I Know Everything chapter 103

Chapter 103: Took turns and at the same time beating.

Chen Huan, who caused the storm, was living his life without any care.

He went to school earnestly every day and reviewed his schoolwork seriously after school. His life was a bit boring but it gave him a sense of normality.

Men learned from studying since the beginning and then acquire skills from studying, only then they would have worth to be more independent.

Otherwise if you don’t have the skills but still want to be independent, those were idiots because after they entered the society, the world would fiercely slap them and teach them what reality was.

Chen Huan had now a lot of money.

The 2.7 million yuan from Bright Sparkle Publishing House had arrived to his bank account.

Qiantang Evening News’ 200,000 yuan fee also had long been transferred to his bank account.

There was also the down payment of Ning Wu’s 1 million for the song that he received before along with the small noodle shop dividend that reached 300,000. Shui Qingshan transferred him the money via Habao Payment.

So the fund available to Chen Huan now was 4.2 million yuan.

Chen Huan’s long cherished dream was to buy a property and rent it for 8,000 yuan a month so he could live the rest of his life comfortably. He wouldn’t have to worry about his future if his studies encountered a setback.

Of course, buying a propertythat could be rented for 10,000 yuan a month with 4.2 million in the current high price market and in Lin’an, wasn’t very realistic.

They might be able to do it if it was ten years ago.

The return from the rents decreased further with the economic impact due to the internet, but it wouldn’t be a problem if they used the 4.2 million to find a local that could be rented for 5,000 a month.

Lady Boss Xia had nothing to do during these times so Chen Huan asked her to help him look around if there were good shops.

Women, they were definitely interested in buying things.

So she rode her electric bicycle and traveled through the streets of Lin’an to find some cheap and good locals.

He didn’t need to rush this and only fate and luck would be able to get him one.

Chen Huan wasn’t in a hurry.

He would receive the dividend from his script and actor salary for ‘Love Letter’ after the movie ended his screening would be a large amount, so he would have more choices at that time.

At school, more and more troubles came to Chen Huan due to the heavy advertisement of ‘Love Letter’.

And one of them was Zhu Bo who brought it.

That traitor, who pretended to be a friend, always leeched off him. His remuneration got even high for stuffing Chen Huan’s desk full of gifts and also for passing on gift to him by hands.

Zhu Bo didn’t have much respect for Chen Huan and he wouldn’t able to be compared to Chen Huan in his lifetime so he planned to follow him and use Chen Huan to gain some advantage for himself.

For example, he would act as Chen Huan’s agent if Chen Huan entered the entertainment industry, at that time wouldn’t money practically rolling to him?

Chen Huan didn’t expect his aspiration to be so big and he was also getting irritated by Zhu Bo constantly annoying him.

The point was this guy didn’t know what moderation was and was getting more unscrupulous!

So after going back home that afternoon, Chen Huan sent a message each to Long Yuqin and Xu Qiao via WeChat.

Hardworking: “Thank you for the gift you had Zhu Boss pass on.”

Cyan Rain: “What gift?” 

Coincidence: “?!”

(The girls IGN are word play of their name. 雨色青青= Cyan colored rain =龙雨青= Long Yuqing. 好巧呀= What a coincidence = 徐巧 = Xu Qiao)

Hardworking: “Wasn’t you who asked Zhu Bo to pass it to me? It’s embarrassing to say it in person! I don’t like to accept gift from people to begin with but he said it was from you so I obviously took it.”

Cyan Rain: “Haha, do you mean that you wouldn’t have taken it if it wasn’t from me?”

Coincidence: “Shi Shi, you accepted so readily because I was the one who gave it?”

Hardworking, “Yeah, we are friends after all.”

Cyan Rain: “This young lady is so happy, do you like my gift?”

Coincidence: “So do you like the gift I sent?”

Hardworking: “It’s a bit weird, you know I don’t like sweets, so why did you gift me Belgium chocolates?”

Cyan Rain: “Aiyo, it’s good to occasionally eat them, hum, I have some matter to deal with, I can’t talk with you, Kiss~~~”

Coincidence: “Okay, I will gift you something else next time, don’t be angry okay, see you tomorrow~~~”

Chen Huan put down his phone and grinned.

The two girls didn’t show any visible reaction or emotion but he obviously knew they were trying to probe him.

The chocolate box wasn’t something sent by them to begin with but Chen Huan deliberately set Zhu Bo up so he would bear the anger of the two girls.

The pretty girls’ anger wasn’t something he could easily deal with.

As expected, Long Yuqing didn’t appear during the canteen and neither did Xu Qiao.

Chen Huan looked around and found no trace of Zhu Bo.

Even during the first class in the afternoon, Chen Huan only saw Long Yuqing sitting in her seat with a cold aura around her but he still didn’t see Zhu Bo entering the classroom.

Maybe the two girls were too heavy with their hands?

Chen Huan went to the bathroom after the class and when he came back, he saw a guy sitting next to his seat with his hoodie up and his head down.

“Zhu Bo?” Chen Huan asked as he remembered that Zhu Bo seemed to have worn those clothes today.

The guy raised his head and his swollen nose and face surprised Chen Huan.

Fortunately, he was still able to recognize him as Zhu Bo.

“Are you okay?” Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile when he saw his fat face covered in bruises.

“Brother Huan, Lord Huan, you’re too mean!” Zhu Bo’s eyes were red, “Wasn’t I only helping people to pass on gift? Why do you need to hurt me that much?”

Chen Huan finally laughed as he said, “So, did they took their turns to beat you or beat you at the same time?”

“They took turn and also at the same time!” Zhu Bo’s tears flowed out profusely, “They were too vicious! I’m a man and it’s not good for me to fight back but they didn’t hold back at all!”

It wasn’t because he was unwilling to fight back but because he didn’t dare to.

If he dared to fight back, the consequences would be unimaginable.

They were two daughters from rich families that were worth a billion yuan. If he hit them, it would be weird if those families didn’t tear him apart.

“It’s good if you understand.” Chen Huan patted his shoulder, “The next time you dare to us me as a bargaining chips to profit unscrupulously, it won’t be just the two of them!”

Zhu Bo’s eyes widened with disbelief all over his face.

He planned to sob and get some compensation from Chen Huan but he didn’t expect the timid and introvert Chen Huan to say something so threatening.

Moreover, he said it so calmly.

Is… is he still the Chen Huan I knew?

Seeing Chen Huan’s face, Zhu Bo suddenly shivered.

Did I trigger the button for the devil transformation?

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