I Know Everything chapter 95

Chapter 95: A wonderful reaction!

This night, ‘Love Letter’ was obviously the biggest winner of the Busan International Film Festival.

It was also expected.

Just like the comments left by the Korea netizens, not giving the awards to ‘Love Letter’ would be the shadiest things ever.

At this moment, most of the people knew that Mr. Chu Liuxiang was actually Chinese as his first work was published in China.

The short story of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ had already been posted online.

Similarly, ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ received great praise from the South Korean.

He Kangxin, another national treasure actor of South Korea, was the first to publicly praise Mr. Chu Liuxiang and he once again posted on his social media account due to ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’.

“A novel, a short essay,

There is definitely a lot of love in Mr. Chu Liuxiang’s heart.

He can write a story that can make torn people’s heart and he can also write a story that can fill people’s heart with warm.

When I was growing, it wasn’t easy for me to eat me fill, I remember my mother’s best dish was a bowl of fish soup. It was made with a small fish taken by little fish boats mixed with wild vegetables.

At that time, I felt it was the most beautiful thing as long I could eat a bowl of fish soup once a week.

Until I grew up and became famous, I obtained things that countess people couldn’t have but I never felt the taste of that fish soup again.

Now that I’ve read ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, I realized that what I lost wasn’t the taste of that fish soup, it was the years when my mom slaved to works so I could grow up.

Thank to Mr. Chu, I remembered my past and my mother.

Please come to Korea if you have the chance, I will definitely wait for you at the airport. My home has an excellent wine made with the spring in the mountain. Then we can talk about our past while drinking wine, this must be one of the big pleasure in life!

Finally, I’m eager to watch your movie officially in the cinema. According to me friends, ‘Love Letter’ is a very pure and real, I like this kind of move!”

There was no need to mention again how influential He Kangxian was among the movie industry of South Korea and his popularity among the general populace.

When this post came out, it was reposted by numerous celebrities and was read at least 20 million times.

With this, there were more people who believed the of the fans on the internet that praised ‘Love Letter’.

In the end, ‘Love Letter’ gained so much prestige that the Busan International Film Festival dared not to not give them the big prizes.

It would be different if this happened in the three big film festivals in Europe.

That group of ‘artist’, the more popular you were, the harder it was to get an award.

South Korea couldn’t go against the huge majority of the people and that was why Chen Huan spent so much energy to write ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, that was also why he decided to publish it first in Korea.

It was to create such a hype that would make ‘Love Letter’ a tremendous success.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he have to apologize to the classics from his world?

Fortunately, his wish was realized and ‘Love Letter’ film crew could go back with their success.

As for the movie release in South Korea, there were already five Korean companies asking for it and also three Japanese companies.

That’s right.

Japanese companies were also there.

They deliberately started to queue at 5am and watched it for three days. They felt that ‘Love Letter’ could be really popular in Japan so they also wanted to release it in Japan.

Regardless they were from Korean or Japan, the condition given were really good and the theater chain also gave their full support.

The reason they didn’t make a decision yet was because they must coordinate with the release in China.

No matter where it was released, China must be the first country where it was officially released.

Korea and Japan would release at the same time at most.

With this, Zhu Mei didn’t need to worry about the box office at all.

Without mentioning the rest, the box office from South Korea alone would be able to reach at least 10 million!

According to the condition given by the distributers in South Korea, they would have 40% of the money earned and this was already a very high number for an international box office share.

The Japanese was a little less, about 30%, but considering that Japan’s population was 3 times that of South Korea, the box office earned shouldn’t be lower.

The minimum estimate from the box office of Japan and South Korea was 10 million USD.

How much was ‘Love Letter’ entire budget?

It was less than 7 million yuan, which was less than 1 million USD!

They could get ten times the profit just by relying on two oversea markets. Who would have thought of it before they came to Korea?

Probably only Chen Huan felt they could get so much.

Since ‘Love Letter’ had no pressure to for the release, Zhu Mei didn’t give her reply to several film companies that came to see her when she was still in Busan.

She was going carefully choose after returning to home and it’ll be fine as long she chose within the month so she wasn’t in hurry.

“’Love Letter’ is the biggest winner at Busan International Film Festival! This represented the level of our country’s movie industry…”

This was the title of the first newspapers they saw after the plane returned to Lin’an from Busan.

Those that could publish this kind of titles were all top public newspapers.

It was an article from China Youth Daily that used a whole page to introduce and praise ‘Love Letter’.

It was equivalent to rewards and appreciation at the national level. 

But China Youth Daily wasn’t the most nasty and exciting thing.

After ten or so days of fermentation in the web, the entire movie entertainment on the internet had been boiling to the brink!

Those surging emotion reached the peak after hearing the success in South Korea.

“That disabled actor Xu Dong, hurry up and come out! Look, this is your choice! Chose a shitty movie and threw away a treasure, Hahaha…”

“I have to sympathizing with ‘Youth Rise’. You were a bad movie to begin with but you also chose the best literacy movie of the year ‘Love Letter’ to be your competitor! Congratulation! You guys succeeded in entering the annals of history as a complete shame!”

“I already said that Teacher Chu’s work can’t be bad! ‘Love Letter’ is definitely good and I can’t wait for its release in China! When I saw the male and female Fang Shu, I instantly felt that they were the most compatible couple in the world!”

“What do you guys think those film companies’ bosses and audit managers who rejected ‘Love Letter’ expressions are right now? It must be great, right?”

“There’s still a need to say it~~ they are definitely crying while holding their pillow and secretly crying why! Why! Why ‘Love Letter’ came to slap my face with got such a good reviews? Although we’re idiots, morons and fools, you don’t have to say it out loud!”

“Haha, this is what they deserve! Back then, they already dubbed ‘Love Letter’ as the worst movie and didn’t even let them get released, now it’s great right? They received so many awards from those famous Asian directors and actors, and they gave them resounding slap to the face!”


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