I Know Everything chapter 111

Chapter 111: Elimination.

‘I Sing My Song’ had 10 steps from the knockouts to the championship.

Amongst the steps, the first round of elimination that decided the top 32 amongst the top 64 took up 3 episodes.

Because there were too many participants and they needed to be selected carefully otherwise the audience would think it was too hasty and be dissatisfied with it.

Today’s live recording duration was 3 hours, from 8pm to 11pm.

In the last episode, there were already 32 participants that had participated in the knockouts, of which 10 of them passed to the next round while 12 were in the pending area.

As long all the three judges raised their ‘pass’ panel, then the participant could directly qualify to the next round.

If there was only 2 ‘pass’ panels, then the participant would be in the pending area.

If there no way to choose amongst them, then the audience would be called to vote and the 10 that received the most vote would qualify for the next round.

Han Dong’er was particularly strict as during the previous round, she only gave three ‘pass’ so the remaining 7 passed the next round thanks to the audiences vote.

The same was true for this round.

On the third round, the three judges could each chose a play they liked to be ‘resurrected’ and enter the pending area. The 27 participants in the pending area would then fight for the remaining 12 spots.

Of course, it was also normal for the judge to choose to not ‘resurrect’ any participants.

At 8pm, the second round of ‘I Sing My Song’ started under the Ninth Brother witty speech!

Chen Huan had watched too much singing talent contest in his previous life and the variety shows in his original world were better than this world.

‘I Sing My Song’ was still a very classic as most of the participants were young men and women who came to sing and dance. Their appearance could most of the time make those little boys and girls cheer loudly.

Then some strong ballad singer in their 30s would also be liked by many people, especially if they sang their love song passionately.

Chen Huan looked at the appearance of the 10 participants that came out and knew the show would take the youth path and mostly promote those young people.

Occasionally, a participant over the age of 30 would be promoted but it would be because of his singing skill and looks, he must also have a rich life experiences and his song must be very touching.

It was funny that amongst those 10 participants, Han Dong’er only gave her pass once and it was for the roaming singer called Lin Ruiyun.

For Lin Ruiyun, Han Dong’er’s comment was two words, “It’s good.”

For the rest of the participants it was still two words, “Not good.”


Han Dong’er did the same in the last round and completely didn’t care that Lan Kai next to her gave a profound analyze while Fu Bufan generally liked to say encouraging things and praising people.

So five little miss ended up crying last round and two boys and one girl left the stage with reddened eyes this round.

The directors and producers talked about it with Ninth Brother and told him that Han Dong’er should be gentler. She shouldn’t act so coldly as if they offended her somehow.

Ninth Brother hesitated for bit but didn’t expect ‘Love Letter’ to become the most popular literary in history in just two weeks. Han Dong’er fame rose up again and her Weibo followers broke through the 40 million count!

Under such situation, who dared to force Han Dong’er do anything?

If she complained, the fans all over the country would start scolding ‘I Sing My Song’ and all the momentum they gained would be lost.

Therefore, they just forgot about the talk they had and never mentioned to Han Dong’er.

Chen Huan got a little bit tired as the singing contest progressed.

He wasn’t familiar with the songs in this world and he didn’t like much too.

Moreover, for a man whose mind was almost 30 years old, watching a group of young people singing and dancing gave him a bit of a headache.

The friend sitting next to him felt the same as he sat there uncomfortably.

Then came the 27th contestant.

An elderly man in a shirt and trousers stood on the stage as he was introduced by Ninth Brother.

Seeing his rural look and his rural clothes, Chen Huan knew that he was Han Dong’er preferred singer after watching the previous episode.

Zhao Changshou seemed to not be used to this kind of atmosphere as after being introduced by Ninth Brother, he spoke with stutter, “Hello everyone, my name is Zhao Changshou and today I will the folk song ‘Yellow River Boat Tracker’ to everyone, I hope you all liked!”

The young people in the first few rows all burst in laughter.

Then the loud music began.

Zhao Changshou stiffly held the microphone and sang loudly when the music began.

“Heyo, Heyo, Heyo…. the dark cloud completely covered the sky, the waves are high like mountains, the cold wind is blowing on the faces, the waves are crashing into the ship…”

The tune was high but Zhao Changshou’s voice managed it very well and didn’t completely overwhelm it as the song spread and entered people’s ear.

Chen Huan’s heart sank slightly.

Zhao Changshou’s voice had no problem and sang it full of vigor and energy. He didn’t have the weakness of old people lacking power and was pleasant to hear.

But the problem was it was a singing contest and everybody like to hear popular song.

Even Lin Ruiyan chose a ballad song that was close to something he lived.

Zhao Changshou’s singing maybe okay in a formal event but this was a competition and he would probably suffer because of it.

Because of Han Dong’er mentioning him, Chen Huan did some research on him.

He found that Zhao Changshou only sang folk song since he was selected.

He thought that in the knockouts phase that Zhao Changshou would change it and would sing some cheerful Bel Canto songs for example so he could please the audience and at least enter in the top 32.

But he insisted on doing him, which left some regret.

The judges and the audience present at the venue voted together, he probably wouldn’t make into the top 32.

It had nothing to do with how well he sung but how people were selected.

Such a pity!

With that song, Zhao Changshou only got two pass.

It was from Han Dong’er and Fu Bufan.

Lan Kai didn’t give his. The reason was the song was too old-fashioned and that Zhao Changshou should go into some folk song contest. Lan Kai would have given him his vote if he was a judge from that competition.

So Zhao Changshou entered the pending area.

But just like Chen Huan thought, at the final audience voting session, Zhao Changshou got the last place and was directly eliminated.

However, Zhao Changshou didn’t show a sad expression but was completely relaxed. After thanking everyone, he waved happily at the cameras and left the stage.

It was just that he actions and attitude were very rural like so he ridiculed secretly by the spectators below.

The broadcast would certainly not show the mocking that happened but Chen Huan who was on site could feel the gap between the generations due to the era and the living conditions.

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