I Know Everything chapter 108

Chapter 108: Crazy Praises, Crazy Box Offices!

Now, all the networks use the real-time statistical data model and they were all open so everybody could check it at any time.

The next morning, countless people were taken aback after seeing ‘Love Letter’ premiere’s box office.

‘Love Letter’ was released across 2755 screens and generated 10.03 million for its first day!

Shanhai Streaming had promised 2000 screens but after the crazy advertisement, the cinema themselves decided to increase the number of screenings.

It was the off season anyways and it was rare to get such a flashy and good movie. So they used this opportunity to make more money.

The box office at first glance wasn’t very high and even might seem low.

But if one considered there was only two screening on Friday and that the ticket price for literary films was only 15 yuan, they could calculate that the 10.03 million in the box office meant that the 90% of the seats were filled!

Basically, all the seats were full except the first row!

Such terrifying attendance rate was definitely second to none in the recent years.

It could be said that it was the number one for literary and artistic film for the past decade!

The box office was high and it was very reasonable if people thought about it.

With Shanhai Streaming no matter the cost advertisement, it would be normal for it to do well in the box office at the first day even if it was a bad movie.

The more surprising thing was the reviews.

On Broad Bean website, more than 300,000 people rated it in one night.

The average score reached 9.7!

“I went there full of hope but came back home completely touched and sad. Very melancholic but satisfied. I don’t know what else to say, I want to listen to ‘Deskmate’ again but they haven’t released it yet online. I can only salute the scriptwriter, the director and the actors!”

“It’s hard to imagine this was a movie looked down upon by all the film companies. This is a movie where the director, actors and some crew members didn’t received salary and the entire budget was only 3 million! I won’t scold anybody, I just want to shout one word: Impressive!”

“I love the young male and female Fang Shu. I love their timid affection and pure love. I love Qiu Lingxin with her nostalgia and easygoing personality that can’t make people hate here at all.”

“What a joke! There are people who rated this movie 9.8? Ridiculous! How can you come out to face people if you don’t give at least 10 points? Did you even watch it? Do you even have any emotion?”

“I heard for a long time on how Koreans loved ‘Love Letter’. At that time, I thought they were just simple people from a small country. The result was me crying when I heard ‘Deskmate’! I didn’t know why but maybe it was because of my youth.”

“Teacher Chu Liuxiang is so hateful! Every single of his works made me cry! It was the case for ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, it was the case for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and it was still the case for ‘Love Letter’! The most hateful thing is I’m perverted because I actually hope to see the adapted movie of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’. It hurts me just from thinking about it!”

“Apart from Teacher Chu Liuxiang, there’s still our Sister Xiaofeng! ‘Deskmate’ is awesome! I don’t understand why my mom cried when hearing ‘Mama Do You Remember’ but when hearing ‘Deskmate’, I’m the one bursting into tears!”


At the same time, there were crazy amount of people who started to comment about it on Weibo.

‘Love Letter’, ‘Deskmate’, Chu Liuxiang, Lu Xiaofeng, Han Dong’er, Chen Huan, Chen Qian…

Those keywords were present in more than 170 million posts last night and firmly occupied the first place in trending.

As long you were in the entertainment section of Weibo, there would definitely have those names in it.

“I thought nothing could touch me anymore but seeing ‘Love Letter’ and hearing ‘Deskmate’, I took a smoke and stayed alone in the study room for an entire night! Thank you everybody from the film crew, your sincerity touched me!” — A Weibo Celebrity with 20 million followers One Meter said.

“I really like Teacher Chu Liuxiang and I also like Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, but I found out now that the one I love is male Fang Shu! Chen Huan, hand over your pictures, I want to lick them~~~”— Posted by the Weibo celebrity I Love Mantis Shrimp with 17 million followers.

“I highly recommend movie lovers who didn’t see ‘Love Letter’ to go the cinema and see it. You guys won’t be disappointed. If you thinks is bad, you can come and beat me, don’t hesitate!” A Weibo Celebrity with 10 million followers Lend Me A Supercar said.

“’Love Letter’ is too hyped and the targeted audiences is for young people. But ‘Deskmate’ is worth listening! I heard Sister Xiaofeng decided that ‘Deskmate’ would be like ‘Mama Do You Remember’, the copyright fee is free. With this point alone, I think everybody can go watch it. I personally don’t like it very much but it’s definitely not bad.” — Posted by the Weibo celebrity BlackNWhite.

“The little empress Han Dong’er’s performance in ‘Love Letter’ was very natural… Huh, okay, I said that Teacher Chu was very good, no wonder he didn’t chose Bu Yiyi back then, because he needed Han Dong’er natural aura! Han Dong’er’s personality really fits the role of female Fang Shu! In addition, as a music blogger, I strongly recommend ‘Deskmate’! The official version should be released tomorrow and it’s free! Thank you sister Xiaofeng, I would love you even if you’re a man!” A Weibo Celebrity with 16 million followers I’m The King of Karaoke said.

Those were the post from famous Weibo bloggers.

Those Weibo celebrities with a few millions of followers or few hundred thousand followers and even few thousands of followers, gave an even more passionate speech and intense critics.

It wasn’t known if they received money from Shanhai Streaming but they had easily completed the task of being the main discussion of Weibo.

Numerous young people were influenced by Weibo.

This was always an important matter for the release of a movie. Once a positive an unified opinion was formed there, the movie was assured to be a big hit!

It was a fact.

On the second day of the release, Saturday, they temporary increased to 3897 screens for ‘Love Letter’ and all the seven screenings of the day were for ‘Love Letter’.

That day, ‘Love Letter’ generated 48 million in box office!

On the third day, they increased the screens again to 4323 and they also screened it 7 times!

Although the box office decreased slight that day, it still reached 45 million!

In first three days, ‘Love Letter’ had amassed a total box office of 103.03 million which was close to the record of the 180 million for the movie directed by Hao He.

At the same time, in these three days, it also broke 8 records in a row and was like a record breaking machine!

It was probable with the movie’s reputation and high attendance rates that a new box office record for literary films would be made.

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