I Know Everything chapter 105

Chapter 105: It’s so good to be skilled!

They couldn’t forgive this kind of behavior where they found outside help.

Moreover, it was even fouler because it was a top student from Lin’an Senior High School.

The second prize in the Maths Olympiads practically guarantee him  to be in the top 50 students amongst the province.

Although Lin’an received a lot of resource in education, there were a lot of people in the Zhejiang Province so there was genius popping out everywhere.

Therefore, being a top 50 in mathematics in LA city couldn’t guarantee them to be in top 50 in Zhejiang Province. At most they would be in top 80 but some years they wouldn’t even enter the top 100.

This student could get the second place in mathematics in the whole province so he was definitely ranked in the top ten in Lin’an Senior High School and could be ranked amongst top 30 students in LA city.

May the heaven see and protect us!

Tang Ziyun, the strongest students among the five schools present, was only one of the top 100 students in Lin’an but now there was a student who was in the top 30. Do they still have to compete?

Wouldn’t everybody do this in future?

Would you still have any face by winning in this way?

Did you still need face?

Seeing everybody getting into an uproar, Teacher Su could tell the truth, “Sheng Xu was transferred to our school due to some change in his family so he is a proper student of our Eighth High and not some outside help.”

“Keep boasting, his math are so good, does he have to go to your Eighth High if he wanted to change school? Why didn’t go to my school?” Teacher Wu replied indignantly.

“It’s just our luck was good. It not our fault for being lucky.” Teacher Su spread his hands.

They couldn’t anything about this as they knew this wasn’t foul play.

But it would be hard for the rest of the students.

Especially for He Qiang who was fully confident when he came.

Tang Ziyan certainly couldn’t beat this Sheng Xu and while Chen Huan was better than Tang Ziyun, it was still a mystery how much better he was.

Moreover, Sheng Xu had experienced these kinds of competitions last year and Chen Huan only recently started get better so Chen Huan didn’t seem to have much chance to win.

If even He Qiang was worried like that, the other teachers were even more so.

Only Teacher Su was calm and even started to feel proud inside.

The school finally found such a good student and beheading these little fry was like a breeze to him.

The right time for him to go full force was at the college entrance exams where he would strive to become amongst the top 10 students of the city, it would super awesome at that time.

Compared to the Math competition, the total time allowed for this exercise was only 80 minutes.

At 10:20 am, the professor Ceng took the papers and started to grade them as he sat on the podium.

The fifteen students were taking away by their teachers and were asked by them how they did on the test.

Chen Huan’s answer was, “Still alright, not too difficult.”

He Qiang raised his eyebrows in disbelief, “It can’t be, the first and third reciprocal questions are beyond our high school knowledge, you still can do it?”

Under the gaze of He Qiang, Tang Ziyan beside him nodded softly, “I wasn’t able to do the first reciprocal question.”

Chen Huan was surprised and thought, was it really that hard?

But he completed it smoothly.

He Qiang didn’t ask anything more because it would soon revealed whether Chen Huan was right or not.

The test papers for the 15 people only had 8 fill the blank questions and 3 solution questions so it was very to grade them all.

Sure enough, Professor Ceng announced the results half an hour later.

“Hmm, there are two people who barely had full marks this time, their mathematics foundation and execution aren’t bad.” Professor Ceng said to the expectant teachers, “The rest of the students will have to work harder or it would be even harder for you to catch up to the real to students.”

Teacher Su from Eighth High was surprised by the results as he asked, “Professor Ceng, there is another person in addition to Sheng Xu?”


Professor Ceng turned over the papers and said, “It’s a student named Chen Huan, he also have full marks.”


Everybody looked at Virtuous Middle School’s most valuable treasure.

Chen Huan’s expression was like usual as if it was already expected from him to get full marks.

Even Sheng Xu, who didn’t care about anyone here before, gave him a deep glance.

Then… then he stopped looking.

Because it hurt whenever they looked at him, a man looking as good as him, why you even studying math so hard for!?

On the way home, Chen Huan felt like he was floating.

He kept thinking about their shocked expression and sighing with emotion.

Especially that Professor Ceng from Zhejiang University, his eyes were about to fall out when he saw that Chen Huan was the very handsome boy.

Top students weren’t supposed to be ugly?

How could this little kid with a celebrity face be a top student?

The respect given to a top student was really different from the attention given because of his looks he received from his parents. The satisfaction he got was completely different.

With this in his mind, Chen Huan thought that the Good Lord was a bit useful and wasn’t as unbearable as it seemed.

It was a pity that although Chen Huan got the first place, the Good Lord didn’t show up and give him a surprise reward.

But Chen Huan estimated there should be a reward if he won the national high school mathematic competition.

But that wouldn’t be easy.

There were only around 30 people in the country that could claim to do so.

Zhejiang province wasn’t a province strong in math so maybe only one or two people had the potential to win.

However as Chen Huan left, Teacher He’s eyes made him feel like the teacher had the intention to get him into the national high school math competition.

Tang Ziyan got the third place this year and couldn’t be compared from the Sheng Xu from last year.

But now that Chen Huan proved he was stronger than Tang Ziyan, the second place shouldn’t be a problem for him.

If took some extra lesson after school, maybe he could even get the first place.

Being able to teach a student that was able to win the national high school mathematics competition, Teacher He would feel like he didn’t waste his time on his teacher career.

Chen Huan also welcomed the competition.

College admission recommendation letter was still a thing in this world.

If Chen Huan won the national competition, he may able to discuss with the best colleges in the country, except for the best three, and he would be able to choose freely.

This could avoid the embarrassment of him participating in the college entrance exams where his scores on the other subjects weren’t nearly as high.

However, would Advanced Mathematics (Beginner) be enough for Chen Huan to complete the test?

He didn’t know.

He wouldn’t be sure even if he mastered college freshmen level of mathematics.

Who knew what kind of questions would be on the test?

Therefore, Chen Huan believed he had to work harder and do more college level exercises so he could face head on against those geniuses.

What a pity!

He wouldn’t have to worry about first place if he had Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate) and he would be even able to get a good result internationally with it.

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