I Know Everything chapter 100

Chapter 100: Wrong choice.

It could be said that all the tycoons in the entertainment industry were shocked.

It was too much!

They advertised beyond their imagination!

Shanhai Streaming spent no less than 100 yuan in a day!

There were still 9 days left, would they still keep doing this?

The next day, the facts told them they were right.

Except that the posters weren’t kept, all the other publicity repeated the same thing.

The same was true on the third day.

The same was true on the fourth day.

Then, those tycoons in the entertainment industry weren’t only shocked by it, but also felt scared!

Because the current season wasn’t the peak for the movie industry and advertising crazily like that just went beyond the understanding of normal people.

Now, they understood that Zheng Rongrong didn’t care if ‘Love Letter’ would be able to earn the money back, she just wanted to throw out money to let everyone know about ‘Love Letter’ and her Shanhai Streaming.

All the people from the entertainment now knew Shanhai Streaming’s strength.

That is definitely what’s called golden thigh! (It means someone influence/powerful/wealthy)

Before they started to promote ‘Love Letter’, Shanhai Streaming wasn’t some entertainment giant, they were at best a very good video streaming website but they weren’t as good as the number one video streaming website, Youyi.

Many people in the entertainment industry didn’t take them seriously.

But they left such a deep impression this time that would make people unable to forget. So the next time Shanhai Streaming wanted to make a movie, who knew how many scriptwriters would hand over their script or how many directors would happy to receive an invitation from them and how many actors would be gladly come to star in the movie.

How could those people from the movie industry not be moved when they could spend 100 million, 200 million or even 3-500 million into a movie?

Even the old master Hao He would be excited by it.

The giants of the Film and TV industries obviously knew the underlying intention of Shanhai Streaming but they couldn’t do anything about it.

When a company was as rich as Shanhai Streaming, they could whatever they wanted.

What could they use to stop him?

The other party could smash them to death by just using money.

Seeing Shanhai Streaming’s stance, Shang Xikai quickly abandoned his idea of hired 5 million worth of internet water army to give ‘Love Letter’ bad reviews.

According to Zheng Rongrong’s personality, he would definitely be annihilated if he was found out doing some foul play.

He didn’t dare to do so for some personal fight.

He still had to work in the entertainment industry and couldn’t be kicked out just like that!

He would just be a tortoise and don’t care about other people scolding him.


If there was someone feeling disappointed, there would obviously someone feeling happy.

The one feeling happy was Chen Qian.

After returning from South Korea and getting the award in Busan International Film Festival, although it wasn’t an award from the Oscars or the three major film festivals in Europe, it still had some reputation in Asia and enough for her to rise up.

Chen Qian’s stock suddenly rose up.

She used to be a second-tier actress with a pay of 2-3 million per movie but when she got back, Little Bull Films directly gave her the salary of 4 million to star in their movies which was the same salary a first-tier actress should get.

Immediately after, another second-tier film companies raised her remuneration to 5 million to star in their movie.

Weibao Film also joined in with a remuneration of 3 million and she would be partnered with the very handsome Li Yingzhi who was specialized in teenager role. This was also an offer with a treatment of a first-tier actress.

Chen Qian knew inside they were all tried to get onto the hype.

‘Love Letter’ was about to be released in China soon and as the biggest winner in the Busan International Film Festival, ‘Love Letter’ wouldn’t have a bad box office or review.

She also happened to be the lead female role in ‘Love Letter’ who played two different roles. She had the most time on screen and showed her talents the most so this movie greatly improved the reputation of Chen Qian.

While Chen Qian was still trending, asking her to make a movie was totally trying to borrow the hype to further increase the movie’s visibility and increase the chance of success.

Chen Qian herself was inclined to take the offer from Weibao Film. Although the 3 million was the lowest offered, Li Yingzhi agreed to shoot in the movie which meant that the movie was definitely not bad.

Li Yingzhi was known to be stubborn in the film industry as he would never accept to star in a bad movie and would rather go study for a master degree than make a bad movie.

Chen Qian admired such people.

But the so called ever changing situation was often unexpected.

While Chen Qian was hesitating, Shanhai Streaming powerful announcement shocked the entertainment industry.

It was a longer a question of whether ‘Love Letter’s box office was big or not, but how big it was!

Shanhai Streaming spent at least 500-600 million or even more. People all over the country knew about ‘Love Letter’ and even if they take down a peg, it was still at least more than a dozens of millions.

According to a ticket price of 15 yuan for a literary movie, they would generate more than 100 million yuan. 200 million was in fact a more of a reliable number.

A literary film that generated more than 200 million in the box office was like going against the heaven!

The old master Hao He made a literary movie that generated 180 million yuan. It was only ten years ago and they counted the inflation, it should be more than the 200 million now.

But the box office had always been an absolute number and 200 million would be the first, the well-deserved number one!

With such a popular movie that would enter the history, wouldn’t the main lead female role be popular for the next three to five years?

Therefore, in just a few days, many scripts were given to her and many were quite good amongst them.

Even Gong Sibo, one of the five biggest directors, gave her a call to tell her he wanted to work with her.

At that moment, Chen Qian didn’t know what to do.

She didn’t lousy movie and she was willing to work as long the movie was the right one.

But there were more choices now and that made her a bit uncomfortable.

So she decided to call Chen Huan.


She didn’t call the director Zhu Mei but called the little brother Chen Huan.

Because through the trip in South Korea, Chen Qian discovered that Chen Huan was someone clever and knew how people in the entertainment industry thought.

On this point, Zhu Mei was more simple minded.

Everyone was considered as comrade-in-arms who had spent seven days trying to put smiles on their faces to take pictures and give out signature. They had a different friendship, so she naturally could call him for advice.

“Hey, what’s so hard about it?” Chen Huan said with a laugh over the phone, “Sister Qian, you should chose the one that gives you the harshest condition!”

“Huh!?” Chen Qian didn’t expect this kind of answer.

“Just think about it, why the other party will dare to give you some harsh conditions even though you are a popular celebrity? On one hand, they are serious about making the movie. On the other hand, they may have not enough money but they have the confidence to be able to convince you with their script.” Chen Huan said, “Wasn’t our ‘Love Letter’ the case? If you make a good movie again, the improvement on your acting and aura will be set in stone!”

“I see!”

Chen Qian seemed to be unlighted at this moment and felt her head clear up.

As expected!

Chen Huan was right!

Her head was cleared by just a simple clue. She wondered what kind of achievement a boy like that would accomplish in the future. 

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