I Know Everything chapter 109

Chapter 109: This is was we call a real face slap!

Entering the new week and the working days, the box office of ‘Love Letter’ naturally declined.

With fewer screens and fewer screening, it got 32 million on Monday, 23 million of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday together amounted to 30 million.

With the results of 188 million in box office in seven days, ‘Love Letter’ officially became the best grossing literary and artistic film of China and was ranked 17th in the national box office ranking!

But anybody with discerning eyes could tell that ‘Love Letter’ had the potential for much more.

It’s been a week and the score of ‘Love Letter’ at Broad Bean website had remained as high as 9.1, which had never happened for any movie.

If the reviews didn’t collapse, ‘Love Letter’ was likely to get more than 300 million in box office.

Although it was unlikely for them to enter the top 10, they could brag for the next ten years with a result like that.

At that time, Shanhai Streaming didn’t do any advertisement anymore.

It wasn’t because they didn’t have the money but because if they continued to do more advertisement, they wouldn’t if it was because the movie was good or because of the publicity.

Between showing her personal strength and the strength of the film crew, Zheng Rongrong decided let the film crew show their strength. Their boldness really made her appreciate them.

Although the advertisement from Shanhai Streaming didn’t continue, the support for ‘Love Letter’ wasn’t weak at all.

For example, those famous Weibo bloggers were still discussing the various aspect and small details of ‘Love Letter’.

Although there were some flaws and people were arguing, the heated discussion would make the movie trend and it was still by far the most trending matter.

The most powerful helper was of course ‘Deskmate’.

‘Deskmate’ was release as scheduled at the second day of the movie release.

There were Chen Huan’s version, Han Dong’er’s version, Chen Qian’s version and Guo Hang’s version, they would let the people choose which one to listen to.

On several music streaming websites, those four songs directly occupied the top 4 rank downloads and no other songs could chime in!

The netizens even used some advertisement clips and photo of ‘Love Letter’ to make music videos for the four of them and posted it online.

As the result, those MV were occupying the first place and homepage of the two major video website, Youyi and Shanhai Streaming, due to the netizens constantly clicking on the videos.

“Although it was a song by a man to a woman, I still miss my guy after listening to it.”

“She was my youth but it wasn’t her future. Xiaoyue, bless you, I love you!”

“Last night, we had a late self-study class and there a classmate who suddenly played this song, I saw our English teacher cry all of a sudden, I felt hurt seeing her like this!”

“No past and current students wouldn’t be affected by this, it’s not me being arrogant but it’s the song who touched our heart!”

“I graduated in June this year, I drank and cried after the graduation ceremony. I thought I would not feel sad and remember it again but I didn’t expect to have my tears burst out after hearing ‘Deskmate’!”

“This is the best song for us! This is the best memory for us! Thank you Sister Xiaofeng!”

“Sister Xiaofeng, why are you so sentimental? Did you also have a man you missed? Why did you write a song that touches me so deeply?”

“The poster above is wrong! According to I Am The King of Karaoke, Sister Xiaofeng is a man!”


Many of these comments could be found on the majors’ music websites and video streaming websites. It was comment filled with sadness and full of affection.

The key point was those comments exceeded 20 million and created a new record!

With all those heated discussion and talk, how could ‘Love Letter’ attention subside?

Movies that were about to be released in the same period of time would be withdrawn and postponed as they didn’t dare to show up against ‘Love Letter’.

Even when ‘Love Letter’ was in his second week.

Anyways, October to the end of December was considered the off season for movies so they didn’t need to fight so hard against ‘Love Letter’.

But if one talked about off season, they wouldn’t think it was the off season if they looked at the results of ‘Love Letter’.

It was just ‘Love Letter’ could only sell their tickets at 15 yuan.

If it was sold 30 yuan per ticket like action blockbusters, it would have now surpassed Song Yan’s ‘Campus Wedding’ and would have ranked 10th in China’s box office!

Even those strong commercial oriented movie would chose not to go head up against ‘Love Letter’ and chose to wait until for the third week.

The impressive ‘Love Letter’ didn’t only perform like that on the domestic soil.

‘Love Letter’ was simultaneously released on three countries.

The number of people who watched the movie in South Korea surpassed 5 million in one go and was now marching toward 7 million. The Korean’s media estimated that it should at least reach 10 million.

Their box office was counted  according to how many people watched to movie. The ticket price for Chinese literary movies over there was around 30 yuan so 10 million people was 300 million in box office!

There was no more than 20 movies that was watched by more than 10 million people in South Korea and each of them was a cult classic.

