I Know Everything chapter 112

Chapter 112: Chen Huan, Help Me!

When they ended the recording, it was already 11:20pm.

When the director of the scene announced the end of the recording, those young women and man that liked the show cheered.

Everybody took a small gift from the program team and left the recording room one after another.

Chen Huan waited in the alley behind the Zhejiang TV building according Sun Yan’s instruction.

After waiting for ten minutes, the heroic Han Dong’er, who was dressed like Chen Huan, came to him with Sun Yan.

“Chen Huan, walk with me!”

That was the first thing she said after meeting him.


Chen Huan agreed.

The two followed after Han Dong’er toward the hotel she stayed.

There were small streets and alley around there and it may be late at night but there were still people walking or cycling as they were getting off work or going to work.

Some of the shops were still open for business.

When the shop’s business weren’t very good, they would chose to open the shop for a few more hours so they could earn more money for the rent.

“Dong’er, why didn’t you use your ‘resurrection’?” Chen Huan asked as they walked.

He was the only one who knew she liked Zhao Changshou’s singing very much so he thought that at the end of the show she would use her ‘resurrection’ to help Zhao Changshou for another round.

But Han Dong’er didn’t do anything in the end.

“Because I could feel that the stage was like torture to him.” Han Dong’er softly said, “He likes to sing but doesn’t likes to sing under such constraint. Did those people think he didn’t saw them mocking him? No, it’s just that he endured it and didn’t express what he felt!”

“Indeed, this is not his stage.” Chen Huan sighed, “Speaking of him, his voice is so good that I can’t tell he’s 65 years old.”

“Yes, some people are born to sing.” Han Dong’er agreed with him.


Chen Huan suddenly stopped.

Then he grabbed Han Dong’er who kept walking forward and said, “Dong’er, look who this is?”

Sun Yan, who walked behind them, widened her eyes.

Hey, this is too much, how can a stinky brat like you touch our Dong’er’s hand randomly?

But Han Dong’er didn’t mind it as her focus wasn’t on that.

Because her line of vision followed where Chen Huan was pointing, it was toward an old man carrying a large backpack as he pushed a wheelchair that an elderly with white hair was sitting on. The two were in front of a small shop as they talked and laughed.

This old man was Zhao Changshou who just been eliminated.

Weird, what is he doing?

Han Dong’er hadn’t finished her thought before she was dragged by Chen Huan and went to stand behind Zhao Changshou.

“Big Sis, Big Bro, I’m leaving… I left the address. If you have the time, come to our mountains for a couple days. The scenery there is very good! The water, the mountain and the people are all good!”

Zhao Changshou waved as he said he gave his farewell before turning around and pushed the wheelchair to leave.

Then he saw two people with sunglasses, masks and hats standing in front of him and trembled in shock.

He shouted loudly along with the couple in their fifties in the shop,

“What are you trying to do!?”

The boss directly picked up a rod while the lady boss went to use the landline phone.

Chen Huan didn’t say anything and just directly took off Han Dong’er’s mask as well as her sunglass and hat.

The light from the store were a bit dim but they could see clearly.

They recognized the girl when they looked closely.

The elderly in the wheelchair pointed to Han Dong’er and cried out, “Fairy Judge!”

Han Dong’er and Chen Huan only discovered now that the elderly was an old woman.

“Aiyo, it’s Han…. It’s celebrity Han!” Zhao Changshou said with an honest smile, “You almost scared me to death, I thought I was getting robbed.”

“In your current posture, you shouldn’t be afraid of robbers but thieves.” Chen Huan said as he also took off his concealments.

“Grandpa, where are you going?”

“Hum, aren’t you…”

Then Zhao Changshou immediately turned his head around to look at ‘Love Letter’ advertisement poster on the shop’s entrance that had Chen Huan and Han Dong’er on it.

Chen Huan noticed it and said, “Hum, Grandpa, me and Dong’er are friends. We were passing by and saw you so we wanted to say hi. You singing was very good, Han Dong’er and I like it.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Zhao Changshou smiled shyly.

“Tsk, if you like it, shouldn’t you vote for him?” The lady boss put the phone back and sneered.

“Wifey don’t say some nonsense. Miss Han voted for him to pass and for the two rounds, she only gave three passes. She must really like Brother Zhao’s song!” The boss was a mindful guy and spoke for Han Dong’er.

“Big miss, I’m already very satisfied to be able to reach that point. I don’t blame anyone and I’m very happy.” Zhao Changshou said to them before turning toward Han Dong’er and Chen Huan, “It’s like that, Since I got eliminated, it’s time to go home. After midnight, I’ll have to pay for another half a day fee for the hotel, so I’ll just go wait at the train station for a few more house.”

“This grandma is?” Chen Huan asked.

He knew that with Han Dong’er’s personality, she wouldn’t chat much but she definitely wanted to know more so Chen Huan had to take the initiative.

“She’s my wife.” Zhao Changshou said, “She can’t move anymore so I can only push the wheelchair for her.”

“You came to the competition with Grandma? What about your children?” Chen Huan asked in bewilderment.

“We have no children. No pressure at all, haha.” Off stage Zhao Changshou was pretty relaxed and didn’t hold back when he talked, “Can you see it? My wife has developed early dementia. The doctors said she might not recognize me in two or three years!”

“This time I came to participate in the competition at Lin’an because I wanted to sing for her and let her see that I could sing for her in TV! It was hard for us in the past, she loved to hear me sing during our spare time but there was only the two of us so I thought that I had to find an opportunity to let her see me stand in front of thousands of people and sing for her!”

