I Know Everything chapter 106

Chapter 106: if you have to show your skills if you want to be a follower.

The next day, a Monday morning, Chen Huan went to school as usual.

But he was shocked when he reached the school’s entrance.

“Congratulation to student Chen for getting the first place in the five high schools math competition!”

The banner was hanging just there in a very eye catching place as it was being blown by the wind.


How lacking in achievement the Virtuous Middle School was? They even pulled the banner for a little competition?

If one day he was being admitted in Tsinghua or Peking, wouldn’t they lit firecrackers all over the city?

Chen Huan went inside as he shook his head.

But the group of female students certainly didn’t let him go just like that.

“Chen Huan, congratulation!”

“Classmate Chen Huan, you’re so awesome!”

“Chen Huan, do you have time? There are things I don’t understand in math, can you teach me?”

“Me also, I want to hire you as my tutor, is that okay?”

“Classmate Chen Huan, we all want to listen to your lecture~~”


They were so enthusiastic that they started to squeeze their way toward Chen Huan.

Chen Huan was fortunately experienced and escaped the encircled before running to was his classroom.

The lively classroom suddenly quieted up when they saw Chen Huan came in.

Chen Huan found out that the gaze they were giving him were a bit different.

In the past, without exception, all the boys looked at him with envy and jealousy while the girls looked infatuated.

But now, they both gave another expression too.

It was an expression that showed they had a hard time recognizing him.

Chen Huan of course understood that they didn’t expect him to have such a talent in mathematics.

The competition between the five high schools had been around for many years and they were used to it.

The Virtuous Middle School wasn’t very strong and although they won before, the school generally lagged behind amongst the five schools.

They didn’t expect Chen Huan to get first place for his first time and push down Tang Ziyan.

That was so amazing!

Who was Tang Ziyan?

She became the number one math student in Virtuous Middle School the moment she entered the school.

Now Chen Huan not only surpassed the other people but also her. He completely turned it around!

Therefore, the school praising Chen Huan wasn’t without reasons.

“Lord Huan, did you get possessed by the gods?” Zhu Bo quietly sat beside him and asked before the class started, “Can you tell me what your secret is?”

“Get struck by the thunder.”


Zhu Bo was startled by the reply before he reacted, “Don’t try to scare me. If you were really struck by lightning, how can you still be so white and intact?”

The other people may not people if told but Chen Huan would get tanned under the sun sure enough but his skin turn back to white again just after a few days if he didn’t get under the sun.

He was born like that.

It was no wonder that people said that Chen Huan was a perfect man except the fact his background wasn’t good and he wasn’t smart enough.

“Then it’s just talent.” Chen Huan said, “Maybe I finally unlocked the wisdom my parents gave me.”

“Unlocking your gene?” Zhu Bo wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to after remembering what Chen Huan did to him last time.

Chen Huan now was completely different from the timid him before. He even knew how to beat people now, he couldn’t treat like he did before.

“What are you guys talking about?” Su Xiaofei leaned over from the side and said, “Hey, Chen Huan, be honest, is this because you saw those questions before so you got lucky?”

“It’s not.” Chen Huan shook his head.

“Come on!” Su Xiaofei gave an exaggerated expression, “We’re all long time classmates, you don’t have to hide it from me, I won’t laugh at you.”

“Laugh at your mom!” Zhu Bo got triggered suddenly and scolded Su Xiaofei.

He long seen disliked this guy that talked ambiguously.

But he usually didn’t like Chen Huan anyways so he let the guy took advantage of Chen Huan.

However, it was different now.

Chen Huan had toughen it up and would gradually make his way toward the peak of life. He had already made the decision to follow him so he couldn’t let this guy mess with Chen Huan!

Now it was the time to show his worth!

Su Xiaofei was a bit confused.

He knew Zhu Bo just as Zhu Bo knew him.

They originally would use Chen Huan to achieve their own goals without getting in each other ways.

But he didn’t expect Zhu Bo to suddenly get triggered and scold him.

“Don’t recklessly spout some nonsense!” Zhu Bo didn’t want to be put in the same bag as him, “If you slander Brother Huan again, he might not care but I’ll go tell it to school flower Long, let’s see if she will wipe you out or not?”

Su Xiaofei planned to scold back but swallowed back his words when he heard him mentioning Long Yuqing.

Chen Huan really didn’t care about it and wouldn’t tell those school flowers how he got bullied or wronged by people.

But things wouldn’t be that simple if Zhu Bo acted as the middle man.

Those girls who were crazy about Chen Huan would definitely dare to teach him a vicious lesson.

It was like back in first year, those boys who wanted to teach Chen Huan a ‘lesson’ got all beaten out of school.

He couldn’t afford to!

So Su Xiaofei could only sheepishly smile and said, “I’m just joking, why are you taking it to heart? I’m leaving, class is about to start.”

With that said, he left with his tail between his legs.

Chen Huan was quite surprised.

He thought that tricking Zhu Bo once would make Zhu Bo put some respectful distance between them.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Bo didn’t do that and instead got more friendly, acting like he was his boss or something.

“Lord Huan, don’t look at me like that.” Zhu Bo was very clever and understood Chen Huan’s expression, “I knew I was wrong! But I also know that the history’s wheel has already started rolling and nothing can’t stop your ascension! I just want to follow you and drink some soup, I will certainly show my worth, can i?”

Chen Huan sneered, “You’re not afraid I’ll trick you again?”

“How can I?” Zhu Bo said, “I was wrong before so I was punished by you but as long I work for you seriously, I’m not afraid!”

“Class is about to start, go back first.” Chen Huan waived his hand and didn’t give him an answer.

Zhu Bo went back to his seat just when the bell rang.

Chen Huan wasn’t so naïve. He didn’t believe he would suddenly get a loyal follower that would give him his full support and never betray him after he showed his skills in school.

That something that only happening in novel.

Zhu Bo made it very clear that he only followed after Chen Huan for the benefits.

If following Chen Huan didn’t get him any benefits, Zhu Bo could easily leave.

But Chen Huan felt that was what kept it real.

In life, having one or two intimate and true friends was enough.

Since High Schooler grew up to be unparalleled handsome since he was a child, it basically cut off the possibility to have good male friends.

Which man could accept walking next to Chen Huan and have all the women look at him and not pay attention to themselves?

It was like having a good friend that was good in Karaoke and everybody wanted to hear him sings but what was the point of you going to sing with him?

This made their fists itch.

It was already good enough that they didn’t beat him.

Therefore, Chen Huan didn’t mind using Zhu Bo if he worked well.

After all, he knew him for many years and knew Zhu Bo wasn’t a bad person and was very clever.

Chen Huan wanted to do many things in the future and it would be inconvenient if he didn’t have anybody he could use.

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