the old man’s powerful voice.

For example, wouldn’t that Fatty Liu Huan’s song suit him very well?

“The river flow eastward, the stars in the sky went to the Beidou…”


What was the next sentence?

This was the problem.

Chen Huan would be able to sing the song if someone reminded him or if he looked at the lyrics online.

The problem was his system wasn’t strong enough to connect him to the internet back at his world!

Good Lord…

Good Lord?

Do you think you can do your magic and let me connect to the network of my past life? Just ten minutes is enough!

(︶︹︺ )


I knew this would happen.

Forget it, I would remember it by myself.

At worst, I’ll change Zhao Lei’s ‘Chengdu’ to ‘Lin’an’ and have the old man sing some pop songs!

I won’t be stingy with the babies I have in my pocket at this moment!

Chen Huan sat there for a long time and couldn’t write ‘Chengdu’.

It wasn’t he couldn’t write ‘Chengdu’. It was because he would feel ashamed if he wrote ‘Chengdu’ and let Zhao Changshou sing it.

Zhao Changshou wasn’t a pop singer at all but he had to make him change to let him sing some refreshing song. It didn’t fit no matter how he looked at it!

As a person who transmigrated, or someone who has a system, can I do something so stupid?

His phone rang as he was gritting his teeth.

“Hello, Dong’er?” Chen Huan picked up the phone after seeing who it was.

“Chen Huan, did you write the song yet?” Han Dong’er asked bluntly as always.

“Not yet.” Chen Huan this time could only put up a façade, “Give me more time, I’ll give it to you as soon as possible.”

If it really didn’t work, he could only take out ‘Chengdu’.

It was better to take it out than not.

On the other side of the phone, Han Dong’er put the phone back on the table.

Sun Yan beside her looked at her and asked, “Is that brat done?”

“No.” Han Dong’er shook her head, “but he will give it to me as soon as possible.”

“Tsk, doesn’t it mean that he still holding back?” Sun Yan said with raised eyebrows, “Dong’er, I don’t think you should put your hope on him. How about we go find another songwriter and so we can get a suitable song for the old man?”

“No.” Han Dong’er replied without hesitation, “He can do it.”

Sun Yan couldn’t convince her. She really didn’t know what was good about that brat to make Dong’er trust him.

Now, they could only hope he didn’t burn out and didn’t come out with a song at the end!

Just at the morning, Han Dong’er called the production team of ‘I Sing My Song’ and they announced on their official Weibo that Han Dong’er chose to resurrect Zhao Changshou and he would participate on the next round.

They had to rehearse at Wednesday, time was running out!

Staying up late wasn’t good for health but some workers from the literary and art industry as well as those from the entertainment industry liked to stay up late.

Because inspiration was most likely to come in the quiet night!

Chen Huan had always been of keeping the body healthy and even if he was only 16, he didn’t like to do things such as staying up late.

But he didn’t have a choice this time.

He had been writings random lyrics of classic songs such as ‘Good Man Song’ but none of them were complete.

Without his knowing, it was already past midnight.

“Ding Dong!”

Chen Huan was shocked when he heart that sound.

What’s going on?

Is there a new mission again?

“ ‘Love Letter’ total box office in the three countries had broken through the 800 million mark! Director Zhu Mei’s skyrocketing popularity is unstoppable! The system decided that the host with dogshit luck had exceeded what the mission required of him.”

“The system intentionally reward the host with a song that he heard before along with the basic skill of a music instrument. Host, please make your decision.”

When he heard what the system said in his mind, Chen Huan couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Good Lord!

Good Lord, I knew you were my good friend!

It feels really good to have a solution for problem at the critical time!

Chen Huan’s distress completely dissipated under his happiness.

The musical instruments skill could be discussed later as the most important thing right now was the get a song for Zhao Changshou.

With the system helping him, Chen Huan could get whatever song he wanted!

Chen Huan originally chose ‘Good Man Song’ but it was casually chosen by him. He didn’t have to choose hastily now.

Although ‘Good Man Song’ is quite imposing but it was also didn’t quite suit the current occasion.

The rustic peasant grandfather had gone through all sorts of hardships before finally returning to the stage. This aura of never giving up and working hard wasn’t in ‘Good Man Song’.

If he wanted to impress the judges and the audiences, he had to shock them and touch them so he could get a surprise win.

Han Dong’er may think that it would be good if Zhao Changshou could qualify for the next round but Chen Huan wanted to old man to be crowned champion due to the mission given by the Good Lord.

So he must not fail to shock them.

Fortunately, there were many classics in his previous life. Chen Huan just thought for a moment before he chose the song.

It was still a song from fatty Liu Huan.

‘Start Back From Scratch’.

“All the achievements in the past have become distant memories…”

This was the song!

The biggest advantage of this song was that it encouraged people to face challenges head on and never give up. It was a song full of positivity.

The phrase ‘Just have to start back from scratch again’ was the cherry on top.

There was one more advantage from this.

Even if the song didn’t go well with ‘I Sing My Song’ audience, but as soon as the song came out, those producers and directors of the shows wouldn’t dare to let it fail.

Otherwise the people from the internet would think, “What’s the meaning of this? You even look down on such a good and inspiring song? But you love those hihi haha songs, can you see the big picture? Immediately rectify the situation!”

The consequence from it would make the program team and Zhejiang TV to feel like weeping but have no tears.

He might be speculating but with the current situation, they would never promote the old man if they didn’t come out strong!

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