I Know Everything chapter 94

Chapter 94: Fame follows merit.

Chen Huan had no idea how he survived those few days.

He felt he smiled until numbness and his body lost his soul while not knowing if he was alive or not.

Even if Han Dong’er got naked in front of him, he wouldn’t have any reaction.


But that situation didn’t seem to be possible as Han Dong’er was even more tired than him.

If Sun Yan’s eyes could kill, she would have already killed Chen Huan, who suggested this signature and photo take idea, 3,825 times.


That and more.

If it weren’t for Han Dong’er’s popularity increasing in Korea now and had her first album sold more than 50,000 copies, there would have at least a 1 in front of the numbers of time Sun Yan wanted to kill Chen Huan.

Wei Xi, who had never called previously, had been showing a lot of care to her little empress.

After learning about it, he urgently used his contacts and produced 200,000 records and released them on the South Korea market.

According to the current trend, it wouldn’t be a problem to sell 200,000.

With that, it would be easy for the studio to earn least 5 million yuan. After all, the record in South Korea was pricier than those from China.

But what Chen Huan did wasn’t in vain.

First thing, Chen Huan and Han Dong’er were the most talked celebrity for the last ten days in Korea’s internet and nobody did better.

All the celebrities in Korea added together didn’t do better than them on that stretch.

Because the fans, who received their signature and took pictures with them, posted their pictures and tales online.

“I love Huan oppa so much! He’s the most handsome man in the entire universe!”

“Han Dong’er is the number one beauty in the Milky Way! I’ll fight with whoever disagrees!”

“You people doesn’t know because you haven’t been there but they were all very kind. They would agree with a smile to everyone who asks for a photo or signature no matter how tired they are at that time.”

“Right! I saw it and they really didn’t refuse anybody, they were very friendly and it wasn’t fake at all! From morning to night!”

“Yeah, me and my friend rushed over there from Seoul that day but they already returned to the hotel. We went over to the hotel to try it out and told them we specially came over to see them, they really came down after a moment! They happily took a group photo with us! Seeing how tired they were, I felt guilty and also very touched!”

“Why you people’s attention are off topics? Isn’t ‘Love Letter’ wonderful? Isn’t the love between the two Fang Shu touching?”

“Nonsense, do you still need ask? How can be a script written by master Chu Liuxiang be bad?”

“Right, Master Chu Liuxiang is also very considerate. He has sent a thousand signed copies of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and I was fortunate to get one, haha….”

“Take it out or I’ll beat you to death! How can you be so lucky? Are you selling it? Contact me if you do!”

“There’s also ‘Deskmate’, I found it very good when I was watching the movie but my tears came out when I saw the translated version.”

“Trash the bragging guy above! I’m queued for 5 hours and I didn’t even get in! You guys are too scary!”


With such a good commentary, it would be hard even if Chen Huan and Han Dong’er didn’t want to explode in popularity.

There were already several big name brand that wanted to find Chen Huan and Han Dong’er to represent them. The price was very high to but Han Dong’er refused without even thinking about it.

Chen Huan originally thought “I will go along with the flow if Han Dong’er agrees and then I can earn a few million yuan just like that, hahahaha….” But he deeply encountered the indifference from the little empress.

Little miss, you may just want to do music and not do anything else but I’m still a poor man!

 However, Chen Huan wasn’t able to say those words.

Because in Han Dong’er’s eyes, he was a very simple and cute guy that didn’t care about money due to giving up the previous two songs copyrights fee.


I will endure it!

Life wasn’t easy and it’s over if he mess up.

So Chen Huan could only watch as Chen Qian, under the arrangement of an agent, took 5 endorsement offers in one breath and had 10 million deposed in her bank account.


Is lonely like the snow!

But in general, the screening was over and the award ceremony was this evening. The ‘Love Letter’ crew was released from their duty so they could relax as they collect the fruit of their labor.

Compared their unknown reputation when they just came, the ‘Love Letter’ film crew had the most attention on them right now.

Their position was arranged to be at the forefront with a bunch of Korea celebrities surrounding them.

Among them, Jiang Shiyu, one of South Korea National Treasure actor, came to visit the ‘Love Letter’ film crew.

He expressed his deep regret after learning that Teacher Chu Liuxiang wasn’t present and entrusted the crew to tell Teacher Chu that his door would always be open to Teacher Chu and as long Teacher Chu’s next scripts needed him, he would be willing to join even if it was a supporting role.

He didn’t know that Teacher Chu Liuxiang was watching him all that time.

Chen Huan had a really good impression of this handsome uncle. He was humble and polite as a Korean national treasure actor. When Chen Huan checked his information online, Chen Huan learned he was a method actor and such person was worthy of respect.

Soon, the award ceremony of Busan International Film Festival began.

Awards ceremony in Korea was similar to those in China.

There weren’t as much grinning and grimacing as those in the USA, it was more serious and solemn here.

The same things were they still presented the small awards first and the big ones later.

‘Love Letter’ first award was the intermediate ward ‘Special Script Award’.

There was no doubt about it. if Teacher Chu Liuxiang didn’t win, Korean all over the world would be angered by it.

Just as when everybody was looking forward to see the mysterious Chu Liuxiang receive the prize, a burly man stepped on the stage.

Did Teacher Chu really have such a rough exterior and delicate interior?

“Thank you everybody for giving the reward to Teacher Chu Liuxiang, but because he couldn’t come due to some matters, he asked me to say sorry for him to everyone.” The burly man, Ding Lun, said in English while holding the trophy, “’Love Letter’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ are all meticulous works made by Teacher Chu, I’m also here to represent myself and said that I look forward to more great work from him!”


The people were disappointed but also felt excited from his words.


The most important thing was for Teacher Chu to create more amazing work!

After this award, it seemed that ‘Love Letter’ winning mode had been activated.

“KNN Audience Award— Love Letter!”

“Citizen Critics Award— Love Letter!”

“Busan Fans Award— Love Letter!”

“Best Actress Award— Chen Qian!”

“Asian Best Filmmaker of the Year— Zhu Mei!”

Zhu Mei of course won the greatest award at the Busan International Film Festival.

She stood on the stage with red eyes as she held the trophy and said two sentences.

“Thank you for your support and love, the people of South Korea were very warm and friendly to us. I like this city very much and you!”

“I think all the success is due to the hard work given by our film crew! We made the best movie with the best attitude, so we gained the most! I’m proud of my team!”

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