And ‘Love Letter’ was the only foreign movie amongst them. One could imagine how much it would motivate the Chinese movie industry after it had reached the 10 million watcher mark.

It wasn’t much different in Japan.

Just like how the company mysteriously valued ‘Love Letter’, ‘Love Letter’ had received surprisingly good reviews and box office amongst the Japanese reviews.

Seven days after the release, they generated 200 million in the box office, which was the second best results of the year just behind the first place Hollywood blockbuster.

But after the four weeks of screen, it was still a question if the Hollywood blockbuster could keep the first place.

It was a long time since a movie from China received such a good review and box office abroad.

To put it bluntly, it was a great honor for the people!

Even the TV from China mentioned once again how ‘Love Letter’ gained prestige overseas.

Under such popularity trend, the journalist had to find something else to report to in addition to continue to monitor the situation.

For example, they went to find people’s old post on social media and take it to ridicule it, use it to slap people’s face, give their opinion on it and etc…

These journalists were really vicious.

It wasn’t enough for them to ridicule and scold them on their reports and articles, they even went to their doorstep to block them.

Xu Dong’s agency company was blocked.

Teacher Firmiana’s studio was also blocked.

Shang Xikai, the boss of Toy Entertainment, was also blocked.

Liao Shi, the owner of Xuanwu Film, was also blocked.

Film companies that once rejected to invest and distribute ‘Love Letter’ were all blocked.

Even Xie Yang, one of the country’s top producers, was blocked by them.

Personnel working for Xu Dong and Firmiana replied that they couldn’t take on any interview and that they were busy.

Shang Xikai was quite simple as he directly admitted his mistake.

“It was our mistake to look down on Director Zhu Mei and Teacher Chu Liuxiang! I will strive to correct it and make up for it in the future! If there’s a chance, I hope I can work with those two teachers, our Toy Entertainment will do our utmost to satisfy their condition.”

Liao Shi’s reply was the most easy going, “Haha, I was wrong this time! I’ve already called my junior sister and hope she can forgive me! … We are at odds? No way! We are already in discussion for the next movie… is it a work from Teacher Chu Liuxiang? I can’t say, you just have to wait for more news!”

As for the fact that Xuanwu Film quietly dismissed five middle-level personnel that rated film potential, it was described by Liao Shi as a normal company change and it had nothing to do with ‘Love Letter’.

Xie Yang also didn’t accept to do any interviews.

Every time he was blocked by those journalists, his face would turn ugly whenever they mentioned ‘Love Letter’, Zhu Mei or Chu Liuxiang.

Except the first few years when he just started in this business, when was he ever face slapped like that?

Beside, do you think you’re awesome?

Six of the top 20 movies at the box office were produced by their Daqi Entertainment, who do you think you guys are?

You guys are just dogshit!

But Xie Yang didn’t dare to say those words at all. His elder brother Xie Hai strictly demanded him to not run his mouth otherwise he would kick him from home and forbid him to return to the company.

Xie Yang’s share in the company may be only slightly less than his brother but Xie Hai was the pillar of their family. If Xie Hai said go left, Xie Yang wouldn’t dare to go right.

So Xie Yang asked the bodyguard and his assistants with a calm face to throw the journalist out before he left quicly.

But would all the journalists be so honest?

He may have not spoken but they still would write something out of it.

“Xie Yang’s face was very cold, he must be very jealous of ‘Love Letter’ box office.”

“The reporter asked how could he miss ‘Love Letter’ but Xie Yang kept silent, it was obviously hard for him to speak about it.”

“Xie Yang, vice chairman of Daqi Entertainment made a big mistake!”

“When asked about ‘Love Letter’ review, Xie Yang was speechless!”


Seeing those false reports, Xie Yang nearly burst out in anger and took things to smash these bastards to pieces!

But he had no ground to fight back at all.

Just as he brother said, he would get ridiculed more if he spoke as he was indeed a big loser concerning ‘Love Letter’.

Xie Yang also wanted to return to the past so he would not support that bastard Shang Xikai but would actively invest in ‘Love Letter’.

The situation would definitely be different if Daqi Entertainment invested in ‘Love Letter’! He would certainly be showered in praise by now!

Imagine how proud that women Zheng Rongrong must feel?

Why did she got such a good thing?

Wouldn’t it be better if we all judged it wrong?

If we got face slapped, it would be better if everybody got face slapped!

But a layman without foundation like you actually got the best and most valuable fruit due to your dogshit luck, how could we not be irritated!

It hurts!!!

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