I Know Everything chapter 104

Chapter 104: Revealing his talents.

For students, October was a month that was quite relaxed for school.

At that moment, it was the start of school and there was no pressure about some final exam so they could take it easy.

But the school didn’t seem that relaxed.

Because at this time of the year, the various exchange activity between schools would start.

It was said to be an exchange activity but it was in fact to make the genius from other school become the stepping stone of their own school genius. It was practically a face slapping activity.

On one hand, it could make their own students gain more confidence in the competition, on the other hand, it could increase their schools reputation and become the dominating force among the school, so why wouldn’t they do it?

But it was impossible for everything to go as one wished.

After all, if the good school wanted to beat the bad schools, they still needed their agreement, no?

They’ll be stupid to compete with them, what could they do if we didn’t accept their invitation?

First-class competed with first-class, second-class competed with second-class.

For example, the three major high schools such as Second High, Monarch School and Senior High School would only compete with each other.

The rest of the schools would also compete against schools with similar level.

Like that, everybody could win, everybody won and lose too, it would be better.

The schools facing Virtuous Middle School in the exchange were obviously about the same level as them.

This week’s Sunday, there would be a mathematics exchange between those schools and it was said that they had a professor from Zhejiang University to make the test. The difficulty was close to the Maths Olympiad and could be considered a warm up before the Maths Olympiad.

He Qiang took Tang Ziyan, Hu Bin and another student named Xie Kuan to participate in the competition last year. The result was Tang Ziyan easily winning the first place and brining a lot of glory to the school.

This year, he directly gave up on Xie Kuan and let Chen Huan replace him to become the strongest trio of Virtuous Middle School!

After attending the film festival in South Korea and returning to school, Chen Huan was still valued by He Qiang.

He made three more test and the results were still the same. Chen Huan surpassed Tang Ziyan and was the number one in Virtuous Middle School.

While going to the Children’s Palace, He Qiang could be described as fully confident with a hint of sinister.

You can’t deal with Tang Ziyan to begin with but how shocked and in despair will you be when I take out the super weapon Chen Huan.

As long this Old He’s students are here, you will never win against Virtuous Middle School!

At 8:30am, He Qiang arrived in advance at the Children’s Palace with three students.

Surprisingly, there were people who were even earlier than them.

Two groups of students and teachers were already chatting there.

“Hey, isn’t this teacher He?” A man about the same age as He Qiang greeted him with a smile.

“Teacher Zhang, Teacher Wu, you guys came so early.” He Qiang also replied with a smile,

As they approached, the teachers and student’s eyes widened when they saw Chen Huan.

The slightly thin teacher Wu, who was only in his thirties, said in horror, “Teacher He, last year you got the better of us, are you planning crush us also in beauty contest this year? Why did you bring out your most valuable treasure?”

Most valuable treasure?

Chen Huan was shocked by it.

How come he didn’t know about this title?

He knew the handsomeness of High Schooler wasn’t only limited to Virtuous Middle School but the strange thing was the girls from the other school didn’t come in contact with him.

The teachers were joking around but the students didn’t laugh.

It was still the same.

The male shot him jealous look while the female were drunk in pleasure.

Facts had proven that even the top students devoted to studies couldn’t ignore Chen Huan’s charm.

“Knock it off, our Chen Huan was recently enlighten. His mathematics is going straight up and is not bad at all.” He Qiang got a bit defensive after being ambushed like that, “So I brought him over to get some experience out and also improve his skill a bit.”

“What mathematics skills is he even going to use?” Teacher Zhang’s face is also filled with envy, “He could take a break from school and go shoot a movie, he will earn a least a few million, right? We work hard for our entire life but can we earn as much as him doing a single movie or advertisement?”

“Teacher, the charm from knowledge is incomparable to money.” Chen Huan hurriedly tried to clear things up, “I love studying…”

“I know, you’re addicted to learning and can’t extricate yourself from it!” Teacher Wu interrupted, “Our students often said that too, haha!”

Look at the three black lines on my forehead!

Chen Huan reluctantly stopped trying to explain.

Anyways, he was destined to not be a normal person in everybody’s eyes.

Even if Chen Huan didn’t know how to act, he could eat golden VIP level of soft rice by just relying on his look so his future was definitely assured. (Eating soft rice means being taking care of by sugar mom/dad.)

The rich girls in Virtuous Middle School may be trying very hard but they might not get what they wished in the end.

They weren’t the best if they were compared to all the school flowers in the country.

All the girls’ families in the world, it was unknown how far they were willing to go to get him.

The competition was at 9am so Chen Huan and the others only arrived for a bit before the other two schools also arrived.

Their reaction was the same as the other two schools when they saw Chen Huan and they thought what he was doing here.

Chen Huan didn’t pay attention to them as he went to the exam room to wait for the teachers to distribute the papers.

The test papers today were made by the professor in Zhejiang University and also handed out by him.

After handing out the papers, he just sat there with an indifferent face.

It was normal.

A mathematics professor from Zhejiang University like him should be at where the three major high schools be as it was where the genius and good seedling were.

Even if one student stood out amongst all the students from these second-rate high school, it would already be lucky if they could compete with those real top students.

Also, look at that fast written handsome boy, why don’t you go be a celebrity? Why did you ran over here?

Eh… that boy looks familiar!

While he was in his thought, the teachers standing outside by the windows also started to talk.

“Teacher He, look at the student with glass from Eighth High. He didn’t seem to be in their school last year, right?” Teacher Zhang said as he poked at He Qiang.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen him before.” He Qiang also felt a bit puzzled, “But don’t you think he looks a bit familiar?” He Qiang asked back.

“Yeah, I seems to have seen him in a competition before.” Teacher Wu said as he recalled something.

“No need to guess. He came from Lin’an Senior High School. He was in Maths Olympiad last year and won second place.” Another teacher chimed in and solved the mystery.


“The hell!? Old Su, are you trying to cheat!?”

Everyone glared at Teacher Su from Eighth High.

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