I Know Everything chapter 110

Chapter 110: Finally enjoying the star treatment.

With the release of ‘Love Letter’, Chen Huan could no longer keep a low profile.

Even Guo Hang received countless calls. Many directors wanted him for their movies and many TV programs wanted him to participate, much less ‘the world most handsome teenager’ Chen Huan.

But Chen Huan was still a student and the journalists definitely couldn’t break into the school, so they could only block him on his way to school as well as out of school and also in front of his house doorstep.

The group of school flowers got quite happy this time.

They didn’t know what to do so they took their turns to drive Chen Huan school and home every day while the bodyguard formed a line and prevented the journalist to approach Chen Huan.

Seeing that, even the experienced journalists were shocked.

The news and photo they published also shocked the others.

The students from Virtuous Middle School talked about it and finally got a deeper understanding of the ‘unparalleled handsome young man’ due to the internet.


One could really do what he wanted if he was that handsome!

Some people desperately wanted to become a star but Chen Huan just casually nodded his head and there were a dozen of wealthy school flowers scrambling to become his wife to let him enjoy a lifetime of wealth and fame.

Although being a star was great, it was also troublesome.

But if one married multiple wealthy girls and school flowers on top of that, that was what true happiness was!

The only thing that made those male happy was although Chen Huan had never refused those school flowers, he never went further with them and was a very honest and timid boy.

It was a bit similar to his relation in ‘Love Letter’ with Han Dong’er. It was a bit like a real acting.

Young people liked idols, especially teenagers. It was normal that fans would come in pack since Chen Huan was so handsome.

The head of ‘Happy Fans Group’ was I Love Mantis Shrimp who previously declared she wanted to lick Chen Huan’s pictures.

(MC’s name ‘Huan’ could also mean happy if another word was added, hence Happy Fans Group)

I Love Mantis Shrimp was only 24 years old and she was a graduate from Broadcasting and Hosting Art. She had 17 million followers at Weibo before but now she became the home base for ‘Happy Fans Group’ so her followers jumped up by 6 million in one go and had now reached 23 million followers!

I Love Mantis Shrimp was a huge fan of Chen Huan and 7 out of 10 of her recent post were about Chen Huan.

They were about pictures taken when Chen Huan was in school, pictures taken with fans when he was in South Korea or recent pictures of him when he attended the premiere of ‘Love Letter’. Each of them looked great and each of them looked like a piece of art.

Even the background music on her Weibo was Chen Huan’s version of ‘Deskmate’.

Regarding ‘Deskmate’, the people wondered why they made Chen Huan sing it when he wasn’t skillful at singing. Everyone was at loss against Sister Xiaofeng’s choice.

‘Deskmate’ should have been sung by a man in his thirties with a magnetic voice.

But sister Xiaofeng chose Chen Huan to do it. it made people think that it was free anyways so they let the male protagonist to sing it, there was nothing wrong with that.

There were also many rumors online about the songwriter Lu Xiaofeng.

The popular Weibo I Am The Karaoke King said that Sister Xiaofeng is a man.

There were some newspapers that said Lu Xiaofeng was actually Chen Huan because ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was written in a single day and many people from Zhu Mei’s group were there and knew due to it.

But many people didn’t believe those reports.

Because the songs written by Lu Xiaofeng were super classics and couldn’t be written by a 16 year old.

For them, it took a lot of life and hardship experience to be able to write classic like that.

Chen Huan was still 16 years old and a student, where could he get such a life experience?

But no matter what, the people were used to call Lu Xiaofeng, Sister Xiaofeng.

Now that Sister Xiaofeng let Chen Huan sing ‘Deskmate’, it added just a bit more credibility to Chen Huan being Sister Xiaofeng.

Getting back to the subject.

It was precisely because Chen Huan became the new trend and known as the second Su Mo that he didn’t dare to casually walk in the street.

Before when he was in the street, numerous women were attracted to him but they were just admiring glances and wouldn’t pounce on him.

But it was different now as he was the male Fang Shu of the wildly popular ‘Love Letter’ so those young ladies and girls had the reason to come up to him for pictures and signatures.

After a few more times, Chen Huan learned from the celebrities and started to leave his home while wearing big sunglasses with facemask and a hat.

Because it was too much trouble and unless it was the last resort, he wouldn’t go out.

Today was a bit different as Han Dong’er was a judge for ‘I Sing My Song’ and the show was choosing their top 32 amongst the 64 participants. Sun Yan gave a ticket to Chen Huan in hope he came and Chen Huan was very happy to go.

