I Know Everything chapter 98

Chapter 98: I’m still someone addicted to studying.

Chen Huan returned to school and found out he became famous.

He was already famous before and was known as Virtuous Middle School Number One School Grass and even some girls in other nearby school knew there was very handsome boy in the school.

But it was different now.

It was the internet age now. What happened in Lin’an or what happened in other part of China, as long it was trending and sensational, people would know about it.

‘Love Letter’ won multiple awards and gained glory for the country. The students obviously were very interested to it.

There were a lot of information about ‘Love Letter’ that the Korean posted online and the protagonist of ‘Love Letter’ took a group photos with the fans at the Busan International Film Festival.

The students looked at the picture at first and thought the actor looked a lot like Chen Huan from their school.

But no one thought it was really Chen Huan.

Even though some people remembered that Chen Huan did take an extended leave, got a passport and it was possible that it was him….but they still didn’t think so.

After all, Chen Huan was a student and the other was a movie start participating in the Busan International Film Festival. Although they were both Chinese, it must be only some resemblance, right?

However, with more and more news, and countless pictures that looked all like Chen Huan.

Even if in this world there were people that looked a lot like each other, wasn’t this a bit too much?

Unfortunately, Chen Huan wasn’t in school at the moment so nobody could ask him.

But it didn’t stay a mystery for long.

Because the domestic news got ‘Love Letter’ cast list.

On the list, it was clearly written that Chen Huan played as the male Fang Shu!

Virtuous Middle School’s students’ brain went boom when they heard the news.

They knew Chen Huan was more handsome than many celebrities and could even be considered to be most handsome in the country. He would definitely be like a fish in the water if he entered the entertainment industry in the future.

The students didn’t expect it but Chen Huan actually did such a big thing so sneakily!

While everyone was studying mathematics, physics and chemistry, Chen Huan became the protagonist of a magnificent movie and even went to South Korea with the film crew.

The news from Korea praised Chen Huan as the most beautiful young man. They praised Chen Huan like he was a flower and it could even Chinese people blush when they heard it.

The students were unable to accept the gap between them and felt envious as well as depressed.

Especially the group of school flowers that thought they had a chance to get Chen Huan, their hearts suddenly felt empty.

They thought that if Chen Huan became so famous to the world, then there must be a lot of more and better girls that would start vying for him, would they even have a chance anymore?

It was said that those few days, those school flowers had tears mark on their faces and in bad moods.

‘Love Letter’ won five awards in one go and they got even more depressed when they saw the pictures and video of him going to the stage with the film crew.

Damn, he is getting farther and farther away.

Maybe Chen Huan wouldn’t come back anymore and drop out to school so he could become a celebrity.

There was no need to mention any other credit, Chen Huan’s appearance alone could crush anyone else so there was no need for him to not being able to sell.

There were definitely a lot of women and girls that would want to lick the screen!

They had experiences in this matter because they had various sizes of Chen Huan’s picture in their bedrooms.

But something magical happened.

The awards were given Sunday evening but on Tuesday’s morning, they saw Chen Huan on their way to school and he had his school bag as he also went to school.

He still had those simple and refreshing clothes and same expressionless face as if nothing was on his mind at all.


Wait, he was already famous! He was already a celebrity!

Why was he still like this? And came to school like nothing happened?

A group of curious baby asked him all along the way to his classroom.

Many people came to ask Chen Huan about it even when they were eating at noon.

Chen Huan had only one sentence to their curiosity and confusion. Later, he just wrote a paper and placed it beside him.

He would tap at the paper whenever people asked him about it.

On the paper it was written, “Acting was just an accident, I’m still a student who is addicted to studying, don’t think too much about it.”

To that regard, many boys were gloating at that and felt he was really a fool that didn’t know how to cherish a good opportunity.

Between a student and a celebrity, it was really obvious who earned more money, bigger status and had more glory.

But many girls were happy about it.

That meant they could spend more time with Chen Huan, at least two more years.

In two years’ time, if they were fast, they would be able to capture Chen Huan’s heart, right?

Those succubus outside wouldn’t be able to do anything in school and with Chen Huan’s personality that directly go home after school, what chance did they had?


It’s so great!

In their happiness, they almost couldn’t help but hug Chen Huan but they didn’t because there were too many ‘enemies’ around so they couldn’t do it.

Under such conditions, Long Yuqing and Xu Qiao accompanied Chen Huan home and seized the opportunity as two of them kissed each side of Chen Huan’s face.

Chen Huan had experienced those kinds of things since he was a kid before. So he couldn’t say he enjoyed it but he didn’t feel disgusted by it either.

Sadly, it happened just as Shui Qianyu rode her back home and saw it.

The Cola had been shaken up now. Shui Qianyu had a solemn face all night when they were eating. She showed her dissatisfaction on her face no matter how Chen Huan tried to coax her.

Following Zhu Mei’s call, Chen Huan tried even to promise her some unfair things but that little queens was still not happy.

So that was why, a man’s life could get really hard.

Even the ‘unparalleled handsome boy’ wasn’t that dashing in front of some other people.

Leaving this matter aside, Chen Huan didn’t feel like his choice of publisher was risky.

He knew Zheng Rongrong was a resolute and decisive woman when he saw her how she talked and handled matters that day and also how she was determined to sign him.

They call people like her a successful and ambition woman!

But if we add her background and her father who was worth more than 60 billion USD, she wouldn’t be considered only a successful and ambitious woman!

She should be considered as a queen!

The future queen of entertainment!

With a person like that, one shouldn’t worry about whether you could succeed or not.

Failing to succeed would be a big insult to her.

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