I Know Everything chapter 102

Chapter 102: One novel achievement can reverse the trend of one industry!

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was popular novel in South Korea and its mysterious existence was also mentioned in China.

Since ‘Love Letter’ was well received in Korea, people would see ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in the comments from South Korea.

Then someone revealed that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was a novel written by Teacher Chu Liuxiang and it had been sold more than 2 million so far as well as Korea’s number one book this year.

The most important thing was ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ had brought tears to many people and there were countless superstars in South Korea Film and TV industries crying out loud in hope they could be part of this novel adaptation in movie even if it was a supporting role.

Korean celebrities were very marketable in China.

Many South Korea’s movies had them in it so everybody was familiar with them.

But China’s movie enthusiast didn’t understand why they were being so crazy about just a book.

But then, ‘Love Letter’ film crew confirmed that the Chu Liuxiang that wrote ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was the same one from China who wrote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ and ‘Love Letter’ script.

The situation was suddenly different.

Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s work had made many people in Korea to fall in love with it and even Korean celebrities cried and begged for a movie adaptation of the novel. It was a great honor for the Chinese!

The Chinese people, who had been repeatedly attacked for the last hundred years, had developed a mysterious desire to conquer the foreigners and make the foreigners admire them.

So a novel like Teacher Chu’s one that conquered a whole country. It was obvious that everybody would like it.

There were waves of people who searched on the internet how they could read ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

There were some people in South Korea who scanned the pages of the book and posted them online but the translation project was too vast and it must also take account of the literary difference. So those random translation was a bit strange for the people who read it.

It was also at this time that a post in Weibo exploded in popularity.

Qiantang Evening News official Weibo, “The newspaper had acquired exclusively the license of Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s work. Starting from Monday in October 16th, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ will be published in installment! It’s a masterpiece, absolute tearjerker! Everybody is welcome to read it!”

This Weibo post was reposted more than 3 million times in a single day.

“Holy shit, is this true?”

“It should be true, right? I remember Ning Yiqiu saw the original ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ in a newspaper at Lin’an.”

“Yes! I’m from Lin’an! Teacher Chu’s ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ was published by this Qiantang Evening News. They must have an established relationship so there’s nothing strange if ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ is published by them.”

“Mu Hahaha, although I’m not from Lin’an, I’m from Wenzhou and Qiantang Evening News is also sold here! I can read the genuine ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’!”

“Yes, as someone from Lin’an, I’m looking forward to the official copy. What are all those messy translation? If you want to read the novel, you have to be able to enjoy Teacher Chu’s style.”

“Fuck! This daddy said before that maybe Teacher Chu in South Korea was the same as ours but you bunch retard scolded me for it! Get out for me! This daddy needs to clears his name!”

“I heard that the Korea version was translated from the Chinese version, to put it simply, the version that Qiantang Evening News will post is the original version!”

“As a netizen who envy the friends from Zhejiang…. Please put it on the internet after you receive it!”

“Tsk, poor people are really a bunch of bumpkin, it’s people like you who doesn’t respect copyright that makes the writers more and more reluctant to write books! I directly asked a friend in Lin’an to send me a copy of the newspaper by Habao Express! Then I can watch it the next day!”

“I bow down to rich man! Rich man, let us be friend, where are you from?”


Thus, Qiantang Evening News became famous.

But there were also people scolding them.

Because they wouldn’t have ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in the website.

It meant that you wouldn’t be able to see it even if you subscribed to the website.

Before, ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ started to get popular in the website of ‘Qiantang Evening News.

Unfortunately, Zhejiang Newspapers Group chose to post it exclusively in the newspaper of Qiantang Evening News because the drop in sales of the newspaper and because people could see more advertisement on the paper version.

After all, people wouldn’t take another look on the advertisement in the website but they would take another look for the newspapers since it was in their hands and when they brought it back to their house.

Many scolded Qiantang Evening News that for this small amount of money, they were ready fallout with the fans across the country. It was really strain at gnats and swallow camels, shameless!

But what was the use of scolding?

The most important was still to read ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’!

Few days after the post in Weibo, while people were still scolding online, the orders from the major newsstands and the neighbor cities suddenly increased.

They were already reluctant to maintain the 50 million copies but they demanded 20 million copies more these last few days.

Some people that were too lazy to go to the newsstand for the newspaper, directly bought a subscription for a year to the newspaper and there were 30,000 of them!

Although the price for the subscription to the newspaper dropped sharply in the recent years and it was at 199 per year, there were fewer people each year that subscripted to the newspaper.

Especially after the elderly learned how to use smartphone.

Especially after they learned how to read the fake health care methods on the internet.

A regrowth like Qiantang Evening News did and such a big one too, had definitely never happened before.

At that moment, all the newspapers across the country looked at Qiantang Evening News.

The CEO of Zhejiang Newspaper Group was grinning widely as he participated in a conference and enjoyed the attention he got.

It was said that Qiantang Evening News gave a bonus of 1 million to team in the Essay section.

It wasn’t only because the subscription increased but also because the increase of traffic brought more investment from the advertisers.

Advertisements were the lifelines of the newspapers.

No need to mention anything else, how much profit do you think they generate for each newspapers that contained real estate advertisement?

With this favorable situation, Qiantang Evening News began the serialization of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ the day ‘Love Letter’ film crew came back to the country.

Within three days, their subscription increased by 100,000.

Also because it was said that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would be serialized for three months, the numbers of people who took the yearly subscription increased by 20,000.

Qiantang Evening News were really immoral as they only posted during the weekday and it was only 2,000 words per day so they could serialize it for three months and attract more people to read the newspaper.

They were really had no fear because Chen Huan didn’t contact any other publishing company in the country and only them had the authorization.

Chen Huan’s fee was originally set at 1,000 yuan for every 1,000 words which was 1 yuan per word but with the current popularity, the CEO of Zhejiang Newspapers Group made the decision to wait until the end of the serialization to give Chen Huan a big red packet!

The people in the Essay section understood the story was only beginning and hadn’t reached the highest point.

They had to wait when the daughter Li Yiyuan enters the prison to accompany his father, this was when people would start crying.

At that time, the subscription would definitely increase again.

To be able to revive an entire industry with only one book, only someone as glorious as Teacher Chu Liuxiang could do it!

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