I Know Everything chapter 101

Chapter 101: Dong’er Panel Judge?

Chen Qian was obviously not the only person exploding in popularity.

Chen Huan also exploded in popularity.

The pure and handsome face directly captured the heart of many women as they already started to shout he was better than Su Mo.

It just happened that Su Mo was asked about this during an interview and he replied with a smile, “I also think he looks better than me”, this made those girls and women even more arrogant.

However, Chen Huan was still a student and was only 16 years old. Every company talked to Zhu Mei but she told them that Chen Huan didn’t have the intention to work in the entertainment industry for now so no company went to invite him to act in a movie.

But Han Dong’er was different as she was a signed singer from Yongren Studio so anybody could find her.

Similar to Chen Qian, there were a dozens of scripts that were sent to Yongren Studio in hope to hire her to their movie and the remuneration was 3 million. Han Dong’er could be considered as a second-tier actress right now.

Wei Xi didn’t decide on anything this time because he knew Han Dong’er very well and knew that girl wasn’t suitable for acting.

The reasons why Han Dong’er did well in ‘Love Letter’ were because she and Chen Huan matched very well and was number one couple under the heaven. So everyone had naturally a good impression of them.

Another reason was setting of ‘Love Letter’ suited Han Dong’er’s personality very well so she could perform her act well.

But if they wanted her to act in movie by relying on her acting skills… hehe, it would be disaster.

However, there were some things that Wei Xi couldn’t just ignore.

For example, the invitation just in front of him.

It came from Zhejiang TV and it came from the variety show ‘I Sing My Song’.

The show wanted Han Dong’er to participate in ‘I Sing My Song’ as a jury.

“Dong’er, look at this…” Wei Xi shouted to Han Dong’er who was resting after practicing some songs, “How about we return the favor?”

Two years ago, Han Dong’er became the champion of ‘I Sing My Song’ and was signed by Wei Xi who was the jury at that time. Then, she became the little empress she was now.

However, ‘I Sing My Song’ had been declined in the past two years due to competition, rigid system and other reasons. It became now a second rate talent variety show.

They grew anxious and wanted revitalize the show. So, they spent a lot of money this year to change studio this year, do various advertisement and so on.

They didn’t thought of Han Dong’er originally.

But who told Han Dong’er to be so popular around this time?

She went straight to movie industry from the music industry and became a popular actress that firmly sat amongst the second-tier.

Moreover, Han Dong’er came from ‘I Sing My Song’ so the show’s team thought that having her would be a nice strategy to get more views.

After all, there were many young people who like Han Dong’er.

Not to mention that ‘Love Letter’ would be released nationwide soon, the hype would also help ‘I Sing My Song’ greatly.

It was obvious that Wei Xi wasn’t asking Han Dong’er to become a judge just because he felt nostalgic.

‘I Sing My Song’ gave an offer to Wei Xi that he just couldn’t refuse.

The program’s team allowed him to choose one of the last ten candidates to sign into his studio.

This was equivalent of providing him with newcomers with potential.

Even if the newcomer wasn’t able to make it big, Wei Xi wouldn’t lose anything at all due to semi forced signing model on the contract.

But Wei Xi would make it big if one of them became the new Han Dong’er.

After all, Han Dong’er had only two years of contract with Yongren Studio and only one album was left to make.

Based on Han Dong’er current tendency, it was unknown if Yonren Studio could retain her or not so Wei Xi had to plan early.

Han Dong’er looked at the offer in Wei Xi’s hand and shook her head as she said, “I don’t like those noisy environments and I’m not a good mentor either.”

“Look at what you said.” Wei Xi completely didn’t dare to raise his voice when he talked to Han Dong’er, “Dong’er, the program team said that you can do as you like and don’t have to worry about anything else. They are giving you the full power so you can give your all.”

After a pause, he continued, “Moreover, didn’t you say you were looking for good songs? There are many good original songs in ‘I Sing My Song’! The program team said if you like a song, they promised they would try to get the copyright for you!”

Han Dong’er felt indeed moved when she heard Wei Xi.

What she liked and wanted were good songs.

But so far, Yongren Studio didn’t receive or produce any good songs so her second album was delayed.

She loved to sing and wanted to accomplish more musically so she wouldn’t miss it if an opportunity presented itself.

“Just go, it’ll just take two to three months and you can spend New Year at home instead of returning to Rongcheng after the recording.” Wei Xi knew her very well as he continued to say, “Also, aren’t Teacher Lu Xiaofeng in Lin’an? Aren’t you guys good friends? Maybe he’ll get you a good song while you guys catch up!”

Han Dong’er thought about it for a moment before she said, “You have to have them promise that they can’t force me to do something I don’t like, especially giving fake reviews, I want to say whatever I want to say.”

“Of course!”

Wei Xi repeatedly nodded his head, “Now, ‘I Sing My Song’ has reached a critical point so they won’t do those little tricks and will try to attract the audience with their sincerity. Otherwise, they wouldn’t find someone as young as you to become a judge and a mentor.”

“Okay then!”

Han Dong’er finally agreed.

Wei Xi was overjoyed as he took out his mobile phone to call the program team of ‘I Sing My Song’.

Han Dong’er felt a bit hopeless when she saw his excitedly expression.

After knowing him for such a long time, Han Dong’er realized that this teacher didn’t look as good as when she was still in the competition but in fact had many faults.

For example, he was greedy and had a strong desire for control.

But those weren’t big problems as he didn’t try to force her to pick random songs during the making of music at least so they could release the second album.

Based on this, Han Dong’er thought that she should help him.

It would be even better if she could gain some good songs while doing so.

Chinese people care a lot about face but Han Dong’er was detached so didn’t understand how the world worked exactly.

Wei Xi and Han Dong’er was like a host and a guest after all, even if they didn’t work together in the future, Han Dong’er hoped that everyone could be merry meet and merry part, there was no need to make it awkward.

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