I Know Everything chapter 99

Chapter 99: You people don’t understand the princess!

On Wednesday’s morning that was also the third day since the ‘Love Letter’ film crew came back, Shanhai Streaming made an announcement to the internet.

“After a friendly and sincere discussion, Shanhai Streaming acquired to right to distribute ‘Love Letter’. On October 17, at 7pm next Friday, major cinemas across the countries will start screening ‘Love Letter’, the best movie at Busan International Film Festival, everybody please watch it!”

As soon the news came out, it provoked an uproar inside and outside of the entertainment industry.

The ordinary movie fans were happy about it and didn’t expect it to be released so fast, just one week after the announcement.

Everybody’s felt unbearably itchy when they saw the reaction from Koreans and such a fast release just happened to ease their eagerness a bit.

The people in the industry were also shocked.

‘Love Letter’ was a very profitable movie to begin but the three major film companies weren’t chosen and neither was Xuanwu Film that had a good relation with Zhu Mei. Instead they chose Shanhai Streaming that had never released a movie before.

In other words, ‘Love Letter’ film crew was very proud and they would chose the one who gave the best condition regardless of the consequences.

Shanhai was really crazy too as a literary film chose to release at the same time as a blockbuster, at Friday. There was a big difference with a first week box office like that and a regular first week box office.

Hearing this, Xie Yang laughed as he said to Shang Xikai, “A good show is going to happen!”

“Would their box office tank?” Shang Xikai asked through his gritted teeth. He was suffering quite a bit lately and it was even hundred times more painful than when ‘Youth Rise’ failed.

Fact had proven he was supporting a pile of shit.

But what Zhu Mei persisted to do was a cult classic movie.

Shang Xikai had been mocked plenty enough during those times.

Firmiana and Xu Dong could hide for a few months but how could he hide as a president of an entertainment company?

So he was the one who got mocked the most.

But even if Shang Xikai hate ‘Love Letter’, the movie reviews wouldn’t change.

Koreans’ taste weren’t weird and it definitely wouldn’t be a bad movie if those ordinary people liked it so much.

Therefore, ‘Love Letter’ box office collapse was the thing Shang Xikai was eager to see.

However, so many film companies gave good condition to them so he couldn’t how it was possible.

But it was different now, they got prideful and arrogant to give the distribution right to a newcomer like Shanhai Streaming.

So Shang Xikai felt the odd of what he hoped greatly increase.

“A big collapse is obviously impossible.” Xie Yang shook his head, “There would be fans that would support it no matter what but it will be difficult to say on the second week. If the advertisement isn’t enough or bad review comes out… hehe.”

“I got it!”

Shang Xikai nodded with clenched fist.

He understood Xie Yang’s meaning. That was to hired some internet water army and badmouth ‘Love Letter’ reviews.

In order to release his anger, in order to prevent Zhu Mei from gaining more fame and fortune, he would obstruct them even if he had to spend 5 million more!

Xie Yang secretly smiled inside him. This was really a simple minded person as a simple provocation was enough to make him jump up and go fight.

If Shang Xikai won, he could breathe out a sigh of relief.

If he lost, it had nothing to do with him.

No matter what, the newcomer Shanhai Streaming would encounter those attacks, he wondered if they could handle it.

It was interesting now that he thought about it. These rich fools wanted to enter the entertainment industry but they didn’t know how deep was the pool, it was really deep!

Xie Yang thought was very simple but things didn’t develop as he thought.

Since the announcement of ‘Love Letter’ release, Shanhai Streaming started to operate in a stunning manner.

At this moment, it was only ten days from the release which was too short for the usual one or two month of advertisement before release.

But ‘Love Letter’ had its own unique advantages.

It obtained many exploits and awards at the Busan International Film Festival as well as being reported by CCTV channel 2, being praised by a national newspaper. So its starting position was much greater than the other movies.

But it wasn’t enough in Zheng Rongrong’s eyes.

Advertising for a movie so it could succeed wasn’t that skillful.

She needed to advertise heavily within ten days so she could prove her ability.

So on this Wednesday morning, all large website in the internet had ‘Love Letter’ advertisement shown on their homepage no matter what type of website they were.

In order to coordinate with the advertisement poster and video, Chen Qian, Chen Huan, Han Dong’er had already taken many pictures in South Korea and they were taken after a busy and tiring day.

After returning to China, Guo Hang also made some time to shoot some group photos with Chen Qian.

Shanhai Streaming posted all those pictures and videos online.

The country’s largest web portal, Fierce Tiger.

The two biggest video sharing websites in the country, Youyi and Shanhai.

The country’s biggest social media platform, Weibo.

The country’s biggest B2C shopping website, Jingtong.

The country’s biggest B2B2C, Habao.

The advertisement about ‘Love Letter’ would inevitably pop up as long you opened the homepage of those sites.

In just one day, there were more than 500 million people who saw those advertisements for ‘Love Letter’.

People would generally feel upset if one pushed advertisement on your face.

But in ‘Love Letter’, they were all handsome men and beautiful women, especially the male and female Fang Shu. They were like a beautiful painting.

Male Fang Shu was sitting in the library as he was reading a book while the sunlight flashed on his face.

Male and female Fang Shu watching together the test papers on a bicycle park.

The farewell between male and female Fang Shu…

Countless men and women were licking their screen because of that and even started to download it and collecting them.

It wasn’t all,

On this day, CCTV’s channel 2, 3, 4 and 5 would have advertisements about ‘Love Letter’ every hour.

The TV stations from large provinces also started to broadcast advertisement of ‘Love Letter’ at high frequency.

Including the large newspapers in the major provinces, the entertainment portion dedicated a full page to ‘Love Letter’ is waiting for you, October 17th!’

There were also the 133 large and medium sized cities all over the country had their street filled with posters of ‘Love Letter’.

The density of those kinds of posters could be described as a complete lunatic!

Like this, paper media, TV media, online media, as long they could do advertisement, were showing ads about ‘Love Letter’!

In a moment, 1.5 billion across the country all knew about the movie ‘Love Letter’ unless they were in a very rural area.

All the people in the entertainment industry were shocked by that!

Holy Shit!

How rich are you?!

We really don’t understand the world of the really rich people!

It’s just a movie, do you have to be so scary!?

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