I Know Everything chapter 107

Chapter 107: Premiere.

Friday October 17th.

Today was like a grand festival for the fans of ‘Love Letter’.

This was true whether it was in China, Japan or South Korea.

There no need to say anything about China and South Korea as the popularity was sky high.

Japan was a latecomer but relying on the various clips and pictures provided by the film crew along with the popularity of the movie in the Busan International Film Festival, there were 500 screens for the release of ‘Love Letter’.

Considering that both Chen Huan and Han Dong’er were both in Lin’an at that time, Zhu Mei decided to have the grand premiere in Lin’an.

This surprised many people.

Because the premiere in China was usually held in Huajin or Huhai and a few times in Yuezhou but never in Lin’an.

But this move gained the support from the people of Lin’an.

After all, ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ came from Lin’an, Teacher Chu Liuxiang was said to be from Lin’an and ‘Love Letter’ was his work, so everybody supported the decision.

Seeing that the film crew gave them such an honor, the fans in Lin’an occupied around the entrance of the theater where the premiere was held for a long time.

Shanhai Streaming was even more active as they set up the venue three days before the premiere.

When Chen Huan came there, he found that it looked like the Hollywood’s Oscar ceremony.

Except the shorter red carpet, the surrounding environment, the numbers of journalist, the congestion of fans and etc. were all like a big award show.

“It’s so nice to have money!”

Chen Huan exclaimed as he stood alongside Han Dong’er.

In front of them was Chen Qian and Guo Hand, and further in front was Zhu Mei and Zheng Rongrong.

Zhen Rongrong was very busy but yet still personally showed up at the premiere, it showed the importance Shanhai Streaming put on ‘Love Letter’.

According to some newspapers, Shanhai Streaming spent a total of 600 million yuan in advertisement in the past 10 days and set the record for the highest budget for advertisement in the history of China.

It may have made sense if they used that much money for advertising for an action blockbuster movie but ‘Love Letter’ was a literary film through and through. There was no way the movie would gross more than 1.2 billion yuan.

So Shanhai Streaming would make a huge lost this time!

Many photographers pay a lot of attention on Zheng Rongrong’s expression but found out that she was smiling widely without any hint of disappointment or irritation.

What Chen Huan thought about Zheng Rongrong was what everybody also thought of.

Now everybody was waiting for the ceremony arrangement to start. They would walk the 20 meters of red carpet before entering the cinema with the selected fans and watch the movie together.

Han Dong’er didn’t pay attention to Chen Huan but he was accustomed to her cold personality so he continued to talk, “Dong’er, you came to participate in ‘I Sing My Song’, did you find any good prospect? Or good songs?”

Han Dong’er finally replied after hearing this question, “The live recording only start tomorrow.”

“That courageous?” Chen Huan was shocked, “It’s only the top 64 and they already broadcast it live?”

“’I Sing My Song’ may had become second-rate nationwide but they are still very popular in Lin’an.”

Qiantang Evening News talked about it every day on their entertainment column, including the analyses and discussion about the participants, it was quite interesting for the readers.

So Chen Huan was quite informed about the show.

“They can only trend by doing this.” Han Dong’er explained, “They already have very poor results so they have to take a chance.”

Miss, you are so honest.

Chen Huan thought before he said, “Did you read the analyses from the newspaper and the info they gave? Which player is the best? Is it Li Bi? Yu Chenghan? Jin Guwei? Zhuo Xiaofen?

Chen Huan brought up the four most popular participants mentioned by the newspaper as they had already quite a bit of popularity amongst the show’s fans.

But Han Dong’er just glanced at him before saying a name, “Zhou Chengshou.”

Chen Huan: “…”

He was dumbfounded by her choice.

Zhou Chengshou was the oldest participant of the top 64. He was 65 years old and had been a peasant all his life.

His singing was quite good, loud and clear, but the problem was his face was like an old bark and his getup with dirt was just not in line with the viewers from ‘I Sing My Song’.

So everyone said that the fact he could stumble into the top 64 was because the show’s team used some tricks.

And he would definitely be eliminated in the next round.

Unexpectedly, Han Dong’er viewed him quite highly.

She wasn’t wrong.

If it was just the voice, Zhou Changshou, who sang for all his life while farming, was really good.

Chen Huan wanted to ask her a few more things but the host invited the film crew to enter with a very exaggerated and passionate voice.

The youngster could only hold it and wait until they arrived into the cinema to ask her more details. Anyways, they had already saw ‘Love Letter’ many times and lost the novelty of it.

But what he didn’t expect was when the movie started, Han Dong’er didn’t let Chen Huan speak at all and watched the movie seriously and devotedly as if she never saw it before.

The two hours movie ended.

When the lights were lit again, the audience all stood up together and applauded while shouting the name of the characters in the movie loudly.

“Fang Shu!”

“Fang Shu!”

“Qiu Lingxin!”


Unfortunately, no one shouted the name of Ye Mao who was the supporting male role.

But Guo Hang didn’t mind it at all as what the movie gave him already was beyond his imagination.

He originally couldn’t get any role in movies and could only perform in theaters but he had now received five or six scripts recently. It was like a dream for him.

Chen Huan was quite bored in comparison.

He roughly counted what kind of reactions the audience were having during the movie.

They exclaimed 17 times, cheered 5 times, laughed 3 times and cried during 3 scenes.

This was a very normal reaction that meant they were very immersed into the movie, which also means they reaction was similar to those in Korea.

The endless applauses also showed their satisfaction.

At the same time, in a cinema at Minzhou, Ning Wu also came out with the crowd. (In case people forgot who he is. He’s the producer who bought the song for 2 million from the MC.)

He was a middle aged uncle who was mixing with audience whose average age was around 25 years old, which was a bit out of place.

But Ning Wu didn’t care those things.

Like Chen Huan, he carefully checked the reaction of audience.

After returning from the company, several employees from the studio also returned.

“How was it?” Ning Wu asked them.

“They responded very well to it and they eagerly discussing about it. Everybody seems to like to like it.”

“As soon I left the cinema, there were several girls crying on their phones and several people even called their friend to urge them to come watch it.”

“The tickets in Fu’an Cinema for tomorrow morning was basically sold out and many people are now booking for tomorrow afternoon and night.”

Ning Wu heart was settled after seeing everybody’s feedback was the same as what he saw.

“Okay, then it’s decided!” Ning Wu started to give out orders, “We will start advertising the song tomorrow and the song will be on the radio next week! Advertisement at Weibo will also start at the same time!”

“Yes, sir!”

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