Chen Huan cleverly called Sun Yan to help him go in so he didn’t have to remove those big sunglasses on him.

He was still dressed like this even when he sat in the corner of the recording room.

A male spectator was puzzled by it so asked him, “Friend, what are you doing? Are you afraid someone kidnap you?”

“No.” Chen Huan said, “I caught a cold, keep your distance from me.”

The male spectator’s face changed when he heart that and really got further away,

At the same time he muttered under his breath, “Don’t come if you have a cold.”

But Chen Huan didn’t overdress.

If he revealed his face, the audience reaction was one thing but the cameraman would definitely not let him go as he would appear very often on the live broadcast.

The reason that Chen Huan appeared there was obviously because of the small empress Han Dong’er.

Then this would give the audience the impression that Chen Huan and Han Dong’er were in love and that he was here to support her.

This would be an easy way for the program team to hype the show but it would embarrass Han Dong’er.

Chen Huan obviously couldn’t give them what they wished for.

Fortunately, the air conditioning in the studio was in full blown so he didn’t feel too hot.

But he was also very eye catching so many people looked toward him.

Chen Huan was like a puppet as he sat still without movie. The other would eventually lose their interest and stop looking as they waited for the show to begin.

Many variety shows lasted two to three hours on TV but was actually recorded for more than ten hours before being edited.

But since it was broadcasted live, this would test the host ability to control the scene.

This time, the host of ‘I Sing My Song’ was Ninth Brother who was ranked third in Zhejiang TV host.

Ninth Brother entered Zhejiang TV at 18 years old and this year twentieth in the company.

He first hosted the show seven years ago but he fell ill at that time and ended up leaving the show.

Now ‘I Sing My Song’ basically was on its last stand so they invited him back.

With Ninth Brother connection, they invited three illustrious guests.

If Xiao Yan, who Chen Huan previously deals with, belonged to the first rate producer, then Lai Kai was one tier higher.

He was the main producer of the number one music emperor Tang Yuan. All the record made by Tang Yuan since the beginning were made by him. He was a leading figure of the music industry.

If it wasn’t for Nine Brother who exhausted all of his idea and used many favors, Lai Kai would have never come.

The second was Yanhuang Music’s ballad small emperor Fu Bufan.

Fu Bufan also participated in a variety show when he was 18 years old. He made it into quarter final before getting eliminated but his fame didn’t shoot into the sky as he had been wandering in multiple bars before Yanhuang Music discovered him.

Then he signed a very unfair contract as he did all the lyrics on the album alone and released the album ‘My Beginning’ two years ago.

The result was his album was sold 3 million times in online sales and 95,000 physical copies were sold!

Since then, Fu Bufan had been hailed as the third small emperor.

Because Fu Bufan and Han Dong’er made their debut in the same year, the industry also called them golden couple.

It happened that the recent ‘Love Letter’ drove Han Dong’er popularity to the apex so Ninth Brother immediately took the decision to replace another guest and persuaded his good friend Wei Xi before he could finally get Han Dong’er to come.

The result was ‘I Sing My Song’ seemed to be the best roster this year.

Even if there was another show where the emperor Xu Ping participated, it wasn’t sure their roster were as good as this one.

Due to that reason, Saturday just after the premier of ‘Love Letter’ last week, ‘I Sing My Song’ received a rating of 0.68% which ranked it 17th amongst all variety show last week.

The result was very good and they were ranked fifth amongst all the variety show of Saturday. They were only behind to Xiangnan TV’s ‘Happy Everyday’, Jiangdong TV’s ‘Date March’, Huajin TV’s ‘The Sound of Heaven’ and Huhai TV’s ‘We are Comedians’.

One must know that there were the most variety shows in Saturday and there were more than 30 provincial and municipal TV stations in the country. Almost 20 of them would broadcast variety shows during this time period. The fact that ‘I Sing My Song’ could be ranked fifth was already a very impressive performance.

Last year, ‘I Sing My Song’ got their best rating during their final but it was only 0.92% and was ranked fourth only.

But now their first knockout had such a good start and this energized Ninth Brother who wanted to rake up a good number of audiences to break into the 1% mark.

As long a variety show could break the 1% mark, it could be considered as a popular show.

If the rating reached 1.5%, it would be the treasure of the TV company. Their treatment and funding could make people be jealous to death!

Ninth Brother didn’t wish for 1.5% as he task could be considered accomplished if they reached only 1%.

In the future, everybody would say even if Ninth Brother was approaching his forties, he was able to turn a second-rate show around. That would be impressive!

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