I Know Everything chapter 97

Chapter 97: Choosing the distributor.

Zhu Mei lied to Liao Shi.

In fact, the film crew, including Shui Qingshan and Chen Huan, none of them said to give it to the highest bidder.

But Zhu Mei couldn’t get pass it.

It clearly only needed around million to shoot ‘Love Letter’ and Zhu Mei even used her own reputation as a guarantee but Liao Shi still didn’t agree to it in the end.

At that moment, the forthright and generous Senior Brother Liao Shi no longer existed in Zhu Mei’s mind.

When she was comforting everyone about how Liao Shi gave her a movie to direct next so she could turn it around, it was all fake.

With the movie ‘Love Letter’, whether it was going to succeed or fail, she wasn’t going to cooperate with Liao Shi anymore.

Oh, it wasn’t something absolute. However if she made a movie, she would work with whoever gave the best condition. So, she considered Liao Shi as any ordinary collaborator.

Now ‘Love Letter’ had achieved such an unprecedented success, Zhu Mei became nearly first tier director from her second tier director.

Zhu Mei just had to wait for the movie to get a good box office numbers in China, Japan and South Korea to become truly a first tier director that was only second to the five big directors.

At that time, only the few big film companies would be able to compete to work with her and none of them would be able to refuse her.

So Zhu Mei had enough power to reject the olive branch extended by Liao Shi.

If he knew her worth now, how could he treat her like that?

Zhu Mei was fortunate this time. Although she wavered, she insisted that ‘Love Letter’ was a good movie most of the time, which was why she was for going to South Korea.

What she had to do right now was let ‘Love Letter’ be released nationwide, in Japan as well as in South Korea and let it obtain the glory that I should have obtained!

Liao Shi was definitely not the first one to come as Shanhai Streaming and Yunxing Entertainment had all contacted Zhu Mei when she was still in Korea.

But at that time she wanted to wait and think about it after they got the big awards.

Now that they had the grand prizes in their hands, Zhu Mei had to look at the condition given and set it up as soon as possible.

Not matter how popular ‘Love Letter’ was, there was a time limit or the effect of that popularity would be less useful.

It was funny now that they talked about it. Liao Shi talked for a long time but he didn’t say anything concrete about the conditions at all. He just said as a senior brother he wouldn’t treat his junior badly but it was all useless talk.

At the present, the conditions given by the three major film companies were about the same.

They wanted to release it across 1,000 screens and 70% of them were in first-rate and second-rate cities. If the box office exceeded 50 million the first week, 500 more screens would be added to the second-tier and third-tier cities.

1500 screens, that number was in the top ten for literacy films.

They also gave a sincere shared revenue ratio, which was about 35-38% of the box office.

Usually the producer’s share on the box office was about 33% but the publisher was now willing to give 2-5%, which was a lot.

It was millions in shares if the box office reached 100 million.

Zhu Mei knew this was the usual standard from the three major film companies. They have a special ranking system that determined what kind of movie corresponded what kind of cooperation conditions.

The standard given to ‘Love Letter’ was probably only second to the literary movies from Hao He.

Their distribution and advertisement scale was definitely incomparable to those from second-tier companies.

Even if Xuanwu Film was the number on amongst the second-tier companies, it still couldn’t be compared to the three major film companies.

But in fact, the people who gave the best conditions weren’t those from the three major film companies but Shanhai Streaming that had been in contact with Zhu Mei since they were in Korea.

Zheng Rongrong saw the popularity of ‘Love Letter’.

She was even the only person in the domestic film companies that watched ‘Love Letter’ in person. So she could better understand the beauty of ‘Love Letter’.

On the night ‘Love Letter’ won five awards, she sent a message to Zhu Mei with the opening terms of Shanhai Streaming.

Shanhai Streaming guaranteed that ‘Love Letter’ would be released in China across at least 2,000 screens in first, second and third-tiers cities for at least 4 weeks.

If ‘Love Letter’ box office was less than 100 million Yuan, Shanhai Streaming would still give 40 million to the film crew.

If ‘Love Letter box office exceeded 100 million Yuan, Shanhai Streaming would give out the share according to 35% of the box office.

Those conditions were the most generous as it guaranteed that they would have an income of at least 40 million.

The only thing to worry was Shanhai Streaming ability to operate, distribute and advertise.

If their ability to advertise was poor, the box office wouldn’t be good even if they had so many screens for such a long time.

However, Zhu Mei felt she should put her trust in Zheng Rongrong.

Because her father was Zheng Qian!

The richest man in China Zheng Qian!

She had such a big background and she devoted herself to this industry. ‘Love Letter’ was an important movie that would make her break through the barrier and her first step in the film industry.

In this case, Zheng Rongrong needed ‘Love Letter’ to have a great start even if she needed to spend more money.

If ‘Love Letter’ had a great start, it also meant that their streaming service was going to explode in popularity.

Zhu Mei kept thinking about it but her mind started to have developed a tendency as she called Chen Huan at night.

Chen Huan had it hard as he had to go back to school right after coming back from Korea without having a day for rest.

Chen Huan didn’t speak for five minutes after receiving the call from Zhu Mei and heard her explanation about the release for the movie.

Zhu Mei believed he was pondering over it and his opinion was definitely useful.

She firmly believed Chen Huan’s insight to be very accurate about the film industry since she saw the original Chinese version of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in Zhang Zaiyun’s hands.

“Then let’s choose Shanhai Streaming!” Chen Huan finally decided with a firm tone. “Aunty Mei, let us choose Shanhai Streaming!”

“Why?” Zhu Mei couldn’t help but ask.

“We are all newcomers in the film industry, so I believe Zheng Rongrong felt unsatisfied deep inside.” Chen Huan said, “She doesn’t like people mentioning she’s Zheng Qian’s daughter so she will work hard to make her own career. Shanhai Streaming will definitely be vigorous and determined under the leadership of such a person. We should accompany Zheng Rongrong and battle together!”


Zhu Mei smiled as she hung up the phone.

It seemed that Xiao Huan was more courageous than her. She thought about it for so long but still couldn’t make a decision.

 ‘Love Letter’ had fought their way since the beginning, why would they worry about the distribution being not up to part?

It would be weird if ‘Love Letter’ could still capsize under such circumstance!

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