“And tonight I realized this wish! My wife was in the shop with Big Bro and Big Sis as they saw me sing ‘Yellow River Tracker’, that’s a famous song from our village! She often said that those Jiangnan people couldn’t sing it heroically and only a Xipei man like me could!”

The old lady couldn’t help but laugh when she heard him. Her laugh made her face all wrinkled up, “What nonsense are you saying! I don’t have dementia! But you indeed sang very well just like when we were young! If you the chance, you can sing to me on TV again! I want to listen to more songs!”


Zhao Changshou repeatedly nodded, “Wife, I’ll look for an opportunity again and see if I can find one next year!”

‘I Sing My Song’ selection was pre recorded and edited so although Zhao Changshou appeared, he didn’t appear for long.

His song was only broadcasted in full during the live.

At that moment, Han Dong’er and Chen Huan remembered when Zhao Changshou was waved at the camera.

They realized that he was waved at his wife at that time.

“Right, Miss Han,” Zhao Changshou seemed to have thought of something, “Is there a recording of tonight episode in CD? Could you get it for me? When I get home, I could let my wife watch it anytime, that… that if not too much to ask.”

Han Dong’er didn’t answer but squeezed Chen Huan’s arm tightly.

It hurts!

While in pain, Chen Huan understood Han Dong’er and spoke for her, “Don’t worry grandpa. I’ll send it for you… your address is with the boss here, right?”

“Yes! Yes, thank you!” Zhao Changshou said with an honest smile, “You’re all good people! My trip to Lin’an was worth it!”


Han Dong’er suddenly spoke up before saying word by word, “You Can’t Leave!”

“Can’t leave?” Zhao Changshou laughed, “I already bought my ticket, why won’t I leave?”

Han Dong’er got anxious and couldn’t speak properly as she just grabbed Chen Huan’s arm again and said, “Chen Huan, help me! Resurrection!! Song!!!”

Chen Huan felt quite satisfied for a moment.

This Lord only met Dong’er 4 months ago but I’m already the person who knew her best!

Chen Huan patted Han Dong’ers hand and turned toward Zhao Changshou as he said, “Grandpa, do you want to keep singing for Grandma? And keep singing for grandma next week? On TV and that same stage you just sung?”

Zhao Changshou was startled as he said, “Aren’t I eliminated?”

“Old Bro, There’s still the resurrection! Resurrection!” The boss inside the shop happily shouted.

Eh, it was unexpected that he was fan of ‘I Sing My Song’ as he even knew about that.

Chen Huan explained simply with a smile about the resurrection before he said, “If you don’t have any problem wit that, then you should get prepared for the next song.”


Zhao Changshou was happy but he also hesitated.

“Singing! Good song! I like it!” At this moment, the grandma in the wheelchair happily shouted.

She could understand it roughly and thought it was a beautiful thing to see her husband sing on TV.


Zhao Changshou gritted his teeth before he laughed again, “I’ll sing!”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that I’m a songwriter.” Chen Huan said as he pointed himself. “Since you’re going to sing, how about I chose your next song?”

“You…” Zhao Changshou looked at Chen Huan young age and felt he was very different to those respected songwriters.

“He can do it!” Han Dong’er spoke up and earnestly looked at Zhao Changshou.

Although Zhao Changshou didn’t have much contact with Han Dong’er, he knew she was a girl of few words but have a kind heart.

And Han Dong’er was a famous singer on top of it so it should be alright.

Then he would give it a try.

Zhao Changshou decided in his mind and nodded solemnly.

“Great!” Chen Huan clapped, “Then let’s go, and because we have to record the song, we can’t go back and forth. We’ll find a hotel for you and find someone to take care of grandma… you don’t have to worry about the fee, the program team will pay for it.”

“There’s such a thing?” Zhao Changshou couldn’t believe it.

“I can lie to you but can Dong’er lie to you? She’s a big celebrity!” Chen Huan gave him his promise.

He saw the hesitation in Zhao Changshou so he said a white lie.

The boss and lady boss were smart people and understood Chen Huan’s kindness.

As Chen Huan said, he may deceive people but could Han Dong’er deceive people as a big celebrity? Would she be that shameless?

For her, this money was nothing.

“Then Old Bro, we will expect you to keep singing.” The boss said with emotion.

“Yes, thank you all! Thank you!” Zhao Changshou’s eyes reddened.

While the two were talking, Chen Huan reached out to take Zhao Changshou’s big bag from him but almost dropped it to the ground.

So heavy!

The young man felt a bit embarrassed.

Han Dong’er gave him a disdainful look before she went to push the wheelchair.

However Chen Huan knew that her mood was completely different now as she was more relaxed and excited.

You of course feel happy now but this fake songwriter is in big trouble.


“Ding Dong”

Chen Huan didn’t have the time to call out Good Lord before the pleasant sound came out.

“The great system has discovered the embarrassing situation that the plagiarist host is in and that he could only on the system to help due to having no skills.”

“Zhao Changshou and Jiang Hui’s love are more solid than gold which is very touching and made the system feel that it is necessary to fulfill their wish. A special mission will be ensued.”

“If the incompetent plagiarist host can help Zhao Changshou to advance, he will receive a corresponding reward for each round passed, if Zhao Changshou wins ‘I Sing My Song’, the host will receive two unprecedented rewards!”

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